Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brooklyn Nets: 30 Pictures In 30 Days - Barclays Minus 3 Days

From the desk of:   THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

T-Minus Three Days
"All Trains Lead To Brooklyn"
Barclays Center Main Plaza
I am no MTA spokesman, but eleven subway lines do stop at Barclays Center.  That leaves little excuse not to go, and many reasons to leave your car home.  Yeah.., there is an emerging problem with parking.  You don't hear about it much only because the doors haven't swung open yet.  That changes Friday night.  I fully expect a backlash from the local residents when cars start pouring in, looking for a place to park.  I am also interested to see how the city manages traffic at the intersections of Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, and Fourth Avenue on event days.  Like anything however, perhaps it's best to implement a plan, see where it goes wrong, then move forward with improvements.  Let's see how that goes.  Maybe resident permits a-la Boston might eventually be the way to go.  Who knows?  No doubt, the dynamics of event night should be monitored very closely.
Back in the day, it is widely known a few Brooklyn Dodgers players used to take the local subways and El trains to Ebbets Field.  Gil Hodges was one.  My neighbor, who passed away a few years ago told me of the days he and his friends jumped the Trolley to Ebbets Field for a nickel.  I doubt we'll run into Deron Williams or Brook Lopez on the Culver Line anytime soon though.  But then, in this city, ya never know.
I do not drive to Yankee Stadium - Period.  It is rare when I do.  I drive to Manhattan and ditch the car there.  I then hop on the D or 4 train and finish my trip that way.  Barclays Center is no different in that respect.  And come to think of it, ditto for Madison Square Garden.  That's just life in the big city.  I will gladly be taking the train to Barclays, and gladly be getting back on the train to go back home.  Easy!  Only these days, it costs a lot more than a nickel.

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