Friday, August 31, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: Wild Card Or Bust


Defending New York Penn League Champion
Hudson Valley Renegades Poised to Capture
Another McNamara Division Title

Brooklyn Cyclones: Let The Elimination Games Begin..!

Brooklyn did themselves no favors dropping two of three at Vermont, where they quite literally dropped the ball, or just threw it away.  In truth, however, their true undoing occurred at Troy.

The Cyclones nevertheless press forward taking Wednesday's series opener against Hudson Valley.  Unfortunately, nothing short of a series sweep would suffice.  After Thursday night's loss, the Cyclones elimination number is now reduced to one.  And so for those holding out hope of winning the McNamara Division title, do or die time has all but expired.

Staked to a 2-0 lead in game two, starter Christian James cruises through five scoreless innings of work, surrendering just three hits and a walk.  But after walking the lead-off batter to start the sixth, Hudson Valley knocks him out of the box with three straight hits, two for extra bases.  James exits on the losing side of a 2-3 game.  Hudson Valley adds an insurance run in the seventh for a 4-2 final margin of victory.

The Cyclones enter Friday's action four games out, with only four games left to play.  Despite Staten Island's whitewashing of the Lake Monsters, their elimination number has likewise been reduced to one as a result of Hudson Valley's victory over Brooklyn.

Coney Island still holds a half-game lead over the Auburn Doubledays in a furiously tightening Wild Card chase.  The Yankees are one game behind the Cyclones.  On Saturday, they open a season ending home-and-home series that may very well decide the Wild Card winner.  Meanwhile, the Aberdeen Ironbirds are 1.5 games back of the Cyclones.

N.Y. Mets: Why Calling-Up Peter Alonso is a Terrible Idea

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

1B - Peter Alonso
a/o Sept. 4, 2017
Binghamton Rumble Ponies

New York Mets: There's Nothing To Gain By Exposing Peter Alonso To Parent Club's Dysfunction.  For His Own Good, His Flushing Debut Must Wait Till Next Year.

Far be it from me to agree with anything John Ricco says - and I'm sure in this instance our respective reasoning differs greatly - but I absolutely support the Mets decision to not promote Peter Alonso during September call-ups.

Now 23-years old, the Mets select Alonso in the second round of the 2016 amateur draft.  He finishes the summer at Brooklyn playing thirty games with the Cyclones, then skyrockets through Port St. Lucie and Binghamton over the next year and a half, until finally touching down at Las Vegas in mid June.

To date, Alonso has played in 251 games with just under 1,000 career at-bats.  He wields a quadruple slash of .287/.379/.550/.929, with 56 career home runs and 197 RBI.  The Mets promote him to (AAA)-Las Vegas this season after slashing .314/.440/.573, with 15 home runs and 52 RBI through 65 games at Binghamton.

With Las Vegas, he continues hitting for power evidenced by his 18 home runs and 61 RBI through 63 games.  In fact, his overall line is quite prodigious: .278/.393/.561, with 29 doubles, 33 home runs and 113 RBI.  However, since leaving Binghamton his batting average and OBP have fallen 68-points and 92-points respectively, while playing, ironically, in a notorious hitter friendly league.  I simply suggest Peter Alonso needs more practical experience facing the expanded pitching repertoires offered up by AAA-level pitchers.  His Las Vegas numbers indicate there are still adjustments to be made in his game.  None of which should take place during a September call-up for the New York Mets.

And there's the rub ...

The Mets have created quite the untenable situation at first base.  It's a position riddled with numerous and rather ponderous scenarios, none of which would serve Alonso well.  An invitation to Flushing means little more than receiving woefully inconsistent and inconsequential playing time behind Wilmer Flores, Dominic Smith, and perhaps even Jay Bruce.  Therefore it makes little sense asking a highly touted minor league prospect to dive head first into a quagmire of major league proportion.

Monitoring the organization's every move, waiting for any misstep (real or perceived) would have been the media, waiting to further fan this raging bonfire of front office folly.

On that note, I would argue Alonso's agent spoke too soon. 

Be careful what you ask for ...

Because until ownership decides on a definitive course of action - which is right in line with getting a new executive in place - there's nothing to gain by exposing his client to such parent/club dysfunction.  Therefore, it's probably in his best interest at the conclusion of this regular season that Peter Alonso just go home, reflect back on the season that was, and begin focusing on the season ahead.  Hopefully by then, the Mets will have a competent executive in place that will better help his client carve out a more conducive path to the major leagues.

That may involve trading Wilmer Flores this coming off-season.  If provided with a stable environment, I believe his best days as a hitter are still ahead.  I'm sure there are general managers whom feel similarly.  Any trade partner would also be receiving two years of valuable organizational control.  If Flores can be packaged in a larger deal, even better.  Then if Jay Bruce is relegated to playing right field, you've set up a spring training competition between Dom Smith and Peter Alonso, which then becomes a matter of may the better man win the starting job.

But that's all for the next executive to decide, and about getting this enterprise moving forward again.

And that's why Peter Alonso's debut can wait.

N.Y. Mets: The Old Good Fan/Bad Fan Metsian Podcast Routine

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

Moving right along ... but where?

Partner Sam Maxwell and I go head-to-head in 
a very spirited Episode 18 of A METSian Podcast. 

1 Hour, 4 Minutes

David Wright rejoining the team ~ Peter Alonso not joining the team
I continue ripping Noah Syndergaard; Sam supports Jason Vargas
On Robert Gsellman: Sam is pro-closer; I'm anti-closer
 Innings limits be damned ~ Seth Logo ~ Jennry Mejia?
How does 2017-2018 compare to 1978-1979 ~ Agents Gone Wild
Travis d'Arnaud ~ Darryl Strawberry ~ Juan Lagares
Michael Conforto ~ Jay Bruce ~ Todd Frazier ~ Benny Ayala
Amed Rosario and Willie Mays Hayse ... yes, Major League
!!..Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance..!!

Baseball in NYC, 1918
Brooklyn Robins ~ New York Giants ~ New York Yankees
Burleigh Grimes ~ Waite Hoyt ~ Miller Huggins

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: The Err of Their Ways



Hudson Valley Renegades
Brooklyn Cyclones
Old Steeplechase Grounds

Brooklyn Cyclones Need To Clean Up Sloppy Play Post-Haste!

All of a sudden, the New York Penn League's top rated defensive team is suffering an acute bout of the yips.  In dire need of a series salvaging victory Tuesday night at Vermont, the Cyclones recent rash of errors both mental and physical once again threaten and nearly sabotage their cause.  Add four more miscues from Tuesday to the four previously committed in Sunday's series opener, and on top of the three committed on Monday - that makes eleven errors in three games against the Lake Monsters.  It's no wonder they lost the series two games to one.

Their defense is the last thing one would have suspected going awry.  But two straight losses against Vermont demonstrate the awful burden such poor play can place upon the shoulders of the NYPL's second best team ERA, and a league leading offense in both team batting average and runs scored.

The good news is the Brooklyn Cyclones did indeed win their series finale at Vermont, as Hudson Valley also falls to the Staten Island Yankees.  It was only the Renegades second loss in their last eight games.

With Tuesday's 8-6 victory over the Lake Monsters, Coney Island holds on to their precarious half-game Wild Card lead over the Auburn Doubledays, and a full game lead over the Staten Island Yankees.  Vermont's loss puts them 2.5 games back of the Cyclones.

In the McNamara Division race, however, the Brooks enter Wednesday's series opener against first place Hudson Valley four games back of the Renegades with only six regular season games left to play.

Everything is still possible. 

So let the games begin!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

L.I. Ducks: Flock Will Go As Far As Triumvirate of Starting Pitchers Take Them

From the desk of:  THE WEBBED SPIKES NINE

Ducks own 4.5 game lead over Somerset Patriots 
with nineteen games to go.

Long Island Ducks: Weight of Flock's World Falls on Triumvirate of John Brownell, Jake Fisher, and Matt Larkins.

Less than twenty games remain in the regular season, and the Sugar Land Skeeters have thus far proven themselves to be the most balanced team in the circuit, ranking first or second in near every major pitching and offensive category.  With a first-half title already in the books, the Skeeters again lead the Freedom Division by 6.5 games over the second place Lancaster Barnstormers.

For Long Island rooters, that's a race worth monitoring as Lancaster presently tops the Wild Card standings by 2.5 games over the Flock.  As luck would have it, the Barnstormers arrive on Long Island Tuesday night to open a four game series at Bethpage Ballpark.

In the midst of a six-game win streak, the Ducks enter Tuesday with a 4.5 game lead over the Somerset Patriots.  With their head-to-head regular season series complete, the Flock and Patriots do not meet again down the stretch, thus setting the stage for a rather intriguing race to come.

Somerset, like Sugar Land, has already clinched a first-half title.  Therefore if the Ducks are to face off against the Patriots in a fourth straight Liberty Division post-season showdown, it would behoove them to sustain their present standing and capture the second-half flag, or at the very least, outplay the Lancaster Barnstormers and any other Wild Card contenders.

Easier said than done ...

Long Island's final six games of the regular season are against the Skeeters, all at Sugar Land.


Team Average
  • Sugar Land #1;  LONG ISLAND #2;  SOMERSET #5
Team Slugging
  • Sugar Land #1;  LONG ISLAND #2;  SOMERSET #7
Team OPS
  • Sugar Land #1;  LONG ISLAND #2;  SOMERSET #6
  • Sugar Land #1;  LONG ISLAND #2;  SOMERSET #5
Home Runs
  • LONG ISLAND #1; Sugar Land #2; SOMERSET #8
Total Bases
  • LONG ISLAND #1; Sugar Land #2; SOMERSET #6
Team ERA
  • Sugar Land #1; SOMERSET #2; LONG ISLAND #5
Team WHiP
  • Sugar Land #1;  SOMERSET #2;  LONG ISLAND #6
Average Against
  • Sugar Land #1;  SOMERSET #2;  LONG ISLAND #6
  • SOMERSET #1;  Sugar Land #2;  LONG ISLAND #3

Which team wins the Liberty Division's second-half title boils down to a pair of factors: whether Long Island's hitting outlasts Somerset's pitching, and how well the Ducks emerge from their six game series against Sugar Land.

The loss of starter Bennett Parry (contract purchased/Taiwan) earlier this month was clearly a major blow to Long Island's rotation.  They've have also negotiated the last two months without the injured Jair Jurrjens.  The Ducks in turn have relied on Tyler Badamo and Hector Silveste to back fill the rotation with mixed results.  The one time Mets farmhand and former Skeeter himself, Tyler Badamo is 3-2 since coming over to the Flock, with a 3.37 ERA through seven starts.  Silvestre comes to the Flock via the Washington Nationals system, and thus far has struggled through his first seven appearances.  He's 2-0 but with a 6.23 ERA, having surrendered 39 hits, 11 walks, and striking out 16 through 30.1 innings pitched.

It goes without saying, then, the burden of leading Long Island towards future successes or failures now rests in the arms, elbows, and shoulders of veteran Flock starting pitchers John Brownell, Matt Larkins, and Jake Fisher.  I'm sure all three would agree their respective performances haven't exactly been up to snuff.
  • John Brownell: 9-10 with a 4.56 ERA, 1.713 WHiP, and .271 average against.
  • Jake Fisher: 6-6 with a 4.23 ERA, 2.104 WHiP, and .293 average against.
  • Matt Larkins: 7-4 with a 4.23 ERA, 2.12 WHiP, and .307 average against.

Despite some unsightly numbers, they're an experienced lot.  But can they seize the day one last time?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: A Big Mistake By The Lake


The Defense Rests ...

Brooklyn Cyclones: Brooks Defense Hand Feed Monsters a Victory.

Playing off the shores of scenic Lake Champlain, the Cyclones couldn't have scripted a better start to Sunday's series opener.  Leading off the game, Ross Adolph introduces himself to Monster starting pitcher Jose Mora with a home run to left.  Four hits, three walks, and a sacrifice fly later, the Cyclones stake their ace Jaison Vilera to a commanding 6-0 lead before Vermont ever steps to the plate.

Very shortly thereafter, however, everything that could go wrong for Brooklyn, did.

A throwing error in the second by Brooklyn left fielder Wagner Lagrange leads to Vermont's first unearned run.  Two innings later, an error by center fielder Anthony Dirocie results in another pair of unearned runs.

Brooklyn is reinforced by second baseman Carlos Cortes' two-run home run midway through the sixth, giving the Cyclones an 8-3 lead. 

But that did little to tidy their sloppy play in the field.  Shortstop Manny Rodriguez' two-base error opening the bottom half of the sixth would eventually lead to Monster first baseman Aaron Arruda' two-out, three-run home run off Jaison Vilera.  But their poor play doesn't stop there.  Carlos Cortes' seventh inning error would pave the way for yet another unearned Vermont run.  Then in the bottom of the ninth, with runners on the corners and just one out, Cyclones reliever Ezequiel Zabaleta balks home the game tying run.

Into extra innings they go, as the teams trade runs in the tenth.

Coney Island's final undoing would come in the home twelfth when Brooklyn left fielder Wagner Lagrange and center fielder Anthony Dirocie suffer a miscommunication on a playable flare to shallow left/center.  Both allow the ball to drop in between them, and thus allow the winning run to score from second base.

Jaison Vilera makes his twelfth start of the regular season, but walks off with a no decision.  His record remains at 5-1 with a league leading 1.72 ERA.  He allows six runs (just two earned) on seven hits and a walk, with six strikeouts. 


However, his seven hits allowed are a season high.  In his first eight starts, Jaison surrendered just 23 hits through 46 innings pitched, for a stellar 4.5 H/9 average.  In his last four starts since, Jaison has surrendered 24 hits in just 22 innings for an inflated 9.8 H/9 average.  In turn, his falling rate of strikeouts is perhaps confirmation of potential tiring on behalf of the Cyclones ace pitcher.  Vilera posted a 10.9 K/9 average through his first eight starts, but owns a reduced 6.5 K/9 average through four starts since.


Sunday's loss to the Lake Monsters now places Brooklyn four full games behind the McNamara Division leading Hudson Valley Renegades.  The Cyclones have eight games remaining in the season which includes their upcoming three game series against the Renegades later this week at Coney Island.

In the Wild Card, Coney Island holds a half-game lead over the Auburn Doubledays, and a full game lead over Staten Island, whom lost to Hudson Valley in Sunday action.  Meanwhile, the Vermont Lake Monsters, now winners of five in a row, close to within 2.5 games of the Cyclones.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: Coney is Where the Wild Things Are

From the desk of:  THE CONEY ISLAND NINE

Next Stop ... Vermont, Where The Lake Monsters Are

Brooklyn Cyclones: Slug Way To Rubber Game Victory over Connecticut Tigers; Take Over Sole Possession of Wild Card.

The Surf Avenue Sluggers in front of a full house Saturday night at MCU Park clinch their rubber game against Connecticut with a second straight drubbing of the Tigers.

Edgardo Alfonzo's crew strike early and often, opening with three runs in the first, and four more runs in the third.  Connecticut scraps together a pair of runs against Cyclones starter Kyle Wilson in the fourth and one more in the fifth.  But the Brooks strike back in the home half of each frame, extending their lead to an eventual 10-3 margin of victory.

Chase Chambers and Jose Miguel Medina for a second consecutive game drive in two runs apiece. Anthony Dirocie and Manny Rodriguez each add two RBI, as well.  Six Cyclones hitters post multiple hit games as part of Brooklyn's fifteen hit attack.  For a second straight game they also post double-digit runs against the Tigers.

Kyle Wilson exits the game after five innings.  He surrenders three earned runs on six hits and a walk, and strikes out five en route to his fifth ever win as a pro.


Relievers Billy Oxford and Yeudy Colon each are curiously tasked with two innings of work.  Maintaining routine, for sake of work, or out of pure desperation, only Coach Alfonzo knows why other members of the pen failed to get the ball in that situation.  Now down to their last nine games and final three series of the regular season, the Cyclones need all hands on deck.  That being said, is there no other reliever in need of work, fine tuning, or perhaps even a positive outing aimed at boosting confidence?  With a seven run lead, planning ahead is a worthwhile gamble not just in this instance, but also as it pertains to setting up the bullpen for the upcoming series at Vermont, and the looming Hudson Valley clash to follow.


Up in Dutchess County the Tri City Valley Cats and host Hudson Valley Renegades battled into extra innings.  The Valley Cats two runs in the top of the tenth was negated when the Renegades rallied for three runs in the bottom half of the frame for a 7-6 victory.  Thus the Cyclones end the night 2.5 games behind the McNamara Division leading Renegades, but presently own sole possession of the Wild Card.  Their victory over the Tigers coupled with Staten Island's loss against Aberdeen gives the Cyclones a one game lead over the Pizza Rats, but only a half-game lead over the Auburn Doubledays, whom on Saturday whitewash State College.  The Cyclones next opponent is Vermont, whom on Saturday defeat Lowell to stay just 3.5 games back of Brooklyn.  In turn, the fading Spinners fall yet another notch further down the Wild Card standings.

L.I. Ducks: K-Rod Closes Out Flock's Fifth Straight Win

From the desk of:  THE WEBBED SPIKES NINE

First Place Flock Tie Sugar Land 
With Most Second Half Wins

Long Island Ducks: Surging Flock Chewing Through Dog Days of Summer.

Long Island's victory over the Road Warriors on Saturday coupled with Somerset's loss against the Barnstormers now gives the Ducks a 4.5 game lead over the Patriots.

Tylor Ard and David Washington provide all the offense Long Island would need against the Warriors, staking pitcher Matt Larkins to a 2-0 lead in the first.  Washington's 21st home run (2nd in the league) in the third then gives the Ducks a 4-0 lead.

Matt Larkins surrenders two runs on five hits and three walks, with five strikeouts, en route to his seventh victory (7-4) of the season, with a 4.16 ERA.

Closer Francisco Rodriguez pitches a scoreless ninth to earn his 25th save of the season, tying him for second in the league.

The Flock on Sunday will play the first of their final twenty games of the regular season.  However, a gauntlet at the very end of the road awaits them.  The Flock must migrate to Sugar Land where they'll engage the formidable Skeeters in a five game series very capable of swaying any potential success, or Long Island failure.  If Somerset's extended trip earlier this month (Aug. 10-16) to Sugar Land is any indication, things may not go so well.  The Patriots dropped five of seven games to the Freedom Division leading, and first half champs.

Somerset and Long Island do not face each other for the rest of the regular season, effectively turning the Liberty Division race into a respective competition against the pack.  The Flock is trending very well of late.  They're winners of five in a row, they're 16-7 in August to date, and their 28 victories tie them for the second half lead with the Skeeters.  The Patriots, meanwhile, have lagged behind this month with an 11-10 record.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: Christian James Stares Down Connecticut Tigers


Calling on All Kings County's Horses

Connecticut Tigers
Brooklyn Cyclones
Coney Island Grounds

Brooklyn Cyclones: Christian James Pitches Gem; Keeps Brooks Within Striking Distance of Hudson Valley; Tied With Staten Island for Wild Card.

Brooklyn, at a most crucial time, slams the brakes on their ill-timed skid with a convincing, and very necessary 12-1 drubbing of the Connecticut Tigers Friday night at Coney Island.  The Cyclones, on the heels of getting swept at Troy, extend their losing streak to four after falling 7-2 in Thursday's series opener against the Tigers.

On Friday, all-star Ross Adolph led the offensive barrage going 3 for 4 with a walk, two triples, three RBI, and three runs scored.  Chase Chambers drove in two runs, while Jose Miguel Medina homered and likewise drove in a pair.

Starter Christian James improves to 4-1 with eight innings of scoreless, two-hit, baseball, issuing no walks, and fanning four.  His 1.76 ERA ranks second in the NYPL behind team mate Jaison Vilera.  James faced 26 Connecticut batters, and threw 96 pitches with 64 (65%) going for strikes.

The rubber game is slated for Saturday night at Coney Island.

Brooklyn is down to their final ten games of the regular season.  They enter this evening's action three games back of the Hudson Valley Renegades.  Meanwhile, the Wild Card is up for grabs.  The Cyclones and Pizza Rats are presently tied for the lead, with five other teams hot on their tails.

On Monday, the Cyclones open a series at Vermont, whom are a mere 3.5 games back of the Wild Card.  Brooklyn will then host first place Hudson Valley in the penultimate series of the season which could very well decide this year's McNamara Division title.  The Renegades are the defending division, and NYPL champions.  After which, the Cyclones end the regular season with a home and home against Staten Island.

Friday, August 24, 2018

N.Y. Mets: The Minor Issues and Major Problems of Metsian Proportion Podcast

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

We all ranted ... some more than others.
It was epic!

After spending a few weeks apart, the triumvirate of Sam, Rich and myself 
reconvened this week to bring you episode #17 of our Metsian Podcast.

1 hour: 36 minutes

Jose Bautista ~ Montreal Expos ~ Tim Tebow ~ Dom Smith ~ Ahmed Rosario 
The un-Dynamic Duo ~ My Kingdom for an Executive ~ Rich loves dumping on Wilmer Flores
1917 New York Giants lose another World Series ~ Players who've worn #17 in Mets history
Sam Rants ~ Wally Pipp ~ first base quagmire ~ Business for Dummies ~ Brooklyn Robins
Todd Frazier's salt/pepper thing ~ Felix Millan vs. Ed Ott ~ Don Zimmer ~ 40-man roster
Another Sam Rant ~ Jacob deGrom the Winless Wonder ~ Noah Syndergaard ~ mirror images
Keith Hernandez ~ Ellis Valentine ~ mobsters ~ Sam's N.Y. Jets rant ~ Perdro Martinez 
Minor Leagues; Peter Alonso; Levi Michael; Christian Colon; Peter Alonso; Jeff McNeil
and so much more..!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: Epic Fall at Troy


A Long and Quiet Bus Ride Home

Brooklyn Cyclones: Coney Island Nine Still Control Their Own Destiny.

Brooklyn's three-run first inning goes for nought as Cyclones starter Joshua Walker is knocked out of the box at Troy after just 1.2 innings pitched.  A throwing error by shortstop Manny Rodriguez in the first paves the way for a pair of unearned runs.  Walker winds up allowing five runs (three earned) on four hits, including a second inning home run from Tri City Valley Cats second baseman Enmanual Valdez.

Tylor Megill answers the early call to the bullpen, pitching 3.1 scoreless innings through the fifth in relief of Walker.  The Cyclones tie the game at five in the top of the sixth.  However, Megill surrenders two runs on three hits (two for extra bases) in the bottom half of the frame.  Brooklyn rallies in the eighth, but come up a run short.  The Valley Cats prevail by a 7-6 margin, and thus sweep visiting Brooklyn at Joe Bruno Stadium.

The Cyclones are back at Coney Island this evening where they'll host the Connecticut Tigers, whom most recently were swept by the Hudson Valley Renegades.  Brooklyn thus enters Thursday's series opener three full games behind the first place Renegades, with only twelve games remaining in the regular season. 

Brooklyn and Hudson Valley square off next week in the penultimate series of the season.  Till then, the Cyclones must overcome the Tigers and Vermont Lake Monsters, and hope that Troy and the Staten Island Yankees trip up the Renegades at Hudson Valley.

Both the Cyclones and Staten Island Pizza Rats are tied in the Wild Card standings, one-half game behind the Auburn Doubledays.  The outer borough rivals close out the regular season this coming Labor Day weekend at the Ballpark at St. George.

Despite suffering a sweep at Troy, opportunity is still on Brooklyn's side.  But if they are to clinch the McNamara Division or draw the Wild Card, it's up to them to seize the day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: Troy Story


Upstate Trip, Slip, and Fall

Brooklyn Cyclones: When all regular season games are played and done, these last two losses at Troy may well prove most costly of all.

The Cyclones went to Dutchess County, they saw, and conquered, outscoring Hudson Valley during last week's four game series by a commanding 31-10 margin.

After all but arresting first place away from the Renegades, however, the Cyclones sputtering pursuit of a division title suffers yet another snag.  Continuing their road trip at Troy, New York, the Brooks on Tuesday drop their second straight against the Valley Cats.  Meanwhile, Hudson Valley rebounds with two straight victories over the Tigers at Norwich.

As a result Brooklyn finds themselves two full games back of the first place Renegades, again, with just thirteen games remaining in the regular season.

For the moment, the Cyclones hold a precarious lead in the Wild Card race.  Mahoning Valley is a mere half-game behind, Lowell trails by one, while the Staten Island Yankees are just 1.5 games behind Brooklyn.

The Cyclones will attempt to salvage game three against the Valley Cats at Troy on Wednesday before returning home to Coney Island.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Brooklyn Dodgers: Citi Field Rotunda; Yankee Stadium and Yogi Berra Museum Exhibits


Spanning the Borough 
To Bring You The Constant Variety of Bums

One out of every seven people in this country trace their family histories back through Brooklyn.  The Boys of Summer are no different.  Gone but hardly forgotten, the old Trolley Dodgers are still  quite alive and well.  Despite being scarred and broken, Dem Bums remain dear in the hearts of Brooklyn's citizenry, whom still wear their caps, t-shirts, jerseys, and jackets like a red badge of courage.  Here in Kings County you might say New York City is still home to three teams.  However, our municipal politico presently and historically have always demonstrated little or no interest in recognizing, preserving, or promoting Gotham's near 180 year baseball legacy - much less Brooklyn Dodgers history.  Therefore, I make it my business to seek out and reveal FINGERPRINTS OF DEM BUMS wherever they may hide.  This is the fourth installment in a series of reboots and original content featuring people, places, and things you may already be familiar with, and hopefully things you're not so familiar with.

Home of the New York Mets

Golden Years Exhibit 2011

New Jersey

Oil on Canvas

Portraits by Andy Jurinko
Yogi Berra Museum

Back to Brooklyn

Brooklyn Historical Society

home of the

Friday, August 17, 2018

N.Y. Yankees: Babe Ruth Passes Away Seventy Years Ago, Aug. 16, 1948

From the desk of:  BLAME CARLOS MAY

George Herman Ruth
Feb. 6, 1895  ~  Aug. 16 1948


Cooperstown Museum and Baseball Hall of Fame

Babe Ruth Museum

Oriole Park at Camden Yard

Boston Braves Field

The House That Ruth Built
Yankee Stadium Gate 2

Yankee Stadium Museum

Yogi Berra Museum