Monday, September 17, 2012

Brooklyn Nets: 30 Pictures In 30 Days - Barclays Minus 12 Days

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T-Minus Twelve Days
"Next Stop Barclays Center.  Watch The Closing Doors"


SEPTEMBER 17, 2012

Do not let the picture mislead you, these workers pictured above are on scheduled break.  Rest assured, the work force was gainfully laying down a grand maze of paver stones throughout the morning and afternoon.  Work on the greater entrance plaza is moving briskly.  To this observer, there still seems like so much to do with so little time to get it done.

One look around however, indicates things are right on schedule.  For one, many barriers in place last week have been removed.  Low and behold, the pedestrians of downtown Brooklyn have their sidewalks at Atlantic and Flatbush back, replete with benches, a flag post, and a brand spanking new subway station where you will now fork over $2.50 if the MTA gets their next round of hikes approved.  But I digress.  Planners "went Green" for the roof of the subway structure.  A garden has been incorporated atop, and down behind the rear slope of the station.

The Barclay Center subway station, the sidewalks, and the portion of the entrance plaza extending back towards the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue are now complete.  There are eleven more days of final touches to go.

Then and Now

Left: Flatbush Avenue sidewalk September 21, 2011
Right: Flatbush Avenue sidewalk September 17, 2012


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