Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New York Giants: Don't Count On Division Collapsing Again This Season

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  Beware - Trap Games Ahead.  Giants Must Take Care of Bucs On Home Field.
Division Foes May Not Allow Giants To Recover From 0-2 Start.

The Bucs defeated the Panthers last Sunday.  I'm not at all impressed.  And that's a problem.  Because the Giants tend to play down to these type teams.  I think the last time the Giants went 0-2 to start a season was five years ago, when they won Super Bowl XLII.  But do we really want to be in an 0-2 hole again?  You can only tempt fate but so many times.  This coming Sunday's home game against the Bucs is by no stretch a must win.  Beating the Bucs sure would be nice though.

Until we play Dallas twice, as with the rest of our division foes, what can we really say about last week?  This game coming up however, and Week Three's game against the Panthers are very winnable.  I would even venture to say they Giants better win, because they play Philly in Week Four.

Now that Dallas is ahead of the Giants, it has quickly become incumbent upon the Giants to manage their early season wisely.  In the blink of an eye a quarter of the season (after the Philly game) will be gone.  The Giants can not rely on the rest of the division collapsing around them as they did last season.  Big Blue's 9-7 record said it all.  Dallas and Philly struggled right along with the G-Men last season.  And through their opponent's own collapses, came opportunities for the Giants.  You won't catch me engaging in Repeat stuff.  I just want the Giants to compete and make the playoffs again.

To that effect, where does the Giants running game go from here?  David Wilson only touched the ball twice last week.  He was benched last week after fumbling the ball deep in Dallas' end.  Will Coach Coughlin give the rookie a clean slate?  Last week I said if Coach was going to teach him a lesson, early, as in Week Two early, would be the best time to do it.  But can the Giants really afford to bench David Wilson for essentially a second game?  I do not think so because Ahmad Bradshaw gives us all pause.  He seemed spry enough last week.  These last few seasons however, it feels as if the Giants operated on borrowed time; not career wise, but game to game wise.  In David Wilson's case, hard lessons might have to learned in practice.  No Brandon Jacobs and no D.J. Ware have possibly forced the Giants hand on this one.


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