Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New York Mets: Rising Apple Takes Citi

From the desk of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

"Meet up by the Apple..."


Rising Apple was in the house at Citi Field last night.  My fellow staff writer Sam Maxwell, our writer/editor Matt Musico and I, went out to the park and played scout for a night while watching some of the Mets young mound hopefuls in action.

Jenrry Mejia made the start against Pittsburgh.  He pitched four scoreless innings, surrendered four hits, walked two, and struck out four.  He threw ninety-six pitches; sixty five for strikes; en route to earning his first victory.  The question surrounding Henrry Mejia's future is whether he will pitch as a starter, or in relief.  The same goes for Jeurys Familia.  In his case however, Sam believes the club seems to be directing him towards the bullpen.  Last night he pitched 0.2 innings in relief, but didn't fare as well as Mejia.  He allowed the Pirates first run of the game.  That was a small matter though, as Matt, Sam, and I spent several innings discussing Mets hurlers.

There was much more to ponder however during the Mets 6-2 Monday evening win over the Pirates. 
Ike Davis pummelled the Pirates all by himself with two home runs and five runs batted in.  He now has thirty home runs on the season.  Lately, to trade Ike Davis, or not to trade Ike Davis has been the question.  The three of us were unanimous in our desire to see Ike Davis in a Mets uniform for many years to come.

While David Wright drew a hit closer to Eddie Kranepool's club record, we discussed and lamented the overall play of Josh Thole. I believe we were all in agreement that fans should continue being patient with our catcher.  The future of Lucas Duda in a Mets uniform was also speculated.  And after a brilliant diving play at shortstop, we took time out to extol the season Ruben Tejada is having.

Sam, Matt, and I are obviously only three members of the greater Rising Apple team.  Unfortunately, the others couldn't make Monday's game.  And we will certainly reschedule a date we can all get together next season for sure.  For now, three of us were meeting for the first time.  We watched the game, we cheered, high-fived, talked, laughed, and discussed everything mentioned above.  The only thing that could have capped off a great night with the boys was a Mets win.  And we got it.  That said, life is good sometimes folks.

Being in my forties, I'm a little older than the boys.  And they gave me reasons to laugh about it.  I made two references last night that to my amusement failed to register with them.  We were discussing Daniel Murphy when I mentioned a player named Bobby Grich.  Then it dawned on me Bobby retired from the game after the 1986 season while these guys were still in Pampers.  Prior to the game, I referenced Oscar Madison; i.e. Jack Klugman's sloppy, messy, sportswriter character in the old TV show, The Odd Couple.  Even I admit that was going way back, and realized the problem was all mine!  Believe me however when I say, those were just two great moments during an otherwise spectacular night.  Taking in the National Pastime with Sam and Matt was a night very well spent.  Can't wait till next year!

One last thing.  If you want to know the reason behind my brick at Citi Field, Sam has the story posted in his personal blog - Converted Mets Fan.


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