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PIGSKIN 2012: Football Sunday - Week One

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If you're new to this, here's how PIGSKIN works.  I actually deal in Bagels and just make a pig of myself during the game.  One game equals one Bagel.  I post a Schmear of the Week which is worth three Bagels.  Last season I guestimated correctly often enough to end the regular season with positive dough.  My 2011 basket o Bagels was not as hot however, as the batch I served up in the 2010 regular season when I ended plus-seventeen bagels.  Last season I only finished plus-six.  That makes me plus twenty-three Bagels over the last two seasons.  I traditionally use the speculative score differentials as decided upon by experts in the industry, printed weekly in the the local tabloids, to help decipher which team I might be inclined to playfully root for in a given game.  Because at the true root, this is purely for entertainment purposes only.  Watching Football on Sundays is fun.  Isn't it....
2011 Regular Season:
Record:  120-99-10
Schmear of the Week:  8-8-1
Bagels in the Basket: Final Count; +6
Lastly, I usually do this on Fridays.  That said, let's roll out the 2012 season's first batch of Bagels.
GIANTS -4; (Dallas)  LOSS
Final:  17-24 Cowboys
Bills +3 (JETS)
No one has any idea what the Jets have in store for the league because throughout the pre-season, they kept their plans for Tim Tebow a double secret.  But the joke is on them.  Buffalo was going to beat them anyway.  Jets success will be based on the sum of their parts.  I can't say the Jets are all working together.
N.Y. JETS - System Check Reveals Faults Before Take-Off.
LOSS  48-28; Jets
BEARS -10 (Colts)
With the return of a healthy Jay Cutler, the Bears are looking to have the season they hoped to have in 2011 before their QB was lost for the year.  With nice weather in September and with something to prove, I like the Bears jumping out to an early lead and playing well at home.
WIN  41-21; Bears
Eagles -9 (BROWNS)
You must be warned.  Nine out of ten times, I get any game involving the Browns wrong.  Besides, why shouldn't I take the Eagles?
LOSS  17-16; Eagles
SAINTS -7 1/2 (Redskins)
New Orleans has one system in place; Sean Payton's.  Everyone is well versed in it, knows where they stand, and what their role is.  There in no chaos in N'orleans.  In-house familiarity, and continuity will keep the Saints marching on.  Coaches usually win or lose one game for their team per season.  So there you go.  I'm only biting on the half-point because the Saints are home.
LOSS  40-32; Redskins
Patriots -5 1/2 (TITANS)
Do I sense a trend?  Look for the Patriots to get off to another stupendous start, and run up score boards like a pinball machine.  Coach Belichick's young revamping defense is a year older now.  This is however, one of many soft games for the Patriots this season.  Ride them like a mule.
WIN  24-13; Patriots
VIKINGS -4 (Jaguars)
The schedule makers gave fans a gift; an early season Toilet Bowl.  Both teams have more problems than a math book.  I see no reason not to continue my trend of giving the Vikings no respect.  But I still do not know what the Jaguars are.  So with regards to Minnesota's running game, I'll give the turf team at home the advantage over the grass team on the road.
LOSS  26-23; Vikings
Dolphins +12 (TEXANS)
See Chicago Bears.  Let's be clear.  I think the Texans are poised to be an elite team.  I merely like the points.  I think Miami will be able to keep the game within limits, only because it is the first game of the season, and teams are still working out timing.
LOSS  30-10; Texans
LIONS-7 (Rams)
Forget the Lions.  The Rams are taking steps backwards.  Why isn't this line larger?
LOSS  27-23; Lions
Falcons -3 (CHIEFS)
The Chiefs aren't even getting the obligatory three point respect, opening the season at home no less.
WIN  40-24; Falcons
49ers +4 1/2 (PACKERS)
Great game.  Best of the week.  I don't know who will win.  But I like the Niners to cover. This game might boil down to a field goal.
WIN  30-22; 49ers
Panthers -2 (BUCS)
See Vikings and Chiefs games:  The Panthers will win outright.
LOSS  16-10; Bucs
Seahawks -2 1/2 (CARDINALS)
Another one of this week's ponderous games, which ruins office pools throughout the Nation.
LOSS  20-16; Cardinals
Steelers +1 1/2 (BRONCOS) 
The season that unleashed TebowMania culminated in last year's playoff game between the Broncos and Steelers.  We all know what happened next.  Either way you cut it, that game must have stuck in Pittsburgh's throat all off-season, and through to this very day.  So Tim Tebow aside, let me get this straight.  The mile high altitude will affect the Steelers more than it will Peyton Manning?  Peyton Manning and the mile high altitude will combine forces to defeat the Men of Steel again?  This is why I think payback will be a bitch.  Peyton Manning will suffer for something he was not a party to.
LOSS  31-19; Broncos

* SCHMEAR of the WEEK:
LIONS -7 (Rams)

Happy Football Season everyone!  My your chicken wings be plentiful.

Update:  The Week That Was

Schmear of the Week:  0-1
BAGELS in the BASKET:  -9


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