Thursday, September 27, 2012

New York Jets: D-Generation Rex Takes Major Hit

From the desk of:   A BLUE BLOODED GIANTS FAN

NEW YORK JETS: Revis Island is now an all inclusive resort the rest of the League will be sure to visit often.

This all seems odd to say coming off a win.  After all, a victory in the NFL is worth its weight in gold.  But it appears the Jets are officially in trouble now.  Prior to Week Three, I only suspected it.  That said, there is finally a bigger story and more pressing matters than Tim Tebow to wrestle.

Darrelle Revis' left knee just set the Jets on an uncharted course.  The singularly most important player in what Coach Ryan likes to do on defense is finished for the season.  And in an indirect way, there goes the Jets pass rush as well.  Without the League's supreme cornerback, does a pass rush which relies on down field coverage, deception, and variety still live up to its (deserved or not)  reputation?  Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers will answer that question shortly.  But from here on out, it's up to Antonio Cromartie, and Joe McKnight?  Really? buy Rex's blitz packages that little bit of extra time they need to get to the quarterback.

That doesn't explain Miami's Reggie Bush though.  Had he stayed in the game, there is every reason to believe the Jets lose handily.  Bush was running wild until he exited the game with an injury.  So make no mistake, Jets fans can partly thank Reggie's exit for getting the Jets in a position to win Sunday's game.

If the Jets strength is their defense, what does that make the offense?  Well, right now it is a liability.  Shonn Greene, Bilal Powell, Tim Tebow, and even Mark Sanchez all took their turn running the ball.  Of the four names mentioned, least known Bilal Powell was most successful running to daylight.  Shonn Greene couldn't punch through into the end zone from the one yard line.  On a third down and goal from the Miami six yard line, Marc Sanchez decided to run and was tackled at the three.  Tim Tebow finally rushed for a first down out of the Wild Cat.  Anything Tebow after that was confusing at best.  So basically without Powell, who rushed ten times for forty five yards, there was no running game.

Save me the 306 yards passing.  Completing only 21 of 45 passes and two INT's was less than stellar.  And bouncing a pass off Tim Tebow's head was just comical.  But no, I don't blame Marc Sanchez' entire day on the starting quarterback.  When Marc was left in to establish a flow, he was fine.  Otherwise, this TIMplementation of Tebow is still disruptive.  Additionally, it has become far too apparent Marc Sanchez needs Dustin Keller back.

This was an ugly win; as ugly as they come.  But it sure beats playing well and coming up short, right?  I have but this one question.  Why would you wait to unveil the Jets version of the Wild Cat on Coach Sparano's former team?  I mean....   never mind.

In the San Francisco 49ers, the Jets have a formidable opponent on their hands.  They had better study what Minnesota did to them very closely.  More about Sunday in my next post.


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