Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NEWARK BEARS ~ Lose In First Visit To Yogi Berra Stadium

From the desk of:  Growlings from Brooklyn

The Essex County Executive's Cup Challenge
The Inaugural Series is tied 1-1.
Game Three ~ Tomorrow
June 1, 2011

NEWARK BEARS:  N.J. Jackals Take Game Two In This New Rivalry Between Neighbors.

Newark  6
New Jersey  7

I listened to a very entertaining game tonight on web-cast as Newark made their first ever trip into their new rival's park; Yogi Berra Stadium; home of the New Jersey Jackals, for game two of the Essex County Series.  Game one was played in, and won by Newark last Sunday.  After an off day yesterday, the newly christened rivalry series made it's debut in Little Falls as part of a home-and-home.

I'm sure the end result of tonight's game wasn't quite what the Bears had in mind.  But like I said, it was an absolute good listen even though it snapped a short two game win streak for Newark.  The Bears record now stands at 2-3 for the young season.

The Bears and Jackals traded first inning runs.  Then Newark broke out with four more in the top of the second inning.  An error, a wild pitch, and three Newark hits, including a Tim Raines Jr. double, had the Jackals down 5-1 early.

New Jersey immediately started chipping away at that lead.  They got a run back in the bottom of the second inning.  After two more New Jersey runs in the third, and another run in the sixth inning, we had a tie game.

Then came the decisive eighth inning.  Newark's Billy Alvino singled to lead off the Bear's eighth.  The Bears regained the lead 6-5, when Tim Raines Jr. stepped in again and tripled home Alvino. 

On a side note, after going hitless on the first two games of the season, Tim Raines Jr. has been a hitter possessed.  He had another four hits tonight (4 for 5) to go along with two RBI.  Tonight's effort raised his batting average to a lofty .429 and climbing.

But the Jackals had something else in mind this evening other than losing a second straight game to the Bears and marveling at Raines.  A double by Jeremy Slayden and a two run home run by Chris White gave New Jersey their first lead of the night in late dramatic fashion.  The Jackals bullpen put the Bears to rest in the top of the ninth by striking out two batters to finish this game off; a game which the Bears seemed in control of for most of the night but still sensed it slipping with every home run New Jersey clubbed out tonight (three to be exact).

Alex Smith started this game for Newark and to his detriment, allowed New Jersey to hang around in those first few innings.  But he pitched five innings and was staked to a 5-4 lead when Newark turned to their bullpen.  Andrew Pluta relieved Smith and had an outing he'd much sooner forget.  In three innings work, he gave up five hits and three runs; and more importantly the lead.  He was tabbed with tonight's loss.  For Alex Smith, a drab no decision.

Newark and New Jersey finish this three game series tomorrow, Wednesday, at Yogi Berra Stadium with an 11:05AM start time.


N.Y. METS ~ Young Battery Juices Up Flushing

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Dillon Gee and Josh Thole have become a very effective Battery for the Mets.

Dillon Gee continues to sparkle for the Mets.  On Memorial Day, he treated the Military Members in attendance at Citi Field to another fine performance.  With Monday's win, Gee improved his record to 5-0 this season.  He pitched marvelously and followed up on Jon Niese's fine performance from Sunday. 

In my last post I stressed how important that was to me; that Gee and Niese start doubling-up on wins.  Well, Gee followed through in the best manner possible.

7 ~ innings pitched.
102 ~ pitches.
5 ~ hits.
3 ~ runs/earned.
0 ~ walks allowed.
8 ~ strikeouts.

I wanted the Mets to promote him slowly this season.  But since he's been on the big club, who can argue with the results?  And I know for a fact many in the Media were never sold on this kid.  Now all of a sudden the accolades are trickling in.  They're so wishy-washy sometimes.

I've mentioned before, I've been following him since his days in Brooklyn.  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET is riddled with my appreciation for Dillon Gee.


And how many times this season have Dillon Gee and Josh Thole combined forces to win games for this team?  Three of Gee's wins were aided largely in part by the bat of Josh Thole.  So, I might as well say it now, because I like to whenever I get the chance;  JOSH THOLE is my catcher of choice; today; tomorrow; next year and beyond.

Again, he is another player like Gee who hasn't won over the Media.  Although in Thole's case the results in the batter's box speak for themselves.  But I have no interest in what they think regarding Thole.  And his .230 batting average matters even less to me. 

I am terribly confident in this kid and refuse to judge him based on what he's done in 2011 so far.  I say with great confidence, he will be fine and supply this team with solid slugging and become a fine receiver also. 

He won't be 25 years old until the off-season.  Let him learn his craft.  I just hope he outlasts the naysayers and plays his way into Sandy Alderson's future plans for the Mets.


MEMORIAL DAY 2011 and Four Hours In Brooklyn


MAY 30, 2011

To All the Great Men and Women Who Gave Their Lives
in Defense and Support of our Nation; To Those Who Fought And Gave Us Our Independence; To Those Who Preserved It; And To Those Lost Protecting and Maintaining Our Way of  Life at Home and Abroad,  
A Respectful Memorial Day to You.  And To All The Families Who Gave Us These Brave People To Serve Causes Beyond Our Homes and Communities, As a Veteran, I Thank You and Salute You. 

No Plan?  No Problem!  This is Brooklyn.
Hey!  They didn't put a guy from Brooklyn in every old war flick for nuthin' ya know!  One in every seven people in America can trace their families through Brooklyn.  I like throwing that one out there.

A friend from Chicago once made a joke to me about Brooklyn, calling it the Borough Where Everyone Leaves.  It was just that; a joke, and a smart one because I understand the truth in what he said.  However, it's a crack that's haunted me since he made it.  Not because of what or how he said it.  Who hasn't heard that line before?  But it's just something that stayed with me because it's different than hearing that line on an old TV documentary or reading someone wax nostalgic in some writer's article.

No one knows the truth in that joke better than me and my fellow natives who have always called this place home.  We know it well.  But then I leave my house on a day like today and have Four Hours In The Life, that confirm for me I live in the greatest place on Earth.

I didn't leave my house till 2:00pm this afternoon.  I had no particular plan today.  The wife and I looked at each other and kicked around some ideas.  We decided on Coney Island.  We wanted to have a beer or two so we left the Trolley home.  Only a few stops away, in very short time we were in the Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue Station.

As expected, we arrived to a Sea of Humanity.  Anyone accustomed to the NYC Subway system knows the above picture represents Order.   The scene depicted above moves to the beat of urban choreography, and with the purpose of an ant colony marching from point A to point B.  Then the  crowds exit and disperse along Surf Avenue and into Coney Island; and to the limits their imaginations.  They do this at the Atlantic Ocean seaside strip off Brooklyn, just like they have for well over a century.

The best ocean breeze you ever felt smacked us right in the face as soon as we stepped onto the platform.  Unfortunately, it was a station induced phenomenon.  We didn't feel the coolness of the ocean breeze again until we hit the Boardwalk.

Ruby's Bar & Grill on the Boardwalk is looking at a very clouded future.  Change$ and good ol' Capitalism are taking over a modernizing Coney Island, while many parts of the Old Neighborhood Coney feel are being pushed out.  The building in the picture to the left dates from the late 1800's and is just the kind of old Coney that is being torn down building by building and lot by lot .

It was unsettling not seeing SHOOT THE FREAK in their usual spot along the Boardwalk.  That's why it was a no brainer for Mrs. TROLLEY and me to head over to Ruby's and lower our body temperatures there on this 90 degree day.  And with Coronas in hand and sunglasses at the ready, me and the Mrs. were down for some brews, the breeze, and taking in the abundant eye-candy heading to the beach.

But another real look around shows Coney's former self is fading.  These signs read like hieroglyphs and hints that another era in Coney is ending rather than pointing to a place to eat.  A new Coney is trying to take a turn at being Brooklyn's Back Yard now.  That in a nutshell however, has been the history of Coney Island; Change.

The Coney Island Museum and the Eldorado's Bumper Cars are still holding their own on the Surf Avenue strip.  But literally right behind them, looms major Change; and yes,
with a Capital C.

......As in Coasters!

Say hello to the newest machinery and attractions introduced to Coney Island designed to make you scream.  Then again, screaming is a relative term when speaking about Coney Island.  It's what's made it one of the oldest, oddest, peculiar, and most spectacular places in the country; Ever.

But Coney Island Classics like Dino's Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone Roller Coaster and the Coney Island Freak Shows, along with very special people and native Brooklynites dedicated to preserving everything worth preserving about our little Playground By The Seashore make sure, in the face of change, nothing really goes away, and keeps everything the way I remember as a kid, in a relative sense of course.

The Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Club has been one of the greatest occurrences in my life much less a welcome addition to Coney Island.  I'll get into more of that later in the month.  But after our beer, me and the Mrs. headed over to the MCU Park ticket office because I needed a couple of more tickets for two particular games.  Their season starts in a little over two weeks from now.  So as a little teaser, here's a picture of the back of the scoreboard!  LOL

I was sporting my Roberto Clemente jersey today.  I ran into this gentleman and we thought it a cool idea if we got together for a picture of Hall Of Fame jerseys.

Talk of Cyclones Baseball also is an alarm clock signaling the Coney Island Mermaid Parade is also right around the corner.  If you've never been to one, do it.  As for me and my better half, we were satisfied with our Coney experience for the day and were getting hungry.  We decided to leave Nathan's Famous for a less crowded day in the near future.  But just as a reminder, the Nathan's Famous National Hot Dog Eating Contest is only thirty-three days away!



Views from the train platform @ Mermaid Avenue/Stillwell Avenue
(Nathan's ~ Parachute Jump ~ MCU Park)

Me and the Trolley Lady came up with a plan to jump on the Q-train and skip over to Sheepshead Bay and eat at Randazzo's!  Pure Genius!  We were strolling down Sheepshead Bay Road in no time.  Emmons Avenue was just as glorious on this sunny Memorial Day as Coney was.  After a short wait, we sat down for some seafood freakin' insanity.  We had worked up quite an appetite by this time and decided to get a little of everything.       ...And two more Coronas!

Then the Crab Cakes came!  We were stupid in love with life this afternoon.  Or maybe we were just really hungry.  But it couldn't have worked out better.  After paying the bill, we were in dire need of a walk.  There are few places on the planet better to take an after-dinner stroll than along Emmons Avenue.

Feeling good after an easy walk we stopped into the local Car Service and eight bucks later we were home by 6:15 pm.  And that's how my wife and me spent our Memorial Day Holiday.  In just a bit over four hours, we had accomplished so much and moved around exceedingly well!

It goes to show - We had no plan this afternoon.  But in Brooklyn, you don't need one.  All you have to do is leave your house.  That's the way it is here.  So getting back to what my friend in Chicago once said to me... 

Hey, they can leave if they want to.  Life is a choice in many respects.  But for my part, I know I live on the greatest piece of dirt protruding out of the world's mighty oceans.  So g'head - Beat it if ya wanna leave.


Monday, May 30, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Memorial Day Mets Grillin' and Chillin'

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  David Einhorn Working on a Sweet Deal.

Say hello to our new 1/3 owner of the Metropolitan Baseball Club.  As far as being 60% owner?  That would be and Inside-The-Park Home Run.


David Einhorn said he can't reveal many, if any, of the details regarding the pending deal between him and the Wilpons, yet.  We may have to wait till later in June for that.  And the Wilpons are denying everything regarding details and how the proposed deal is going down; while not denying they are in exclusive negotiations with Einhorn.  That much is established.

You may not be able to snag a cotton ball on this guy's baby face, but he wasn't born yesterday.  Of course we don't know the true specifics of the as yet un-agreed upon deal, but the scuttlebutt sure makes it sound as if Einhorn is in a win/Win/WIN situation.  I think we all were scratching our heads as to why someone would just cut the Wilpons a check without any tangible purchase power to speak of.  That part always sounded like a fairy tale to me.

After a couple of days to digest the latest developments in METropolis, I think I understand the deal so far as such:
Right now David Einhorn's $200 million buys him a third.  He has a window to buy upwards of 60% of the team within three years (to five years).  Or, the Mets can pay him back his original principle and Einhorn still keeps 1/6 ownership of the team, which I think keeps him in the 16% to 17% realm of ownership.  But do yourself a favor and get a better grasp on the deal with this Daily News article from yesterday.

So, if that be the case, I'd shut up and be a very silent partner too.  If there's one thing Mr. Wilpon has done extremely well since taking over this organization, it's been ruining it.  Nelson Doubleday's prophesy of Fred running the organization into the ground has materialized, and stops just short of self-destruction, before our very eyes.  So with a little patience, a little more folly on the Wilpon's behalf, and some creativity on Madoff Trustee Irvin Picard's part, the Mets and this fan base might finally be free of the dark clouds that hover over Flushing as if the Addams Family lived next door to Citi Field and be done with The Age of Wilponianism once and for all.

Today that prospect remains a pipe-dream wrapped around a fat chance.  Much still has to go wrong for Wilpon The Elder to relinquish majority control of the team.  But like Tug McGraw once championed, "You Gotta Believe!"

Mets Salvage Final Game of Series Against Rival Phillies:

Forget what happened Friday and Saturday.  It's for the best.  David Einhorn did.  Remember what he said during his press conference-call; -  He understands there's winning, losing, ups and downs when involved with an MLB team and he's prepared for the whole gambit.  Then, to Fred Wilpon's dismay, the Mets gave Einhorn and us, a pleasant surprise with a rather convincing victory over Philadelphia on Sunday.

The Mets jumped on Philadelphia starter (the mysterious) Vance Worley early and often.  The Mets scored eight runs in the first two innings.  Only five of those were earned, but they turned out to be enough as the game finished with a 9-5 final.  The Mets also pounded out seventeen hits against Philly pitching as well; twelve of them surrendered by Worley in his three innings of work.

There was a time late in this game when it seemed the Mets' bullpen had different ideas as to how Jon Niese's win-loss record would reflect by the end of the day.  But the combination of Taylor Buchholtz and Pedro Beato did juuuust enough to protect a very good effort by Jonathan Niese that was most worthy of a win.

The Niese Line:
6.1 ~ innings pitched
122 pitches thrown; 78 strikes
5 ~ hits
1 ~ run/ none earned
4 ~ walks
6 ~ strikeouts

122 pitches in 6.1 innings with four walks allowed means quite and simple..., he labored through the game and kept finding ways through the Philly line-up; in particular the third inning; - Thank you Jose Reyes.  Jon Niese still has to get a grip on his walks allowed, but to me there's little doubt Jon Niese is a keeper.  Any lefty with a good curve ball is.


Jose Reyes continues his brilliant Farewell Season.  He was 4 for 5 Sunday raising his season batting average to .335 and hitting his eighth and ninth triple of the season.  Justin Turner, batting .330, drove in his Amazin' twentieth RBI since being called up from Buffalo.  And My Guy, our embattled catcher; Josh Thole went 3 for 4 Sunday and knocked in three RBI of his own.

Memorial Day Series Opener Versus Pittsburgh Pirates:
Dillon Gee gets the start today against Pittsburgh; a young team on the uptick and playing at a comparable winning percentage as the Mets.  Since Dillon Gee's first call up last season, he's done nothing but provide quality starts for the New York Mets.  He's 4-0 (3.83 era) since his call-up this season and 6-2 overall.

But what's important to me is that we begin to see, Jon Niese, Gee, and Mike Pelfrey start to double, and triple-up on victories.  If they are to be mainstays in a young Mets' rotation of the future (Sandy Alderson transactions aside) they need to start operating as a staff and not surrendering to their own little Private Idaho's.  Yea; that was a little cheap shot at Pelfrey.

But it's Dillon Gee who's stepped in several times and stopped losing streaks.  Jon Niese has pitched some hard luck games.  But Dillon Gee has pitched consistently.  I joked and tabbed him a Stopper once before.  Let's leave it at that.  The Mets won yesterday so he's not stopping anything today.  But what I do want this evening is a well pitched game by Dillon Gee to double up on Jon Niese's Sunday outing.

Consistent outings by these three pitchers will determine whether the official start of Summer ushers in Hot Times In The Citi, or, a fan base falling victim to heat and team exhaustion.

If they double-up and triple-up on good, quality starts, everything will be cool.

Media Biting at the Ankles of David Wright Trying to Get Him to Feed Their Agenda.

A weekend series against the Phillies and the introduction of David Einhorn into our lives has come and gone since the day Fred Wilpon's comments regarding certain members of his team were made public.

Naturally, the Media went seeking player reactions from Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and David Wright.  The players all low-keyed the perceived slights leveled against them.  And if left alone, that dog would have wagged it's tail happily in the yard chewing on a bone.  But not satisfied with that, the Media embarked on a Campaign of Insistence that David Wright offer more of a reaction than he did, and seemed to be begging for him to take a less tactful stance regarding his employer because after all, it was the Media who bestowed the title of  "Face Of The Franchise" upon him in the first place.  Am I Right?  The fans didn't call him that; the Wilpon's didn't call him that; the Media did as they do when sitting around talking to each other and telling each other how great they are.  And this time around, they rushed to dig a hole they were sure they'd being burying something or somebody in.

It's the Media who won't stop barking, and continue their attempts at trying to transform David Wright into a rabid, malcontent dog in light of Fred Wilpon's comments about him.  So far, David Wright has been too smart to bite back and I congratulate him for it.  Because when the Media takes on that Pack Mentality and want something from a given situation, they are hard to tame.


NEWARK BEARS ~ Defeat Their Newest Rival For Second Win

From the desk of:  Growlings From Brooklyn

NEWARK BEARS:  Bears Take First Game In
The Essex County Challenge.

FINAL SCORE ~ Sunday, May 29, 2011  vs  New Jersey Jackals:
New Jersey  3
Newark   4

Born more from an off-field community partnership between the New Jersey Jackals and the Newark Bears to help strengthen each other's presence in the area; work with charities and community programs; Essex County announced the two teams would play for the County Executive's Cup.  Dubbed, The Essex County Challenge, at the end of each season, which ever team wins the most games between the two head-to-head, win bragging rights for a year.


The Brick City Nine evened up their season record at 2-2 with their first ever victory over new top rival; the New Jersey Jackals.  Newark kept the bats going Sunday with another ten hits after totaling 18 hits the game prior.

In the first two games of the season versus Rockland, Tim Raines Jr. went hitless and the Bears remained winless.  In his last two games, he is five for nine and the Bears won two in a row.  Danny Santiesteban also continued some hot hitting going three for three, with a double and RBI.

Eric Eden started for the Bears and lasted 6.2 innings.  He walked two batters while striking out none and surrendered seven hits.  He gave up two runs but only one of them earned.  The effort was good enough for his first win of the season. 

Newark and New Jersey will take Memorial Day off before playing game two of the series on Tuesday at Yogi Berra Stadium; home of the Jackals.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

NEWARK BEARS ~ Win First Game in a Romp

From the desk of:  Growling in Brooklyn

NEWARK BEARS:  Win Their First Ever Game In CanAm League and Avoid Sweep by Rockland.

Rockland Boulders  4

After dropping the first two games of the season, the Newark Bears roared back at their competition Saturday night.  They finally won their first game of the season and also avoided a sweep at the hands of the Rockland Boulders.  Rockland only rolled out three pitchers against Newark and the Bears clawed them all.

Newark pounded out 18 hits and plated 16 runs tonight in a romp over the Boulders at Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium.  Tim Raines Jr. had a break-out game as well with his first three hits of the season.  In going 3 for 5 tonight, he drove in 6 RBI.  Todd Gossage also chipped in with 3 more RBI.  The two combined for 9 RBI and 4 runs scored.

Other notable swings - Lead-off batter Brandon Watson set the table with a 4 for 6 day; an RBI and 2 runs scored.  Catcher Billy Alvino went 3 for 3; two runs scored and an RBI.  And first baseman Brian Nichols went 3 for 5 batting clean-up today with two runs scored.

Ryan Lobban was the starting pitcher for Newark tonight, hurling five innings and is credited with the win.  He gave up four hits and surrendered three runs all coming in the fifth, while walking two and striking out two.  By then the Bears were leading 9-3 and the bullpen took care of the rest. 

TJ Hose relieved Lobban with two innings pitched.  He gave up two hits, allowed a run and struck out two.  Andrew Pluta pitched the final two innings to seal the deal for Newark.  He allowed only one hit and struck out two, including the last batter of the game in a non-save situation.


The Newark Bears face their officially declared rival; the New Jersey Jackals for the first time since being newly minted foes.  The first game of a home-and-home series is in Newark Sunday with a start time of 1:05pm.  Both teams head to the home of the Jackals for the second game on Monday.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

L.I. DUCKS ~ Barnstormers Take First Game of Weekend Series

From the desk of:  Waddling Through Brooklyn

LONG ISLAND DUCKS:  Lose wild 7-6 game to Lancaster.  Will try and even series tonight.

Hoping to turn things around after a bad road trip, the Ducks took both games from the Camden River Sharks this past Wednesday and Thursday upon returning to Bethpage Park.  Last night was a different story in the opening game of a Memorial Day Weekend series against the visiting Lancaster Barnstormers. 

There Was Something In The Air Last Night...FERNANDO!

If you don't get that reference..., don't ask. 

But there was something in the air last night out in Long Island; a Fernando Seguignol blast high and far into the Long Island dusk.

Falling behind early kept the Long Islanders just out of reach all night.  After jumping out to a quick
4-0 lead in the first inning with three of those runs coming on Fernando's home run, a three run inside-the park home run by Lancaster's Gilberto Mejia in the seventh inning proved too much for the Ducks to overcome.  As a result, last night's 7-6 loss kept the Ducks a full game behind South Maryland in the Liberty Division first half standings.  Ruddy Lugo took the loss.  Javier Colina upped his batting average to .375.

Both Ray Navarrete and Javier Colina were hit by pitches.

South Maryland defeated Camden last night to stay a game ahead of Long Island.  The Ducks' quick taste of first place again was fleeting.  Camden and S. Maryland will square off again tonight as will the Ducks and Lancaster.

Lancaster Barnstormers
(SP - Matt Wright)
(SP - Mike Loree)
From ~ The Bethpage Pond


NEWARK BEARS ~ Will Try and Win First Game Saturday

From the desk of:  GROWLING IN BROOKLYN

NEWARK BEARS:  Suffer First Two Tough Losses To Open Season In Front Of Brick City Crowds.

The Rockland Boulders got an early start on writing some team history for themselves by winning their first two games in their inaugural season defeating the Newark Bears in games one and two of the Can/Am Season. 

Newark on the other hand, sadly lost their Home Opener Thursday in front of 3,963 fans in attendance and wound up dropping their first two games as new members of the Can/Am League.

Thursday's game was tied at five runs apiece after nine innings.  Fans were treated to free baseball on the very first day.  But Rockland pounded out 6 runs in the 10th inning ending the Bears afternoon. Swinging a good bat for the Bears, Danny Santiesteban had three hits.  Tim Raines Jr was 0 for 4 and Todd Gossage was 0 for 4 on the day also.  Pitcher Anthony Pluta took the loss in relief.
FINAL:  Rockland 11;  Bears 5  ~  10 inn.
Newark Bears version
Rockland Boulders version

In Friday's game, the Rockland Boulders used the long ball to down the Bears again. 
Jeff Toth had a home run and three RBI for the Bears in defeat.  Batting third, Tim Raines Jr. went
0 for 3 and Todd Gossage was 1 for 3 in the sixth spot.  Pitcher Jacob Wild took the loss.
FINAL:  Rockland 4;  Bears 3
Newark Bears Version
Rockland Boulders Version

NEXT GAME:  Saturday, May 28, 2011
Game Three


Friday, May 27, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Meet The New Boss; Same As The Old Boss

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Money Changes Everything; Sometimes.  But I Still Think the Clock is Ticking on the Wilpons.

I remember saying in a previous post that Fred Wilpon would indeed find someone to fork over a $200 million dollar check and expect nothing in return for buying part ownership in the Mets.  I think the phrase I used was, "There's a sucker born everyday".

But clearly David Einhorn is no sucker (or a schmuck...if you will).  He blew the lid off Lehman Brothers' problematic math theories and put them out of business as a result.  He is very outspoken regarding Microsoft's management, of which he owns multi-millions shares in the company.  He's a savvy hedge-fund manager.  And, oh yea..., there's the almost $700,000 he won playing in the World Series of Poker.  Poker - (sigh).  But he gave a lot of that money to charity.  So, he has something going for him; I guess.  And have no fear, in the absence of better sense, there's always money!  Money changes everything.

He's a childhood Mets fan too.  So there's a passion factor there which I guess is a good thing for us fans, but which flies in the face of Fred Wilpon's devotion to the Dodgers (in a totally irrelevant jab at Fred).  But he comes on board with no rights; privileges; managing authority, operating input, or decision making clout in the grand scheme of the Mets.  All those responsibilities still rests in the hands of Fred and more frighteningly, Jeff Wilpon.  Will he have an opinion and be able to express it internally?  I would assume that.  But externally?  I'm not sure sure if we'll be getting many public comments from him.

But I have to know where David Einhorn and Jeff Wilpon get placed on the totem pole now.  If there's only one more corner office with a view left, versus the office with no windows, who gets it?  Jeff is a legacy; nepotism got him his position.  He's the current day-time manager of Mets-R-Us.  David is a principled shareholder now and is self made (eh hem! Jeff).  But they keep saying the Wilpons are still in control of operations.  And sometimes, especially in the Mets' case, it's good to be the owner's son.  But bad for us as has been proven.

If Nelson Doubleday likened Lil Jeff to (Egyptian) Pharaoh on his way out the door back in 2003, compounded by Jeff demonstrating what a failure he's been as a Baseball Man Trainee over the years (by the way, predicted by Nelson Doubleday), I want to know who exactly will be calling who Mister Einhorn or Mister Little Pon in the hallways or at the coffee maker?  What's probably closest to the truth is they'll hardly ever be in the same building together.  Fred Wilpon doesn't want a so-called partner.  Hell, after getting a suite, I don't think Fred even wants to give him an official title.  Fred just wants the money.  And incidentally, Einhorn has more of it just in case Fred might need to relinquish a few more percentages of team ownership for some unforeseen  reason.

Because honestly, I don't see what the hell $200 million dollars is going to do for this team.  They have a loan they need to repay MLB.  Some of that money is for debt on the park.  The rest I guess is to pay operating costs for the very near future.  So all Fred Wilpon is doing is recouping the $70 million he expects to lose this season (per SI article) with Eichorns' cash infusion; pay some bills, and break even for the season.  In a round-about way, that's generally the plan.  It might last him two years.  But the Mets have already made it known they're cutting payroll moving forward.  This $200 million doesn't change that.  Because it's not paying for Jose Reyes either.

But Picard is still that piano in the sky looking to fall on the Wilpons any day now.  Considering how much it cost to buy the Mets in 1980, Wilpon is still sitting on a fortune Picard is salivating to have liquidated.  We just might be seeing, not the legal system at work here, but good ol' Capitalism in the works.  After buying low by today's standards, Wilpon may be forced to sell high.  Eichorn on the other hand looks ready to pounce on a low-offering block purchase of shares in the Mets Company and maybe looking to seize an fortuitous opportunity.

Time will take care of that.  But should this deal get finalized, it means we are still shackled at the ankles to the Wilpon's steel ball and the Saul B. Katz Dilemma remains large and as in-charge as ever.  There is no new wrinkle here.  In the Wilpon's view, this is less about Einhorn and him keeping quiet than it is about the Benjamins.

Sandy Alderson really and truly is the only hope we have of getting the newly painted S.S. Wilpon steered away from an impending iceberg.  Sandy Alderson, J.P. Ricciardi and Paul DePodesta have no choice now but to rise to the levels of their reputations for us fan's sakes, and deliver a consistent playoff contender to Flushing.  Because the head of this organization appears as if he's hunkering down for a long fight even knowing his fan base would rather see him leave quietly in the night.

But Fred Wilpon was seeking a partner that would remain as silent as a mouse.  And David Einhorn appears "excited" to do just that.  But why?  A second assumption I'm willing to make is that David will get first rights to the Wilpon's and Katz' shares should they still need to sell their portions of the teams in the near or distant future.  And maybe, just maybe, he's savvy enough to realize they are in deep trouble; more so than we can understand; and could very well be hoping to backdoor himself into a majority stake in the Mets.

I do think he'll make a modest return on his $200 million in time.  All Baseball owners do.  So I don't think for a second his principle investment is in jeopardy.  And honestly, I don't think he cares.  He owns part of the Mets and he was willing to fork over enough cash to be able to say that.  And if I were a fan, like I am, and had $200 million laying around collecting dust, I'd probably look to buy a piece of the Mets also and be damned with thoughts of any capital gains.  However, I might be compelled to bound and gag Jeff and hide him in a utility closet.

In the press conference, Eichorn told us absolutely nothing which is good news.  The first thing I got out of the introductory conference call was that he's in no threat of falling victim to his own lack of semantics and inability to manipulate the English language.  He seems quite adept at speaking his mind very well.  Speaking and still saying nothing is an art.  The bad news is that we don't know what kind of deal he and Fred Wilpon are still trying to hammer out.  Fred Wilpon has been adamant about retaining his majority stake in the Mets in the Wilpon family.  But even Fred will have to cede certain somethings to get this deal done because where else will he find a willing and partner content with being silent?  And besides, we know Selig will give his blessings.

They say there were multiple interested parties, but they all probably had their own ideas contrary to the Wilpon's plan.  For instance, Eddie Kranepool was leading a group who made their fortunes in the same Investments Industry manner Eichorn did, but they were lobbying for a full 50/50 partnership; as were other groups.  SNY would surely have been a matter of contention regarding any agreement to invest that much money into the Mets.  But again, Einhorn in his own words says he's very comfortable with the deal he is still negotiating with Mets and wants no part of a TV station.  So my third assumption is there is definitely something worthwhile in the works that would compel David to make this investment than just being a fan with money and an opportunity.  Besides Fred Wilpon never had any kind of luck before.  Why should the perfect buyer fall out of the sky and into his lap now?

Here's a possible answer (because what I know is NOTHING).  Other perspective buyers were offering their opinions and ideas regarding buying into the Mets to the Media and the public.  David Einhorn is someone we never heard about till less that 72 hours ago.  Here's another reach for answers on my part.  With Madoff in jail, the Wilpons need another stock market guru to invest money so they can continue their cancerous way of borrowing against earnings.  Don't forget, what Madoff was doing with Wilpon's money was one thing.  What Mr. Wilpon was using it for and how he was using it is another issue entirely.

What we learned about Mr. Wilpon is that he didn't operate this team based on ticket sales; MLB properties revenue; TV/Radio rights, or SNY.  After having to cut Nelson Doubleday his check for half the team and then taking on the debt of a new park, Fred Wilpon relied on Bernie Madoff like a seeing-eye dog to pay his way through a precarious decade thanks to steady returns.  This is a good a time as any for a good laugh over Bobby Bonilla's deal but then everything else is legal mumbo-jumbo.

So where exactly does David Einhorn fit into The New SAUL B. KATZ DILEMMA?  He hasn't forked over a check yet.  There's still time for David get scared of this deal and being subservient to the WILPONS.  Yeeesh!  So you see, there has to be something more to this.

Oh yea...,  exactly what percentage of the team does $200 million get you?  Surely not 49% right?  Nah!  Even with debt, 35% maybe?  A third of the team?  David Einhorn said we'll find out in a month.  But for now, this was a good way to get some heat off Fred over his latest Media snafus.

Today, there is nothing to indicate the Age of Wilponianism has finally ended; not by a long shot.  There is only one alteration to the current situation.  The Saul B. Katz Dilemma now also becomes
David Einhorn's Dilemma as well.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Gee Still Good As Gold

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Dillon Gee and Bad Weather Too Much For Cubbies.

Game Two; Series @ Chicago Cubs

It wasn't exactly the most artful display of pitching.  Considering the weather, it was damn good though.  Guys like Jack Morris and David Wells carved out careers on high-support starts like this.  So, on  a cold, dank, windy, and at times down right rainy night in Wrigley, Dillon Gee pitched to the scoreboard.  He gave up four quick runs in the first inning, then gathered his bearings and went to work.  And the Mets responded by giving him back a lead.  Gee held on to it through the sixth inning.  He didn't give up a hit from the 3rd through the 6th inning.

Dillon Gee's Line Before Rain Delay:
6 - innings pitched
77 - pitches/ 46 -  strikes
4 - hits
4 - earned runs
2 - walks
4 - strikeouts

I'm not about to anoint Dillon Gee as the new Mets' stopper; you know, the guy who stops losing streaks.  But he certainly has filled that role.  But let's just keep this to ourselves before we blow this too, shall we?.  Truth is, he's come up from Buffalo and has done everything the Mets could have a right to expect and more.  Take it a step farther?  OK, the kid has been down right stellar.  And he's been like this since last year's call up.

It's a kid like Gee, and others, that believe it or not, make the season more enjoyable to watch than I might let on.  The different and young players are very refreshing and the Mets are in desperate need of more.

Dillon was 3-0 coming into tonight's game.  When the rain started to come down at 10:07pm and stopped the game, Gee was in possession of a winning chip to cash in just in case the now official game didn't resume.  Up until that point, the Mets cranked out 12 hits and 7 runs.  Every Met in the line-up had a hit with the exception of Dillon Gee.

Within forty minutes of the tarp being placed on the field, it was announced the game was a rain shortened final.  Dillon Gee has now won his Fourth game since being called up from Buffalo.  He is now 6-2 in his MLB rookie days.

Skid stopped.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rockland Boulders
(SP - Bobby Blevins)
(SP - Jesse Estrada)

From Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium


It's Game One in a Season Critical to the Future of Baseball in Newark.
After playing in the Atlantic League for 12 years, the Newark Bears open up their first campaign as members of the Canadian-American League of Baseball.  Their inaugural opponent will be a team also brand new to the league.  The Rockland Boulders from Ramapo, New York are an expansion organization and are officially open for business with a brand new park.

The Rockland Boulders are managed by former MLB pitcher, Dave LaPoint.  They've had a good pre-season.  In the first exhibition game in their history, they defeated the New York Federals.  The Boulders also defeated the Newark Bears both times they met for practice games.   Rockland will have to wait till June 16th however, to open up their new 4,300 seat stadium; Provident Bank Park.   They start the season by playing their first five series on the road.

The first thing different Bears' fans used to the Atlantic League will notice about the Can/Am League are the new Bears' start times. Thursday's Opening Day game starts at 11:00am. Some weekday games will start at 5:35pm. And some will start at the more traditional 7:05pm time.

The Newark Bear's returning General Manager is former MLB pitcher, Mike Torrez.  Tim Raines also returns as manager of the club with Ron Karkovice and 2011 appointment Jim Leyritz as his coaches.  Jim Leyritz played briefly for the Bears in 2001.  He'll be the team's pitching coach.

There will be three less players on the Bears roster to manage and coach this season.  Can/Am rosters are limited to 22 players versus the customary 25 player rosters.  It's just another aspect of the cost-cutting moves the Bears have had to undertake this season and why they're switching leagues.

There's a pair of Newark players you should keep in mind.  Tim Raines Jr. and Todd Gossage, the offspring of two former MLB greats, will be playing for the Bears this season.  Todd will be twenty-seven years old this season.  Tim Raines Jr. will be thirty-two in August.

The Bears will sport new uniforms this season.  Their home duds will be solid white with no pinstripes or piping. The navy blue N insignia will appear over the left chest.  A red number will be set on the right side of their uniform jersey but placed lower than the N.  The red, white, and blue uniform style is a tribute to our American Troops.  The team announced they would revert to their pinstriped home uniform when our Troops come home.

And now, I wish the new Front Office of the Bears much luck and success at the gate this season.  I hope the changes they've made entering this season start getting things turned around and headed in the right direction for the organization.  I'll be attending some games to lend my occasional support and do my best to keep Newark Bears Baseball a topic of conversation over here in Brooklyn.

Baseball Belongs In Newark.

Play Ball!


The New York Federals are a team comprised of players from the New York State League which maintains a lower-level relationship with the Can/Am League.  They will be a travel team only in order to accomadate an eight-team season schedule.

Check out the Newark Bears new uniforms : HERE.

Notable Team Managers:
Tim Raines ~ Newark
Bill Buckner ~ Brockton
Dave LaPoint ~ Rockland
Click the LINKS for updated rosters as/of May 25, 2011:
Newark Bears Roster
Rockland Boulders Roster

Rockland Boulders Website
Newark Bears Website
Can/Am League Website

Can-Am Preview, Welcome the Newark Bears - by Mike.BTB  -  With particular attention to the reasons why Newark needed to make this switch in Leagues.

Newark Bears; A Baseball City at a Crossroad...Again - by Mike.BTB - Attention to team history.


N.Y. METS ~ Mets Validate Wilpon's Words In Chicago

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  *sigh*

After Daddy Wilpon's Words Went Public, Mets Play Cubs From The Fetal Position.  Tonight's Game Was A New Low For The Franchise, Right After The Owner Set The New Franchise Low Only A Day Prior.

Yea!   ....you son of    ....that Baseball is a funny game isn't it?

Did you watch tonight's Mets game?  I'm sorry.  I did too.

And if you did, and weren't around to watch this team play in 1962, I have a feeling we all got a taste of what those days were like.  Back in '62, they played like this all the time.  These days, they just play like that occasionally.  Tonight, they played like that all night long.  So now on the heals of Fred Wilpon's sentiments becoming known to the public, he's made it impossible to view them as lovable losers (as if we ever did) ever. -  Not with the dollars dropped into this money pit.  These days, instead of rallying behind the Lovable Losers of yore, way before the days when The Saul B. Katz Dilemma regime took over, now we just have a Schmuck and a $h!tte team to laugh at.  Even though the situation with the Mets has gotten far from funny.

That second inning is the reason why heart-burn medication was invented. 

The seventh inning was the reason why I'm glad to be an American.  We have freedom of choice here.  Because if this was State Sponsored Television, I'd have drunk myself into a coma by now.  Thankfully, a TUMS tablet, the TV remote, and I was good to go.  God Bless the Troops!

The Mets?  They're a different story.

Think of them this way - Daddy Met scolded his Boys of Bummer in a manner never undertaken by him before.  It was a good old fashioned rip-job; albeit in an interview for print.  But if you're a man about things (pardon the usage Ladies), you take your constructive criticism in stride and move on.

Well, the Mets had a full 24 hours to move on, - to Chicago.  And after an off-day to contemplate their existence, it was time for Terry's Kids to respond.  Their on-field answer to Poppa Pon's scolding manifested itself in the second and seventh innings against the Cubs Tuesday night in what can only be described as a complete and utter regression by this team.  I'm talking infant; -  I'm talking Pampers!  This was back to 1962 with a pacifier in mouth and rattle in hand. That's as far back as this team can regress because there were no Mets before that, unless you're talking about the 1880's version of the N.Y. Metropolitans; a team by the way, I think can rise from the grave and take two out three from these Flushing Bisons.

In other words, the Mets' first game after learning about their owner's inner disgust was a complete fail just like their owner implied they were.  Almost immediately, the Amazin' Mess seemed willing to validate almost every sentiment their owner might have harbored regarding his team - especially the part when he called them $h!tty.  His Roosevelt Avenue Apathetics kept reinforcing THE PON's now infamous words all night long.

Three official errors among many made; various displays of ineptitude and Carlos Zambrano?  Pinch Hitter?  Two RBI?  Are you kidding me?  But the Cub pitcher turned pinch hitter was merely a skit in a bigger Side-Show with futility on tap throughout the course of this game. 

Instead of this game being played in The Friendly Confines of Wrigley, maybe the old Polo Grounds would have been more apropos for such a spectacle and magnitude of sh!tte the denizens of Chicago were privy to enjoy tonight.  The stench of a cheap Polo Ground cigar would have been more preferable also, just to make the setting for such a bad game more authentic.  Why not pollute all my senses while I'm at it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go suck my thumb while I express some Freudian aggression in my diaper and flip through pages of my 1962 yearbook.  But before I do.....

The Day Manager of METS-R-US; Lil Jeffery, Comes To The Employees' Rescue;  Like an Idiot!
Maybe Fred should take his disgust to the clubhouse and blow off some steam to his player's faces.  There's always the ol' buffet table stand-by.  It may not change anything at this point.  But it will give us all some more good stuff to talk about.  And what the hell, they deserve it for the money some of these players make.  It's about time they face a screaming boss in the face once in a while just like so many fans who pay stupid amounts of dollars do to sit in Citi Field seats.  But I said it yesterday; it's too late for that now.  Fred should have taken different approaches to his team years ago.

But let's just suppose for a second that Pop really does has a plan up his sleeve and that his comments are part of that.  Well, I got news for ya Fred.  You're son is an idiot.  Instead of leaving the team with something to think about along with plenty of food for thought, Lil Jeff rushed in like Boy Blunder and rubbed calamine lotion on the affected players asses like a Head-Nurse at a Poison Ivy M*A*S*H tent.

The Over-Lord of Mets-R-Us expressed displeasure with his business, and his Store Manager; Lil Jeffery at Mets-R-Us, went behind his Pop's back and apologized to the incompetent employees.  That's Ponderous!  Son of Pon should have stood behind his Pop and told the players "He's Right!  You Suck!"  PON the Younger strikes again.  If I was his mom I'd slap him for betraying his Father.

And this is just me speaking here, but I'm glad we played like a bunch of scrubs tonight.  As far as I'm concerned, that old addictive drug called Misguided Hope was making a comeback.  Let this game remind us all that no player currently on the roster is feasibly worth reconstructing a roster around..., again.  Yes, I'm talking about Reyes and Wright.  Beltran is a given.  It's time to go cold turkey.  I get it; they make you feel good.  But how many years are some of you fellow fans going to stay hooked on that narcotic?  C'mon, join me.  This window is closed.  Let go now.  They've officially become good players in a very bad time.  Stop chasing the dream of being CLOSE.  Understand that, and you can conquer the addiction. 

Any non-two year player on this team must be used so secure talent elsewhere.  This constant see-saw, and tease of quasi-consistent, and frustratingly talented players who repeatedly jerk our chain must finally be broken up.  This isn't Strat-o-Matic or Fantasy.  In MLB you have to give to get.

Form your lips and  please speak the Words with me- "Gut It".

There's wins; Good Wins; Bad Wins; and Lucky Wins.  And then there's losses; Some Good; But most losses are usually bad if you look at them as such.  Some losses are down right awful.  That makes tonight's game horrific.  Walter Matthau could have jammed a six-pack down everyone of his kid's throats and the Bad New Bears would still have made us look like....Well, why not use the owner's colorful descriptive again.  You know which one.

Did You Hear The One About...
Sports Illustrated is about to drop the latest piano out of the sky with a Mets logo on it.  The Mets' organization will lose an estimated $70 Million Dollars this season.  Remember, it always gets worse before it gets better.  Look out below.

If MR. MET had a voice, I'd envision him sounding like Mr. Hanky from South Park. 

Hi'dee-Ho Met Fans!


Monday, May 23, 2011

L.I. DUCKS ~ Ray Navarrete Sets New Team Record


LONG ISLAND DUCKS:  Ray Navarrete erupts for two home runs and sets the Ducks' all-time hits mark.

Ray Navarrette is in his sixth season with the Long Island Ducks.  He's struggled mightily to start the season.  And heading into last night's game he was still batting below the .200 line while leading the team in at-bats.  But, Manager Kevin Baez never even considered spelling his veteran.  

Last Friday, May 20th, Ray celebrated his 33rd Birthday.  And last night, he decided to pop some corks to celebrate.  Two Ray Navarrete home runs; one in the first inning to stake Long Island to an early lead, and then his game winning blast in the ninth inning put the whole team in a festive mood.

The three run, game winning home run also happened to be Ray Navarrete's 616th hit as a Long Island Duck.  He is now the Ducks' all-time hits leader.  He surpasses the Ducks' previous hit record set by Justin Davies.

A return to his reliable offensive contributions can go a long way towards getting the Ducks back in first place again.


N.Y. METS ~ Wilpon The Elder Pops Off

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET


HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET  101  ~  Refresher Course:

The SAUL B. KATZ DILEMMA =  Proper Noun; -  alternate name for Fred Wilpon, but also refers to his son Jeff Wilpon; and at times, both together. 
Noun;  1) - the state of existence under sole ownership of the Wilpons.  2) - Saul Katz' partnership with the Wilpons.
Adjective; - used to describe the folly of Wilponianism; the state of constant chaos under sole Wilpon Ownership.

WILPONIANISM = the era within which this team exists in the years after Nelson Doubleday sold his half of the team to Fred Wilpon.  We are currently in Met Year 9 A.D. ~ After Doubleday.

Unlike Carlos Beltran in 2006, Fred Wilpon Decided To Go Down Swinging.

I've been a Met Fan since the last time Tug McGraw, Rusty Staub, and Tom Seaver all played at Shea together.   This team was once Amazin' to me.   Now it's just bizarre.

Wilpon the Elder spoke.  And Fred said what?

The owner who banned newspapers from the clubhouse in 2007 because he didn't want his team reading negative articles, just offered up plenty of new reading material for the team to avoid.  For a guy who shunned controversy at every turn, Fred Wilpon just ran towards the fire.  The New York Metropolitan BBC principle owner did a lot of talking about his team to writer Jeffrey Toobin back in April from his Citi Field suite, and apparently had every intention of letting everyone know what was on his mind.

But what did he say? - Nothing we weren't saying ourselves.  But this comes from an owner for whom this seems a bit out of character.  Fred is a reserved guy.  So this is like having Porn-of-the-Mouth for him.  First, some of Fred Wilpon's comments:

On Reyes ~ "He thinks he's going to get Carl Crawford money...  He's had everything wrong with him.  He won't get it."

On Beltran ~ "We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series.  He's 65 to 70 percent of what he was."

On Wright ~ "Really good kid.  A very good player.  Not a superstar."

On Ike Davis ~ "Good hitter,  ...$h!t team.  Good hitter."

Well, lets' just say I can't wait for the rest of the article to come out because it's fascinating hearing Fred Wilpon speak like this.  Back when Fred Wilpon announced Vince Coleman.., "Will never wear a Mets uniform again!" he got pretty hot about it.  When Doc Gooden tested positive for cocaine the first time, Mr. Wilpon was exceedingly supportive of his pitcher.  Then when Doc Gooden tested positive a second time, Fred Wilpon showed open disgust and effectively banished Gooden from Flushing for a long time.

Fred Wilpon used to complain out loud that he couldn't find his GM when Joe McIlvaine occupied that post, and that Joe didn't return his calls.  And then you'd have to fast-forward to when Fred fired Steve Phillips and Bobby Valentine and tapped into his inner-Leon Hess when he muttered, "I wanna win!" for times he was outwardly expressive.

In thirty years, that's the most we ever got out of Fred Wilpon.  Then the Madoff Scandal broke.  And now today, we were gifted with some very candid comments made by the Mets' embattled owner.

Like I said, Fred Wilpon didn't say anything we weren't already thinking.  Jose Reyes; David Wright; and Ike Davis? - Check, check, and check.  The only question I have regarding his Carlos Beltran assessment is who exactly was Fred calling a schmuck?  Was he talking about himself, or was he calling Omar Minaya a schmuck?  It doesn't really matter because he's right either way.

For the most part, I want to say good for him.  Say what you feel Fred!  We know you care but it's good to say things out loud sometimes. So...., Bravo?

But what's with the timing Dude?  If your current General Manager plans on trading some of these guys because YOU can't afford to retain them, why knock them and disclose your lack of satisfaction with them now?  Number one, - that should have been done years ago when Omar was still here.  Number two, - you just gave teams latitude to stall and skimp on any potential deal.  So based on that alone, I'd have to agree with your assertion that there is indeed a schmuck back in New York.  But again, tell us something we didn't already know Fred.

I get it.  Fred's Empire is in peril and he's frustrated.  Who wouldn't be frustrated?  And what he said didn't exactly cut like a hot knife through butter.  If any of the players mentioned are offended, they need thicker skin then.  David Wright already said there's nothing productive he can say about Fred's comments in light of what he's going through.  It was a good move by David to take that tact.  And hey, sometimes the truth hurts.  All the players are better off leaving this one alone.

This wasn't a George Steinbrenner moment.  That's too strong.  The Boss was different.  I was thinking Leon Hess.  But Fred was always more involved and passionate than Leon was.  To me, this is like a John Mara moment from two years ago when John voiced overt disgust with his team's performance at season's close.  But I don't dare compare the two owners.  There is no comparison.  There is only this moment to speak of.

No one knows yet how the Wilpon's Madoff troubles will end.  Fred Wilpon is now 74 years old and by his own words, owns a $h!t team.  So what are we the fan base supposed to say to that? 

"You're right!" ?

C'mon Fred; - This is all stuff you should have been concerned with in 2008 and yelling at Omar Minaya for instead of having lunch and getting all gonzo with a writer in your Citi Field suite three years later.  It's all in the timimg Dude.  You looked just as bad throwing us all this curve ball today as Carlos Beltran did taking that curve ball in 2006.

Don't get me started about how after Frank Cashen, you fostered in inbred Front Office.  I don't want to have to do that...again!

Welcome to MET YEAR 9 A.D. ~ After Doubleday; The Age of Wilponianism continues.

Today Met Fans, we were treated to something I like to call, The SAUL B. KATZ DILEMMA, ...again!

It just never stops.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

SUBWAY SERIES ~ Bombers Take Game Three

From River Avenue in the Bronx,

NEW YORK - N.L.   vs   NEW YORK - A.L.

New York Yankees Take Rubber Game of Subway Series:

Derek Jeter collected two more hits and drove in two back-breaking runs in the seventh inning.
He is now only 25 hits away from 3,000 for his career.

Bomber Baby Chris Dickerson had a big day going 2 for 3, double; two RBI and one run scored.  Alex Rodriguez went 4 for 5 today.  Curtis Granderson hit his 16th home run of the season.


Yankees  9

Yankees take series two games to one.

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Everybody Off This Train!  We Have A Sick Passenger!

Signal troubles, power outages, complete system failures and sick passengers; - No, not the MTA; I'm talking about the Mets today in Game Three of New York's Subway Series.

Everything was fine. The 7-Train was running along the express tracks for six innings. Then in the seventh, everything derailed for the Mets as they collided with an on coming D-Train just as they were trying to sneak out of 161st Street Station with a 3-1 lead.

A hit-by-pitch;
...an intentional walk;
a 23-hop grass-masher up the middle by Derek Jeter;
...an anti-Ruthian dink hit by ARod;
...And a single by Robinson Cano off a pitch so predictable it was foreseen in the Bible Code,
...only characterize the way this derailment started.  By the time the seventh inning was over, the wreck scene was horrific.  There were Blue and Orange shards of 7-Train everywhere.  The stench in the aftermath of the seventh inning just made the survivors want to puke.

A loss is one thing.  That seventh inning was just what I said; a train wreck.

The Flushing Bisons were as effective holding on to a .500 winning percentage as they were getting out of the seventh inning.  They'll get a day off to collect the pieces and reassemble the wreckage before they head out to the Windy City and start a series with the Cubs.

It started out so well too.

Graffiti - South 11th Street Mural, BKN.