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N.Y. Knicks: Business as Usual at the World's Most Dysfunctional Arena

From the desk of: DUTCH PANTS CAN'T JUMP

Steve Mills and Scott Perry 
Continue Pushing Knicks Up The Mountain

What's sad for me as someone with a blog, much less being a fan since the mid 1970's, is the standard operating procedure put in place twenty years ago which still remains in effect today, by all indications will continue steering the future course of this organization for an unceremonious third straight decade to come.  I could be wrong with regards to what tomorrow holds, but the narrative emanating out of an unyielding MSG to date remains unchanged.  There was that one fleeting moment when Donnie Walsh expertly restored to the Knicks long needed financial flexibility and roster maneuverability.  That is until James Dolan trampled him (and coach D'Antoni) underfoot like some flaming brown paper bag of dog poop left on his front porch.

David Fizdale is merely MSG's latest victim.  I wish him well.  His departure at the very least reconfirms the ongoing dysfunction afflicting the Knicks.  Fizdale marks the twelfth Knicks head coach of this new millennium, and now Mike Miller steps in as unlucky number 13 in the last 19 years.  Players across the league have taken notice of this organization's behavior, and thus rate them low on the NBA's most favored destinations list.  The most recent off-season speaks for itself.  James Dolan is of course the founder of this calamity we call the Knicks.  In turn Steve Mills is his lead executive.  And until Mills is relieved of his duties I do not foresee any relief from this prolonged state of futility.

Meanwhile Scott Perry to me represents the stack of pages reading: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Next thing you know it's your face in the old picture hanging behind the ballroom bar. You've always been caretaker of the world's most dysfunctional arena, Sir.

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PIGSKIN 2019: Week Fourteen

Week Fourteen

Week Seven
Week Eight
Week Nine
Week Ten
Week Eleven
Week #12 Off
Thanksgiving Day
Week #13 Off

Overall Record: 70-74
Schmear of the Week: 5-6
Bagels in the Basket: -7

I picked a hell of a time for a break, huh?

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Dolphins +5 1/2 JETS
The Jets have ensured that every NFL team will have won at least one game this season.  How benevolent of them.  In fact the previously 0-7 Sea Mammals are 3-2 since these teams last played.  Don't expect Le'Veon Bell to get many touches.  Coach Gase never wanted him in the first place and the last thirteen weeks bear that out.  The home crowd is gonna be pissed!

Ravens -6 BILLS
This game puts my theory to the test.  I rank center the fifth most important position in football.  The Ravens have scored over 400 points this season.  They averaged 35 ppg through their first eleven games.  Then they ran into the 49ers and were limited to 20 points.  The Niners are very good; not taking anything away from them.  But last week was the first game the Ravens played without starting center Matt Skura (out for the season).  Despite the greatness of Lamar Jackson, losing their center I believe will begin weighing heavily in Baltimore's planning.  Like the Niners, Buffalo features a very good defense.  Can the Bills hold them to 20 points, or will the Ravens revert back to their 35 ppg average?

PACKERS -13 D.C. Snyders
The good times are over.  Washington will not win three in a row ... not against the Packers; not at Green Bay.

TEXANS -9 1/2 Broncos
If the Texans take care of the ball they'll be fine.  Their best bet is keeping their own defense off the field with ball control.  The Broncos are 1-5 on the road.

Niners +2 1/2 SAINTS
Looking for the Niners defense keeping this close.

BROWNS -9 Bengals
Bengals are still in the driver's seat with regard to the #1 pick.  Why blow it ...

Panthers +3 FALCONS
Teams after getting their head coach fired almost always win their next game.

VIKINGS -13 Lions
The last time these teams met the Vikings defeated the Lions 42-30 at Detroit.  The Lions are losers of five in a row.  Minnesota needs to get back on track after losing last week at Seattle.

BUCS -3 Colts
The Colts early on appeared poised for succeed upon the retirement of Andrew Luck.  Lately not so much.  When you only score 12 points and lose to the Sea Mammals you know you're in trouble.  If the Bucs can manage just one or two keys stops on defense they'll emerge easy victors.  Famous last words ...

Chargers -3 JAGUARS
What use is home field is you sport a -72 point differential?  Good weather for Philip Rivers.

PATRIOTS -3 Chiefs
Here we go again!

Steelers -3 CARDINALS
How can you not root for Duck Hodges!?!?  If the Steelers aren't blitzing the crap out of Kyler Murray, they're doing something wrong.

Titans -3 RAIDERS
The Raiders are just spent, tired, road weary from unfriendly schedule which included a trip across the pond.

Seahawks -1 RAMS
No surprises here.  The Seahawks defeated the Rams by one point at Seattle in week five.  Despite a 7-5 record the Rams have been one of the more disappointing teams in the league.

Eli is back.  And yeah, I think the Giants can cover against the wildly erratic Eagles.

Schmear of the Week
Packers -13

Good luck, and have a happy Football Sunday, everyone!

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Contemplating End of Wilpon Era on Another Metsian Podcast

From the desk of: HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET


with SAM, RICH, and MIKE


100 minutes


On the Potential Sale of the 
New York Mets

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