Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New York Giants: In Defense Of A Championship; Game One

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New York Giants Season Opener
Dallas Cowboys
Opening Pick ~ Tuesday Line:
New York Giants -4

Hey Jerry, We Got Your Glory Hole Right Here!
I can think of no better way to start the 2012 regular season than by playing the team we beat last season to qualify for the playoffs; the Dallas Cowboys.  In the 2011 regular season finale, Jason Pierre Paul's giant hand batted down Dallas' last attempt at defeating the Giants, and in turn, ended the Cowboys season instead.
The rest, as we New Yorkers say while reveling under a Broadway confetti shower, is history.  Jerry Jones might know something about that, as the three Super Bowls Dallas won back in the 90's are all ancient history.  His present reality is the same as the rest of the NFL's.  The New York Giants are defending champions.  And it is high time Jerry Jones got reminded of that.  So put that in your glory hole Jerry!
Why in the State of Texas would he say his team was going to kick Big Blue's ass the next time they met?  What is he.., ignorant?  Doesn't he know by now, Tony Romo will take his team nowhere?  And that serving as General Manager as well as being owner is a colossal mistake?  But there in lies his problem.  Jerry is his own boss.  So why would he question himself?

If you remember, the Cowboys talked a lot of junk last season also.  Prior to their first game together, the Cowboys called Brandon Jacobs a bully.  Jacobs went on to rush for 100 yards against them.  So no, with regards to the days leading up to Opening Night, I guess they haven't learned their lesson yet.
As a matter of fact, I said everything I ever wanted to say about this rivalry last season.

New tight end Martellus Bennett will make his debut as a Giants, as well as a starter.  He is free from Jason Witten's shadow in Dallas.  Tonight, he gets to play for a Super Bowl Champion against his former team.

Let's Go Giants!


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