Friday, September 14, 2012

PIGSKIN 2012: Football Sunday ~ Week Two

Week One Record:   4-10
Overall Record:   4-10
Schmear of the Week:   0-1
Bagels in the Basket:   -9
I had my customary start to the season.  Week One was a resounding fail.  No biggie.  I didn't anticipate Buffalo being that bad.  I warned you I was going to get yet another Browns game wrong.  The Broncos/Steelers game shouldn't surprise me too much.  But I wonder if I am now in year two of over-estimating the Steelers?  Is there such a thing?  Otherwise, I missed some spreads.  And lastly, I do not see myself going out on a limb with the Dolphins ever again.
Lets roll some bagels.
Friday Line; NYDN
 Bucs +7 1/2 (GIANTS)
I foresee a defensive struggle.  Maybe the Bucs have a grass roots effort going on in Tampa after all.  Besides, you know the Giants...  I like the Bucs to cover, especially with the halfie.  Giants win.
WIN; 41-34 Giants
STEELERS -6 (Jets)
In a world of parity, this game should be Pick-Em.  I'm in a bind.  Disregard the Jets history in Pittsburgh.  One of the Jets biggest wins, their only win in Steel City, is still fresh and relevant.  The Steelers are banged up.  But because the Jets still do not have a genuine pass rusher, they still rely on blitz packages.  Big Ben is a bumblin', stumblin', rumblin' fool, who breaks plays and finds the open man.  If this game were set at seven, I'd go the other way.
WIN; 27-10 Steelers
PATRIOTS -13 1/2 (Cardinals)
The Patriots are still about piling up points.  Their defense isn't ready to dictate a game yet.  They are still under reconstruction, but getting better with more experience.
LOSS; 20-18 Cardinals
Vikings -1 (COLTS)
Two dome teams equals no advantage in my eyes.  The Colts are really banged up.  And the Vikes ran the ball well last week.  Why do anything stupid if you're Minnesota?  Ball control should win this game easy.
LOSS; 23-20 Colts
Saints -2 (PANTHERS)
The Panthers lost to Tampa last week while the Saints racked up thirty-two points against the Redskins.  This seems like a natural, doesn't it?
LOSS; 35-27 Panthers
BILLS -3 (Chiefs)
The Bills get another week to show me they matter.  The obligatory three point line for the home team doesn't say much.
WIN; 35-17 Bills
Ravens +2 (EAGLES)
See Steelers/Jets.  In the world of parity, who knows...?  The Ravens are practiced at stopping Michael Vick.  That doesn't mean he won't run wild though.  Philly is in a bind.  How desperate are they?  Their owner is on the verge of blowing it up.
WIN; 24-23 Eagles
Raiders -2 1/2 (DOLPHINS)
C'mon, it's the Dolphins.  The Raiders should love the weather too.
LOSS; 35-13 Dolphins
BENGALS -7 (Browns)
I smell a push.  I warn you again - I get Browns games wrong.
PUSH!! 34-27 Bengals
Texans -7 1/2 (JAGUARS)
Last week was just a tune up.  The Texans want to roll this season.
WIN; 27-7 Texans
Cowboys -3 (SEAHAWKS)
Until the Cowboys offer up their first stinker, I'll stick with them.  Dallas managed to beat Seattle in recent meetings while the Giants could not.
LOSS; 27-20 Seahawks
Redskins -3 (RAMS)
If the Rams found it necessary to sign the Jets worst Offensive Lineman; Wayne Hunter; what does that say about the status of the Rams unit?  Washington put up forty points against New Orleans last week.
LOSS; 31-28 Rams
CHARGERS -6 (Titans)
This is another game in which I find six points most enticing.
WIN; 38-10 Chargers
Lions +7 (49ERS)
I like Detroit's defense better than Green Bay's; the 49ers Week One opponent.  I sense a defensive struggle similar to the Giants/Bucs game.  I only like the Lions to cover.  I think San Francisco wins.
LOSS; 27-19 49ers
Broncos +3 (FALCONS)
See Dallas.  Until Peyton Manning and the Broncos give me a reason to go the other way, I'll stick  with the hot hand.
LOSS; 27-21 Falcons
* SCHMEAR of the WEEK:  (0-1)
Saints -2 (PANTHERS)
That's fifteen Bagels in the oven.  The SCHMEAR makes eighteen.
Happy Football Sunday everyone!
Week Two Results:
SCHMEAR of the WEEK:  0-2
BAGELS in the BASKET:  -15

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