Saturday, February 29, 2020

N.Y. Rangers: Big Bucks and Dumb Luck


New York Rangers: The Up and Down Week of Chris Kreider.

I wanted Chris Kreider traded.

Chris is in his eighth season with the Rangers, the present campaign being arguably his best.  However through his first seven seasons I always considered him somewhat of an underachiever.  Jeff Gorton's purge and transformation of the team is proving quite fruitful.  Therefore as a rebuilding club I believed there was yet another appreciable return to be had, potentially another high draft pick.  Instead the parties agree to a seven year contract that pays the veteran left winger roughly $6.5 million per season.  Kreider turns 29-years old in April, which is to say when the deal expires he'll be 36-years old.

With all that being said.  I'm not an enemy of Chris Kreider.  When his head is screwed on right he's a fine player.  There's still every reason to believe the total package is still on the way.

My answer is, yes indeed.  As the careers of Henrik Lundqvist and Marc Staal wind down, Kreider is the blueshirts' torch bearer moving forward.  If this season is indicative of a mature Kreider entering his mental and physical prime, he'll fill the role well.

Friday against the Flyers he blocks a shot resulting in a fractured foot. 

That's just dumb luck.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Squeezing Grapefruit League Baseball with Marc of MetsFansUnited on Another Metsian Podcast

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

For love of Bob Myrick!

with SAM, RICH, and MIKE


77 minutes

Grapefruit League Opening Weekend
Left-Handed Pitching Dilemma
Starters ~ Bullpen 
Three Headed Catcher
JD Davis ~ Dom Smith ~ Brandon Nimmo
Steve Cohen ~ The SNY Cash Cow ~ James Dolan
Jason Bay ~ Lastings Milledge ~ Izzy ~ Jeff Reardon
Dave Cone for Mets HOF?
Happy Birthday Ron Hunt, and so much more!

Yoenis Cespedes vs. Bo Jackson?
Yeah, we went there.


Monday, February 17, 2020

Talking Brooklyn on The Bedford and Sullivan Podcast


Happy President's Day

thirty minutes

Around Brooklyn in Thirty Minutes

ARod, Mad Man Manfred, and Other Great Stuff on Another Metsian Podcast

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

Show Date: 16 February 2020

with SAM, RICH, and MIKE

94 minutes

Mad Man Manfred's Wacky Playoff Proposal  ~  Spring Training Experience
Zack Wheeler vs. Brodie Van Wagenen  ~  Trolling Noah Syndergaard
Rick Porcello  ~  Michael Wacha  ~  Pete Alonso
Mets to Wear #43  ~  Who Is Jerry Girard  ~  Al Lang Stadium
Florida Geography  ~  Things and Stuff  ~  The $57 Million Dollar Question
A-Rod and J-Lo  ~  so much more!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

N.Y. Guardians: The Mad Mad World of Matt McGloin


Guardians     0
Defenders    27

At no point in time did I feel we were gonna be successful out there today ... No point in time did I feel comfortable ... One of the worst games I've ever been a part of  -  Matt McGloin

A noticeably perturbed Matt McGloin and his quarterback coach G.A. Mangus in the second quarter were observed along the sidelines engaged in an animated exchange.  Shortly thereafter on his way back to the locker room McGloin was asked by a sideline reporter what halftime adjustments did the Guardians need to make.  In what was an obvious jab directed at Coach Mangus, New York's quarterback rather defiantly and to an extent disrespectfully exclaimed the entire game plan needed to change.  Also adding (paraphrasing) there's some embarrassing things going on out there for us as an offense!  None of this escaped head coach Kevin Gilbride whom first imparted some words of wisdom upon his quarterback before benching him later in the second half in favor of back-up Marquise Williams.  However, Gilbride says not to overthink the switch since nothing else was working for them.  In any event McGloin is clearly a flustered quarterback whose game continued devolving throughout Saturday's contest.  His lack of composure and accountability were put on full display, both during and after the game.  McGloin's competency moving forward is sure to be brought into question throughout the upcoming work week leading up to game three, and he has only himself to blame.

All that being said the Guardians offense has more problems than a math book.  Through two weeks they're a futile 2/21 on third down conversions.  Therefore it's no wonder the Guardians sustain their first whitewashing of the season.  Playing minus two starting lineman and two receivers New York generated just 137 yards of offense against the D.C. Defenders.  That gives them just 363 total yards from scrimmage through their first two games.  Against the Defenders the Guardians rushed 16 times for 71 yards.  Through two weeks they have now gained just 115 yards on 32 rushing attempts.  And then there's mad Matt McGloin.  He was 8/19 for a mere 44 yards, with no TDs and two rather inexcusable interceptions.  Through two games he is now 23/48 (48%) for 226 yards, with one TD and two interceptions.

The Guardians defense was simply asked to do too much.  With nothing going on offensively they were made to stay on the field too long.  As a result Defenders quarterback Cardale Jones carved them up.  Jones was 23/37 (62%) for 276 yards with two touchdowns and a pick.  Two D.C. receivers topped 90-yards for the game, and two different receivers caught touchdowns.  New York generated no sacks and just two QB hits.  Meanwhile, the Defenders backfield rushed 27 times for 94 yards.  New York has now allowed 100-yards rushing in back to back games and to date have yielded 778 total yards from scrimmage.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

XFL Week Two: N.Y. Guardians Rivalry With D.C. Defenders Awaits

From the desk of: Gotham Gargoyles
Tampa Vipers         3
N.Y. Guardians     23

Yeah, I'm back.  And I'm actually excited about something for a change.  The XFL is also back and I like what I see!  Last weekend was time very well spent.  All four opening day games were quite enjoyable if not down right entertaining.

Emphasizing talent and committing money in the position of quarterback is clearly paying instant dividends.  Otherwise, the XFL in just one week demonstrated at least to this fan a league wide competency worthy of serious attention.

Week One Recap: Opening Day Victory

Tampa amasses almost 400-hundred yards of offense, including 150 yards rushing on 30 attempts.  Yet they manage only three points.  I'm sure having one of their starting offensive lineman ejected for throwing a punch doesn't help.  But the Vipers true undoing is a pair of first-half Aaron Murray INTs, a fourth quarter fumble returned for six, and an otherwise swarming Guardians pass rush.  On first and goal from the Guardians six yard line, Murray lofts an errant pass attempt into the back of the end zone which gets batted and intercepted by safety Andrew Soroh.  Then with 0:41 remaining in the first half and the Vipers threatening once again in Guardians territory, Aaron Murray is picked off by cornerback Bryce Jones at the New York ten.  Three minutes into the fourth quarter, Murray's completion to Nick Truesdell is fumbled and recovered by linebacker Jamar Summers whom returns the ball 13-yards for another New York touchdown.  A third quarter sack causes Murray to fumble but Tampa recovers, if only momentarily.  In all New York records five sacks, with three coming in the fourth quarter.  Safety Wesley Sutton accounts for two, and the guys up front grab up the rest.

On the other side of the ball, Matt McGloin and the Guardians offense is limited to 45 plays from scrimmage versus 74 for Tampa.  They generate just 226 net yards against the Vipers defense, with 16 rushing attempts going for just 44 yards.  McGloin, a former Oakland Raider, goes 15/29 for 182 yards, connecting with Colby Pearson for a touchdown, and rushing for another.  

New York Guardians (1-0)
D.C. Defenders (1-0)

The Guardians defense will no doubt be tested by the Defenders.  Last week D.C. quarterback Cardale Jones threw two touchdown passes, and the Defenders rushed for two more en route to a commanding 31-19 home victory over the Seattle Dragons.  Jones was 16/26 for 235 yards, and was sacked only once.  Last week the Guardians offense sputtered but Matt McGloin made big plays when needed.  This week he must sustain drives in order to keep Cardale Jones off the field.  The Guardians last week had ten possessions against Tampa and punted seven times.  McGloin did well in the way of moving the pocket and throwing on the run, and did not get sacked.  However, at some point the offensive line must ultimately settle in and go about creating daylight for Darius Victor and Tim Cook.

Defenders fans went all out last week in support of their team.  Made for a great watch on the television.  I expect no less from them this week.

Go Guardians..!


Sunday, February 09, 2020

Another Metsian Podcast: Talking Pitchers and Catchers with Gary Mack of MetsMusings

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Unpack the Truck!
Pitchers and Catchers Have Arrived

with SAM, RICH, and MIKE

With Special Guest

74 minutes

Let's Not Make a Deal ~ Grading the Off-Season ~ Spring Training Invitees