Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ATLANTIC LEAGUE Championship Series


September 29, 2010
Game One


Sovereign Bank Stadium
York, Pennsylvania

I'll be following the series on the BLUEFISH Website

The Bridgeport Bluefish was the first Atlantic League team, and game, I ever attended; some eight or nine years ago.  One day I was in dire need of a road trip.  I looked for a place that was sufficiently far enough away from the city to satisfy my need for a good drive and a ballgame.  I remember time being of the essence and deciding upon Bridgeport.  That game started my appreciation for the Atlantic League and it's member teams.  The rest is, as they say, a matter of baseball record.

I am a Newark Bears fan first and a Long Island Ducks fan second.  That goes strictly according to proximity with me in Brooklyn; naturally.  My son, whom accompanies me every so often when the urge strikes has developed a yen for the Somerset Patriots.

I have visited all but two parks/teams at current.  YORK and South Maryland hopefully will get a visit from me next season.  Last season, Lancaster and the Barnstormers provided me with a weekend well spent.

The truth is my whole Atlantic League experience has been enjoyable since day one.

I have a team in my backyard here in Brooklyn, a team in Staten Island and two bigger clubs in the Bronx and Queens.  I frequent them all.  Still, I enjoy leaving the city for a "local game".  The call of the Atlantic League is strong with me; and I listen........, gladly.

Good luck to both
during this year's Championship Series.
"May the Better Team Win"

(Drum roll please....)

is root Root ROOTING for....

(in four)

Good Luck Boys!!

How they got here:
Bridgeport BlueFish defeat South Maryland Blue Crabs
York Revolution defeat Somerset Patriots

A BTB SHOUT goes out to:
Joe Jiannetti of the Bridgeport Bluefish
member of 2001 NYPL Champions
Brooklyn Cyclones
We never forget!

Follow the action ~ You'll have fun.

YORK                4

September 30, 2010
ppd.  rain

October 1, 2010
YORK                  8

York Revolution lead series 2-0

October 2, 2010

York Revolution        5
Bridgeport Bluefish   4
10 innings
Harbor Yard
Bridgeport, Conn.

Atlantic League Champions



NYG ~ Criticize Players, Not Coughlin

Yea, you have every right to be upset Tom. 

I'm not talking about the personal fouls called against us either.  You have every right to be upset when your players do not play to their ability, when they don't play to instruction and execute a plan and when they don't play with discipline.

What the Giants did last week was throw a football with the wrong hand (Eli), tip more passes in the air (All of em...why not!), not run off-tackle like you were told (Jacobs), commit all too obvious penalties (Bradshaw's chop-block), and exercised poor judgement getting some fouls of the personal variety (McKenzie). 

They, the Giants, have Antrel Rolle speaking out loud about the team's lack of leadership.  Former Giant Antonio Pierce echoed the lack of leadership sentiment.  Former Giant Michael Strahan added in his two cents and confirmed the Giants lack leadership.  But if you're not a current player, I take those things with a grain of salt.  Antrel Rolle however has been chirping all season so far.

Do they suffer a lack of leadership?

Like I said after Sunday's game, before I start siding with the players and believing Tom Coughlin has lost his players and his locker room, I hold all these players accountable for the miserable start they're off to.

I've heard the team that won the Super Bowl a few years ago wasn't Jerry Reese's team so much it was Ernie Accorsi's team.  I've heard that maybe Jerry Reese should be part of the conversation being the one who brought many of these current players on board and share in the charges of apathy against this team.

We don't have a lack of leadership.  We suffer a lack of accountability.
In 12 quarters of football played so far this season, the Giants have played exactly 4 good quarters and they did not all come in the same game.  They've been consistently more ponderous than praise worthy thus far.
They are starting to finger point and complain out loud.
There is a lack of comportment by some and sense of entitlement with others.

That's the truth fellas.  Tom Coughlin doesn't need to coach better.
You all need to play better.  All of you should, at some point before Sunday night's game against the Bears, look in the mirror and re-assess yourselves.  Rededicate yourselves towards a team effort.
Come back Sunday prepared to play for your team mates.

Instead of taking cheap shots in the media about Coughlin, or undermining him in the locker room or showing him up on the sidelines, it's time for the uniformed members of this roster to be more professional in their approach, rise up, rally around their coach and get back to playing



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bruce Ratner's Latest Plan for Barclays Center/Atlantic Yards

Stephen Brown of The Brooklyn Paper wrote this article  regarding Bruce Ratner's latest plan for the Atlantic Yards ~ Barclays Center project; (or as some would argue, his lack of a plan).

SHoP Architects/Bruce Ratner

The New Jersey Nets page on
released THESE
renditions also.


Monday, September 27, 2010



1977-present (2012)

ETA ~ 2012-2013 Season

A.B.A. Champions
1974 & 1976

N.B.A. Eastern Conference Champions
2002 & 2003

N.B.A. Division Titles
2002  2003  2004  2006

New Jersey Nets

NBA ~ New Jersey Nets ~ History

Sports Encyclopedia ~ New Jersey Nets

Brooklyn in the Movies

Dee SteakHouse Collection


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three Hands Down, 24 to Go; Vintage Baseball Returns to Brooklyn

Back in Brooklyn; Where Baseball Grew-Up...

The gentlemen from the Vintage Base Ball Association came back to Washington Park this year for a doubleheader featuring the New York Gothams Baseball Club and the Flemington Neshanock Baseball Club.

If you remember last year (2009), The New York Gothams participated in a three team round-robin along with the Brooklyn Atlantics and Newark Eurekas.  And while Brad "Brooklyn" Shaw was on hand representing the Flemington Neshanock BBC, the team itself did not play.  The Flemington Club made their way to Brooklyn this time for a two game match against the returning Gothams.

On the left is Gotham's Rafael "Wickets" Garcia
and on the right is Flemington's 3rd baseman Jon"Hammer" Hepner

That would be Brad "Brooklyn" Shaw on the left.
There's no smiling allowed, remember?

The Neshanock Club was kind enough to pose for a team picture.

The Gotham's John "Stacks" Hyslop on the left;
Matt "Monk" Gebhart on the right.... 

They were absent from last year's team pic. (2009)

Once again these "Jolly-Young" skilled gamesmen graced us with their displays of vintage athletics; being steady at bat, accurate and strong with arm, resolved, quick and swift of feet in the field of play and ever the Gentleman.

Game Action.

"Wickets" at the bat

A developing play at home.

Game Action

In this video please take notice to the fine hand work by the Catcher.  His hands were like magnets.  Think about this/his smoothness without a glove, then take some time to envision how good players were and how excellent the brand of Ball would have been, back 150+ years ago.

Game Action

"Stacks" reminded everyone why third base is referred to as
the Hot Corner.

Closing Ceremonies, Appreciation for those in attendance and a Gentleman's Salute.

And now I'd like to introduce to you the Official of today's match, former Vintage Player and co-author of the vast amount of research done concerning Baseball History
and with particular regard to Brooklyn's Baseball History;
his site is:

He is,
Mr. David Dyte

It's some-what of a sacrifice for these gentlemen to play here in the modern version of Washington Park.  It is after all, a public city park, with a newly installed artificial surface.  These players are accustomed to playing on real dirt and grass surfaces with more conducive dimensions and conditions than this location can afford.
So for my part, I thank you sincerely, as a Baseball Fan and a native Brooklynite passionate about his Borough's role in the game's history..., For coming out and sharing this brand of Baseball, your enthusiasm, not to mention all your hospitality and affable personalities; again, I thank you.

It is my sincerest hope not only to take in a tournament next season, but that you fine gentlemen return to Brooklyn and continue these "Manly Displays" of Base Ball.

"Any Un-Manly Behavior will be made to pay a fine to The House"

No Rounders !
No Rounders !

My original post:
Read about the history of Washington Park in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Federal League and the Brooklyn Tip Tops; concerns about preserving Brooklyn's Baseball History, and pictures capturing last year's visit by the Vintage Base Ball Association's 2009 to the Borough of