Saturday, September 22, 2012

New York Jets: Soul Searching In South Beach

From the desk of:   A BLUE BLOODED GIANTS FAN

NEW YORK JETS: Destination Unknown.

Last seen departing gritty Steel City, the Jets might be flying towards more glamorous Miami, but where are they really headed?  On the one hand, there was a resounding win over the Bills to consider.  On the other hand, there was an underwhelming loss to the Steelers they'd rather forget.  So which team touches down in South Beach for Game Three?  And what exactly does Coach Sparano have in store for his former team?  I'm sure he'd love to punish the Dolphins somehow.  I just don't know what he can devise offensively because I still have no idea who the Jets are.  So I claim ignorance.

Here's a better question.  What are the Jets up to?  I still do not get the gist of what the Jets are doing with Tim Tebow other than using him to disrupt Marc Sanchez.  Poor guy, I incredulously watch him trot off the field after making good passes.  I don't get that.  And I don't think Coach Sparano does either.  To be frank, I think Rex is another who has no clue.  Ditto Mike Tannebaum.  By all appearances on the field, I don't think anyone has come up with a feasible plan to incorporate Tebow into the Jets offense.  And you can blame the owner.  I think Tim Tebow was his call, and now it has the team in a bind.  Even if he didn't instigate this acquisition, what the first two weeks of the season have shown Jets fans, is that Tim Tebow still has no role.

Speaking of lacking, Marc Sanchez didn't have Dustin Keller last week.  And perhaps the down tick in Sanchez' play was a result of Keller's absence and their overall failure to run the ball.  Or maybe not.  But Marc Sanchez will most likely have to go without his tight end again this week.  That's a tall order because Santonio Holmes still hates his quarterback.  Last week's disconnect between the two may have exacerbated the situation.  So whether it's Tebow or Shonn Greene, someone better run the ball to get the Jets going.

Defensively, just hope Bart Scott has as much fight in him to stop Reggie Bush Sunday, as he did for reporter/cellphone photographer Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential.  Already suffering image problems, a situation like that is the last thing the Jets need.  Derrelle Revis will be back this week.  Last week, no Revis, no win.  Coincidence?


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