Sunday, September 30, 2012

New York Giants: Philly Showdown - I

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: Might As Well Play This Game In A School Yard.  Let's Get It On!

Uh.., yeah!  Remember us?  And why would you?  The schedule makers won't let us play at the same time everyone else does.  While we're at it, why even bother playing this game on a football field?  It's Philly - might as well play this game in a school yard.

Despite all the popular talk lately, I for one do not like relying on turnovers to win games.  I don't care how many times Philly has turned over the ball this season.  No - instead of sniffing around for turnovers, Philly/Giants games are usually more a matter of brute force, ignorance, seeing who can  deliver a bigger hit, who can withstand more pain, AND the obligatory freak occurrence.  It doesn't fall short on any Giants fan to know the damnedest things happen when these teams play each other.  So why plan?  But I'll take the turnovers when I can get them.

Last week's win over the Panthers was nice and flashy and all.., but lets get back to basics, shall we?  It is time to play football in the trenches again.  Here's why I think the Giants will win Sunday evening.  Big Blue's defensive line is healthy, and the Eagles offensive line is not.  Michael Vick is one or two big shots away from missing time this season.  Who better to get after him than the Giants?  Four games into the is time they do.

The Giants have had trouble when plays bounce outside.  Otherwise, the Giants have stayed resilient up the middle.  Linval Joseph and Rocky Bernard stabilized Tackle in Chris Canty's absence.  Michael Boley and Jacquian Williams continue to play well together.  If Keith Rivers can ever rejoin Mathias Kiwanuka, Boley, and Williams, what a fine linebacker unit this could be; and depth with Chase Blackburn to spare.  At Safety, Antrell Rolle and Kenny Phillips have been solid.  Rolle's knee should be fine.  And Kenny Phillips is slowly putting together the type of season we've been waiting for.  So if the defense can collectively can keep Michael Vick in the middle of the field, that would create ideal conditions for the pass rushers.  That in turn minimizes the exposure of the Corners.  It's all relative.

The key here is Michael Boley.  As the team's corner backs disintegrate behind him, Boley's responsibility of directing traffic and setting the defense increase exponentially.  At Corner, Corey Webster's hand is in a cast, and Jayron Hosely is out.  Webster will still play, but then again, he's been getting burnt like toast in two of three games.  Prince Amukamara and Michael Coe are still trying to get off the carpet as well.

So it falls back on Michael Boley and his unit to ensure the front seven pose major problems for Michael Vick.  If the G-Men keep Vick contained inside the numbers, and make him wait for something to open up down field, the pass rush will come.  If the Eagles O-Line is as banged up as advertised, the G-Men should be upon Vick quickly.

Why is this game going to come down to a field goal?  The Eagles are going to defend the run a lot better than the Panthers did.  Be sure of that.  So look for a one week down tick in Andre Brown's performance.  Ahmad Bradshaw will play.  He has always bounced back well.  We'll see how he bounces back this game.

As well as the Giants reconfigured Offensive Line has played these last two games, Philly's defensive front line is no joke.  For Sean Locklear, this is like getting thrown into the fire.  He's in, and David Diehl is out.  Some will even argue the O-Line has played better in Diehl's absence.  To that I say show me against the Eagles.  Odds are Eli gets to talk with some of Philly's defensive players up close this Sunday evening.  If recent history repeats itself, Eli might even throw an INT.  He'll be going it without Hakeem Nicks.  But Eli, and the rest of the available receivers should do just enough to squeeze out a close win in Philly.


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