Thursday, September 06, 2012

New York Giants: Game One - Tony Romo Hogties Big Blue Secondary

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Cowboys    24
GIANTS    17

NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS:  Cowboys Strike Texas Tea in East Rutherford.

The Giants left us with much to be desired out of Wednesday's effort.  In defense of their title, they decided to make their season interesting right out of the runway.  I'm not going to get too bent out of shape though.  I always felt Game One is a coin flip anyway.  But if you want a list of topical items to ponder, start with the Secondary.

The real question is, who didn't think they were going to get lit up?  We suspected it, and it happened.  The place smelt like burnt toast after Tony Romo got done with the Giants Secondary.  Corey Webster looked especially crispy  In a word, the Secondary was, terrible.  We've been here before.  However I do not believe this badly.  The ramifications of Aaron Ross' departure are being felt right away.  Michael Coe wound up leaving the game with a leg issue which means the Giants are now three down at right conerback.  Additionally, Tom Coughlin didn't look too pleased with rookie Jayron Hosely.  Antrel Rolle was solid however, making nine solo tackles.

No sacks for Justin Tuck, Osi, or JPP last night.  On the heals of me saying the Giants were hurting at defensive tackle, Rocky Bernard and Linval Joseph provided the Giants with their only two sacks of the game.  Otherwise, outside of a near pick-six interception by Michael Boley, Tony Romo shake and baked his way out of the pocket, and buttered us.

Here's another question.  How long before David Wilson sees meaningful time again?  We know he'll eventually have to rejoin the mix.  But how long will Coach teach his rookie back a lesson? Fumbling the ball on the Dallas twenty-seven yard line, on only your second rush in your first game in the NFL, is no way to start a career son.  Coach Coughlin doesn't take too well to fumbles in the first place.  After coughing up the rock, no more rushes for him.  In light of the Giants cutting D.J. Ware, does Coach give Wilson a fresh start next game?  Or, does Coach Couglin continue teaching the rookie an early, hard, and valuable lesson that will no doubt benefit his career moving forward?  In the past, Tiki Barber and Ahmad Bradshaw both suffered Coach Coughlin's wrath over fumbling.  It would behoove the rookie to not become the next.

Benching Wilson Wednesday night was nothing.  That happens to the best of them.  It is just unfortunate when it happens to rookies; otherwise no different.  In Coach's eyes, it is how David Wilson responds faced with adversity so soon into his NFL career.  Fumbling the ball can be corrected.  Coach will now be testing his character, not his ability.  Jerry Reese is on the hook for that part.

Penalty flags, and non-calls played an interesting part of this game.  The replacement Refs were curious at best.  A preponderance of yellow flags were thrown against Dallas.  After giving the Giants practically a whole field worth of penalty yardage, Big Blue couldn't take advantage.  The stripes also negated a touchdown pass to Victor Cruz with a non-call on clear interference.  Such as life.  Dropped passes by Martellus Bennett and Victor Cruz caused more damage than the Refs did.

How about that Jason Witten playing last night with a compromised spleen?!  Stupid - but what isn't there to admire about that?  His presence alone helped Tony Romo destroy the Secondary.


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