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Brooklyn Nets: 30 Pictures In 30 Days; Barclays Minus 27 Days

From the desk of:   THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

T-Minus Twenty Seven Days
"Protesters Came Out in the Tens and Tens.."
SERIES:  Thirty Pictures In Thirty Days

Groundbreaking Day ~ March 11, 2010
After years of delays and legal wrangling, Groundbreaking Day finally arrived.  Six years after Bruce Ratner announced his intention to move the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, the developer finally got to bask in his long awaited moment of inglorious satisfaction.  But to watch Bruce Ratner speak from the dais was to watch him savoring his finest day.  Even he admitted, for a time the project seemed doomed.  Interestingly, the major groups in opposition to Atlantic Yards expected to attend Groundbreaking Day ceremonies showed up numbering in the tens and tens of people.  That's right - the displeased and protesters alike never showed up to voice their discontent; not en mass anyway.  Pictured above is a rather small and harmless gathering of curious pedestrians and other intrigued passers-by along Sixth Avenue.  Back on Atlantic Avenue, the barricaded sidewalk closest to the tent where ceremonies were to be held was void of any clearly defined or coherent opposition to the project as well.  Meanwhile, inside the white tent pictured below, Bruce Ratner, Jay-Z, Borough President Marty Markowitz, New York City's Mayor and the Governor were all on hand to officially kick off construction on Barclays Center.
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