Sunday, September 09, 2012

New York Jets: Gang Green Routs Buffalo Bills

From the desk of:   A BLUE BLOODED GIANTS FAN

NEW YORK JETS:  Marc Sanchez Soars In Season Opener.

Buffalo   28
JETS      48

Fake Rex: "Yeah well, how 'bout them Jets huh?  I told you we'd be okay.  I mean..., gosh, you guys were killing us.  We had an awful pre-season this - We scored no touchdowns that.  You guys mocked me for keeping plans for Tim Tebow a secret, and all kind'sa stuff.  For weeks now you guys have been running off at the mouth, and printing all kinds of crap about us.  Hey man, I'm cool with that.  I have but one question, "How ya like me now bitches?"

Make me shut up will ya?  At what point in Sunday's game against the Bills did you stop calling the Jets a good team, and start calling Buffalo a horrible team?  I mean really....can the only team that actually plays in New York State please stand up?  This was opening day, and I never put much stock in it.  I do not expect the Jets to continue being this good.  Nor do I expect the Bills to remain this bad.  Take nothing away however, from the Jets effort Sunday.  But.., c'mon.

The secret is out.  The Jets real Tim Tebow has finally been unveiled.  He threw no passes, and rushed five times for eleven yards.  Finally, after much ballyhoo this pre-season, the internal Jets battle between the two headed monster versus a simple pump and head fake was a no contest.  Marc Sanchez was stellar, connecting on three touchdown passes.  Sanchez shovelled one interception in the first quarter that made you want to hit him with a helmet.  Otherwise, Marc Sanchez was very good.  The Jets wound up scoring their highest point total since Marc Sanchez assumed the helm as a rookie.

The big guys up front protected Marc Sanchez today allowing no sacks.  The Offensive Line also opened up enough space for Shonn Greene to rush twenty-seven times for ninety-four yards.  That was good enough I guess.  All told, I'd say the O-Line had themselves a pretty good day.

The Jets had a bit of trouble stopping Buffalo's running game though.  The Bills out rushed the Jets by a considerable sum.  And for the game, Buffalo ran more plays than the Jets.  Doesn't that seem a little odd in a 48-28 game?  Defensive questions will get overshadowed this week because the Offense scored forty-eight point.

This was a good start for Rex Ryan and his Jets.


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