Friday, September 28, 2012

PIGSKIN 2012: Football Sunday - Week Four

Football Sunday
Week Four:

Week Three Record:  5-9
Over All Record:  15-27-1
Schmear of the Week:  1-2
Bagels in the Basket:  -16

* WELCOME BACK REFEREES!!  The League screwed you.
* I want to see Bill Belichick try and grab Ed Hochuli like that.
* Who thought the Saints defense would be this bad?  Don't forget how badly the Giants defense played in their first two weeks of 2007 under Coach Spagnuolo.
* If the Lions lose, I'm jumping off the bandwagon.
* Will the real Bills, Lions, Redskins, and Chargers please stand up?
* I've gotten off to bad starts before and rebounded.  Bring on Week Four!

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Lets roll some Bagels...

Friday Line ~ NYDN
Giants +2 (EAGLES)
Giants fortunes against the Eagles are bound to change.  The Giants won in Philly last season, and are clearly a better road team than they are at home.  Crazy stuff always happens in these games.  It has been that way all my life.  I like the points in a one point game.
PUSH; 19-17 Eagles
49ers -4 (JETS)
I do not necessarily mean to be brutally honest regarding this game.  But I think the Jets are going to get destroyed.
WIN; 34-0 49ers
Patriots -4 (BILLS)
The Bills haven't really revealed themselves yet.  And I'm guessing the Patriots are pissed off.
WIN; 52-28 Patriots
LIONS -5 (Vikings)
I'm still in the belief Detroit is one of the more physical teams in the league.  If they do not beat the Vikings convincingly, they are frauds.  I don't care what Minnesota did to San Francisco last week.
LOSS; 20-13 Vikings
FALCONS -7 (Panthers)
Cam Newton looks like he hasn't mastered the highs and lows of success yet.  He can look elated and despondent in the same game.  The Falcon have been playing on a mission so far.  I'm looking for the to light up the scoreboard.
LOSS; 30-28 Falcons
Chargers +1 (CHIEFS)
The Chiefs are laying a point at home?  This game is screaming upset.  So I listened.
WIN; 37-20 Chargers
TEXANS -12 1/2 (Titans)
I like the Texans big this season.  I'm gonna ride them like a mule.
WIN; 38-14 Texans
Seahawks -2 1/2 (RAMS)
The Seahawks front four absolutely mugged Aaron Rogers last week.  That was about as dominating a performance I think I ever saw from a front four.  What they accomplished was insane.  Momentum carries them through the day.
LOSS; 19-13 Rams
CARDINALS -6 (Dolphins)
The Cards are a surprising 3-0 this season, and are playing at home.  Miami sucks.  I can't pick an upset here.  I just can't see it.
LOSS; 24-21 Cardinals - OT
BRONCOS -6 1/2 (Raiders)
This has more to do with the state of disarray which is the Raiders, than what the Broncos are doing.  Historically, this game always had the home team laying three points.  This is how much Vegas thinks of the Raiders today.
WIN; 37-6 Broncos
Bengals -2 1/2 (JAGUARS)
The Bengals look better than they have over the last two seasons....finally.  The Jaguars are still in the League?
WIN; 27-10 Bengals
PACKERS -7 1/2 (Saints)
It's only a matter of time before New Orleans' defense starts to comprehend what Coach Spags' is preaching.  Just not this week.
LOSS; 28-27 Packers

Redskins +2 1/2 (BUCS)
I do not think the Redskins are that much better than Tampa.  But I do think they are three points better.
WIN; 24-22 Redskins
Bears +3 1/2 (COWBOYS)
Game of the Week.  I have a feeling the Bears defense will befuddle Tony Romo.  I also think the Bears will put up plenty of points against Dallas as well.
WIN; 34-18 Bears

*Schmear of the Week:
Bengals -2 1/2

That's fourteen Bagels into the oven.  The Schmear makes fifteen.  Happy Football Sunday everyone.  May your team run to daylight.

Week Four Record:   8-5-1
Overall Record:   23-32-2
Shmear of the Week:   2-2
Bagels in the Basket:   -11


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