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PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Final Week



Final Week of the 2011 NFL Regular Season

OVERALL RECORD:   113-91-9
SHMEAR of the WEEK:   7-8-1
BAGELS in the BASKET:   +5


Week Sixteen - 8-5-1
Week Fifteen - 7-6-1
Week Twelve - 9-4-0
Week Eleven - 4-6-0
Week Ten - 8-6-0
Week Nine - 10-3-0
Week Eight - 7-5-0
Week Seven - 7-4-1
Week Six - 5-6-1
Week Five - 4-8-0
Week Four - 8-7-0
Week Three - 7-8-0
Week Two - 10-4-1
Week One - 4-7-2

NFC Playoff Picture:

EAST - To Be Determined; Cowboys versus GIANTS
WEST - San Francisco 49ers
NORTH - Green Bay Packers
SOUTH - New Orleans

1) - Detroit Lions
2) - Atlanta Falcons


EAST - New England Patriots
SOUTH - Houston Texans
NORTH - To Be Determined; Baltimore or Pittsburgh
WEST - To Be Determined; Denver or Oakland

1) - Baltimore or Pittsburgh;
2) - New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders

WEEK SEVENTEEN - The Final 2011 Regular Season Big Bagel Roll Out.
(Friday Line - NYDN)

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GIANTS -3 (Cowboys)
All it will take is for one good hit to Tony Romo's hand and his day is toast.  His whole week of practice has been compromised.  That's too much to hang your ten gallon hat on if you're Dallas.  Eli lit up the Cowboys last time and I think he can do it again.  The Giants had a few things go their way last time these teams met.  But the Giants actually seem like they plan on showing up this week; for double-real this time.  If Osi plays and is relatively effective, it will help tremendously.
WIN - 31-14; Giants

Jets +2 (DOLPHINS)
I thought about this one.  I was actually leaning towards the Fins.  And it wouldn't surprise me if the Dolphins pull this out.  But I think Rex will wring just enough fortitude out of his team and put forth a representative effort..., and win.  But it's going to be close; really close.
PUSH - 19-17; Dolphins

EAGLES -8 (Redskins)
The Eagles still have a head coaching job they need to save.  And outside of playing the Giants, the Redskins probably don't like their head coach much, and have run out of reasons to play for him.  The Redskins' hi-lites of the season all came against the Giants.  They'll be no such luck against Philly.  Thanks a lot guys!
WIN - 34-10; Eagles

Bucs +11 1/2 (FALCONS)
This is too many points for a Falcons team that can neither improve nor worsen their seed in the playoffs.  Many Bucs players are already battling for spots on next year's roster.  The points are nice.  But the Bucs lose.
LOSS - 45-24; Falcons

49ers -10 1/2 (RAMS)
Because I think the Niners have strived for balance this season and want to stay as consistent as they possibly can.  I look for them to play a high intensity game to finish the season out with a resounding whoomp.
LOSS - 34-27; 49ers

Bears +1 (VIKINGS)
Because just when it couldn't have gotten any worse for the Vikes, things just got worse.  The Bears?  They still have pride and a defense and a coach they like, but will most likely get fired after the season anyway.  The Bears will try and make a case to keep him with a win.
WIN - 17-13; Bears

Lions -3 1/2 (PACKERS)
I honestly don't think the Packers want to expose any of their key players to the Lions' physicality.  As well they shouldn't.  I don't think the Lions are letting up for a second, and the Packers might with nothing to gain by winning.  I may have liked the Lions regardless.
LOSS - 45-41; Packers

Panthers +8 1/2 (SAINTS)
Because there is a trend breaker around every corner.  Cam and the Cats won't go lying down.  There's always a team to plant a seed of doubt at the end of every one's schedule.  Saints win by the way.
LOSS - 45-17; Saints

Titans -3 (TEXANS)
Because the Texans are now starting to feel the ramifications of all their injuries.  They Titans actually have Wild Card life heading into Sunday.
LOSS - 23-22; Titans

Ravens -2 1/2 (BENGALS)
This just might be the most entertaining game of the week.  I can't see the Ravens, who are tied with PITT for the division lead, laying an egg.  And I've been wrong about them many times this season.  The Steelers are playing the pathetic Browns.  So, I'd think the Ravens want to play with some kind of sense of desperation to improve their playoff
WIN - 24-16; Ravens

Steelers -7 (BROWNS)
See Ravens game.  The Browns?  Big Ben or no Big Ben..., if they can't beat the Browns, the Steelers don't deserve the Division Title.  The defense alone should dominate this game.
LOSS - 13-9; Steelers

Colts +3 1/2 (JAGUARS)
Yep!  It seems too easy to pick the Jags at home.  But they have more problems than a math book also.  You'd think the Colts want to sabotage this game end increase their odds at the number one draft pick.  But we all know that isn't very is it?  Colts win!
LOSS - 19-13; Jaguars

PATRIOTS -11 (Bills)
Points.  The Patriots are all about putting up points.  The state of their defense almost demands it.
WIN - 49-21; Patriots

Chargers +3 (RAIDERS)
The Chargers are going into the Black Hole and will ruin everything.  Misery loves company.  And if the Chargers were destined to have this underachieving season, then they're going to take down the Raiders with them.
WIN - 38-28; Chargers

BRONCOS -3 1/2 (Chiefs)
The Broncos are riding a wave of ACTS.  I'm not that confident with this pick.  Does that mean I just blasphemed?  My Spidey-sense tells me I'm going to get struck down like that priest in The Omen for this one.
LOSS - 7-3; Chiefs

Seahawks +3 (CARDINALS)
For both teams, we have a case of too much too late.  Both teams showed signs of life late in the season.  The Seahawks seem to be the fresher of the two right now.  The species from Seattle will win this Battle of the Birds.
WIN - 30-23; Seahawks


That's sixteen Bagels, and the SHMEAR makes seventeen Bagels headed into the oven.

Happy New Year, and Happy Football Sunday everyone.  And thank you for following my weekly PIGSKIN Picks.


SHMEAR OF THE WEEK:   Win; 8-8-1


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