Saturday, November 12, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Ten



SHMEAR of the WEEK:  4-5
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +2

Oh what a comeback!  After beginning the season 0-5 on the SHMEAR, I've nailed four in a row.  With the SHMEAR weighing in at three BAGELS a pop, they can really sway the Basket.  That's why I do it that way.  More of a challenge.

The BASKET-O-BAGELS Count is now back in black after a few weeks in the red!  I was down by as much as -21 after Week Six.  I've clawed my way into the positive again.  Last week I got cute with the Raiders and got burned.  Otherwise, my Week Nine could have been even better.

But this is no time to get cocky.  There is a full slate of games this week that can launch my Bagels right back into boiling water.  

Let's do this!

WEEK TEN ~ The Big Bagel Roll Out:
(Friday's Line; NYDN)

Giants +3 1/2 (49ERS)
The Niners have beaten the Bengals, Eagles, and the Lions, among their seven wins.  I'm not impressed.  The Giants are getting healthier on defense.  Catch my Game Preview coming soon.
LOSS - 27-20; 49ers

Patriots +1 1/2 (JETS)
The Jets have the Patriots right where they want them.  New England has lost their last two games in a row and their defense is porous.  It's a perfect time for Marc Sanchez and the Jets to drop some bombs on their division foe.  That's why I think Coach Schotty is going to get all geeked up and blow it for the Jets.  When these teams last met in N.E., the Patriots won 30-21.
WIN - 37-16; Patriots

Steelers -3 (BENGALS)
I'm stuck somewhere between too much confidence in the Steelers, and not nearly enough confidence in the Bengals.  This is me taking the safe way out.
WIN - 24-17; Steelers

Broncos +3 (CHIEFS)
I'm not buying into the notion the Chiefs are better than the Broncos like most prognosticators.  Gimmie the points.
WIN - 17-10; Broncos

COLTS +3 (Jaguars)
This is the one!  The Colts will achieve their first victory of the season.  But it's going to be really close.
LOSS - 17-3; Jaguars

Bills +6 (COWBOYS)
...Because this is Dallas' game to blow.  I still have confidence the Cowboys will continue taking themselves out of the picture.  I didn't think the Bills would pick off Marc Sanchez last week and was wrong.  I'm counting on Buffalo picking off Romo.
LOSS - 44-7; Cowboys

Texans -3 (BUCS)
Do I dare call this game a lock?  On the road....maybe not.  But I still Like Houston by better than three points.
WIN - 37-9; Texans

PANTHERS -3 (Titans)
I think Carolina is tougher.  That's it.
LOSS - 30-3; Titans

Redskins +4 (DOLPHINS)
Welcome to this week's Toilet Bowl!  Just playing a hunch here.  This should really be a Pick-Em game.
LOSS - 20-9; Dolphins

Saints PK (Falcons)
I've been wondering what happened to the Falcons this season.  Now that they're starting to surge, I'm taking the Saints on the road?  Yep.
WIN - 26-23; Saints

BEARS -3 (Lions)
The Bears have learned the error of their ways.  They are going with more conventional sets on offense now and it's paying off.  Even though I've been riding the Lions like a mule, I don't think they will beat the Bears twice this season.
WIN - 37-13; Bears

Rams +3 (BROWNS)
...Because now I'm over-compensating for all the times I took the Browns.
WIN - 13-12; Rams

Cards +13 1/2 (EAGLES)
I think the Eagles win.  I'm just looking for the Cards to cover.
WIN - 21-17; Cardinals

Ravens -7 (SEAHAWKS)
This is another spread that makes me scratch my head.  Just being a team in the NFC West alone should set a team back five points.
LOSS - 22-7; Seahawks

Texans -3

This is a big week.  Fourteen BAGELS on the pallet, and the SHMEAR makes seventeen BAGELS heading into Sunday's oven.

Happy Football Sunday everyone!


Week Ten Record:  8-6-0
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  5-5
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +7


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