Friday, September 16, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Two

National Football League ~ Week Two

Overall Record:  4-7-2
Week One record:  4-7-2
Bagels in the Basket:  -8
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  0-1

Nothing about last week is going to change my opinion about some teams.  I accept the bad opening Sunday and will move on smartly.  I was undone last week by the Steelers and their seven turnovers against Baltimore; and two games in which I pushed.  Otherwise I could have been OK.  I'm counting Pushes as a loss against the Basket-O-Bagels.  And c'mon...., who honestly thought the Falcons were going to lose to the Bears?

Let's get on with this.

PIGSKIN ~ Week Two Picks:
(Friday's Line NYDN)

JETS -9 1/2 (Jaguars)
I don't think the Jaguars will be moving the ball like Dallas did against the Jets last week.  And the Jets aren't exactly the Titans either; whom Jacksonville played last week; although the Jets will be sporting their retro-Titans uniform Sunday.  Mark Sanchez and the Offense should have plenty of time and opportunity to work up a ten point lead.  That's why this has the potential to get ugly.  I smell turnovers.

WIN; 32-3 JETS ~ Not only did Sanchez and the Jet Offense have plenty of time,  there were also six interceptions today.  The Jets intercepted the Jags four times; and the Jags intercepted two Jet passes.  I knew I smelled something.

SAINTS -7 (Bears)
I will probably underestimate the Bears all season long.  And this week their best defensive player will be playing with a heavy heart.  Doesn't New Orleans win by more than seven at home?  You would think.

WIN; 30-13 SAINTS ~ You had to go with the Saints at home.  This was a logical choice.

LIONS -8 (Chiefs)
Oh Yeah!  I'm going to ride the Lions like a Harley.  The Chiefs were pathetic against the Bills last week.  As these two teams cross paths Sunday, they will merely wave at each other while speeding in opposite directions.

WIN; 48-13 LIONS ~ Oh Yeah!  ...Like a Hog!

Raiders +3 1/2 (BILLS)
The Bills have to do what they did last week again in order for me to rethink their team.  I'm not buying them yet.  So that can only mean one thing; I'm wrong.  Confession ~ (NY Giants aside) I'm kind of a Raider Fan since the 70's.  I think I always subconsciously pick the Raiders.

WIN; 38-35 BILLS ~ What a sick comeback by the Bills.  But I still covered!  Ha!

Cardinals +4 (REDSKINS)
You know what that line tells me?  It's going to be a one point game.  Take the points.

WIN; 22-21 REDSKINS ~ What did I tell you?  It was a one point game.  Thank you.

Ravens -6 (TITANS)
Give me one good reason to go the other way.   U-huh.

LOSS; 26-13 TITANS ~ What the....?  That's a bad job by the Ravens.  And that's why their game in Week One against the Steelers was a fluke; PITT had seven turnovers.  I picked the Ravens as the SHMEAR of the WEEK too!  Double damn.

STEELERS -14 (Seahawks)
These two weeks have been for the birds. After last week, damn right the Steelers are pissed!  And they're going to take all that out on the Seahawks Sunday.  With the Ravens possibly teeing off on the Titans this week, the Steelers can't afford to get stuck looking up the posterior of a big bad purple bird.  Last week, seven droppings made a mess of the Steelers.  PITT is almost obligated to win big.  Let The Pigeons Loose!

WIN; 24-0 STEELERS ~ And win big they did; shutting out the Seahawks.  I dialed up a blow-out and PITT delivered.

Packers -10 (PANTHERS)
This is tough; but not too tough.  Think long and think wrong.  Defenses are going to be flaky again this week, and Green Bay looked so locked in against the Saints in the season opener.  Do it.

LOSS; 30-23 PACKERS ~ I guess this game was tougher to pick than I thought.

Bucs +3 (VIKINGS)
...Because I have no respect for the Vikings right now.  The Chargers should have demolished the Vikings last week.  We might even be looking at a push-game in the face.  This is the obligatory three point home team line.  Be a rebel.  Take the points.

WIN; 24-20 BUCS ~ Rebel, Rebel...your face is a mess!  Hot Tramp; I love you so!  quote.

Browns -2 (COLTS)
Be advised, I have now embarked on my second consecutive season of getting every Browns game wrong.  Last week I called them a Sleeper.  I stand by that.  The Browns are favored in Indy?  Then there must truly be no real optimistic sentiment the Colts can win at all without Peyton.

WIN; 27-19 BROWNS ~ Well what do ya know?  Cleveland didn't blow it.

Cowboys -3 (49ERS)
Because all they do is beat themselves; and you never can tell when Tony Romo and the Cowboys are going to end a game the right way.  The opportunity is usually there for them to win.; but only if they decide to wrap it up and keep victory safely out of harms way.  It's up to them.  I say they do well against the Niners this week in one of the good games an inconsistent team will play.

PUSH; 27-24 Cowboys ~ Robbed!!!  By a two yard line tackle by the 49ers to save a game winning touchdown in OT.  Dallas went right for the field goal.  FOILED!

Texans -3 (DOLPHINS)
I don't know what the Dolphins were doing last Monday against the Patriots.  Miami is a discombobulated team right now.  The Texans appear to be an easy pick.  Easy picks usually suck in the NFL.

WIN; 32-13 Texans ~ ....But today the easy pick proved right.

PATRIOTS -7 (Chargers)
That's a lot of respect directed Philip Rivers' way.  But I think New England can handle that number.  Ocho Cinco is going to get another up close lesson in the Patriot Way this week.  Some people like to learn their lessons the hard way.

WIN; 35-21 Patriots ~ Turnovers bud...the Chargers killed themselves again.  They can't keep starting seasons like this!

BRONCOS -4 (Bengals)
...Because who knows what the hell the Bengals will do from week to week.  This team ruins everything.  It's not like I like the Broncos, per se.  Maybe the thin air keeps the Bengals beyond four points?

LOSS; 24-22 Broncos ~ Like I said; the Bengals ruin everything.

Eagles -2 1/2 (FALCONS)
Because it's set up that way.  Michael Vick is going back to Georgia and will beat his former team.  Why?  Because somehow, we now live in an age where the Bad Guy is a Cult Hero.  So look out! Bad Guy coming through. ~ Quote; Tony Montana.  But can the Falcons win this game?  Yes, absolutely. There are a few aspects of the Eagles that are over rated.

LOSS; 35-31 ~ Being wrong never felt so good.

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  (0-1)
Ravens -6 (TITANS) ~ LOSS

That's fifteen Bagels; and the SHMEAR makes eighteen Bagels headed for the oven.

Happy Football Sunday folks.  And good luck.


Week Two Record:  10-4-1   *Before Sunday Night Game
Over-All Record:  14-10-3
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  0-2
BAGELS in the BASKET:  -6  (+5 in Week Two; Lost SHMEAR)


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