Friday, November 18, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Eleven



Overall Record:  70-58-5
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  5-5
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +7

After losing my first five SHMEARS of the season, I've gone on to nail five in a row.  If you didn't know, SHMEARS are worth three BAGELS a pop.  All other games are one BAGEL each.  After my Basket-O-Bagels got as low as -21 at one point, my Basket is enjoying time in the positive zone again at +7. 

I knowingly reached on a couple of upsets last week; like the Colts and Panthers.  I knew better, but made the suspect picks anyway.  Live a little.  Nothing ventured; Nothing gained.

In Case You Didn't Know:  The Saints and Packers are only teams with 300+ points scored.  San Francisco has allowed the least points.   The Packers are the only undefeated team.  The Colts are the only winless team.

Week Ten Record:  8-6
Week Nine Record:  10-3
Week Eight Record:  7-5
Week Seven Record:  7-4-1
Week Six Record:  5-6-1
Week Five Record:  4-8
Week Four Record:  8-7
Week Three Record:  7-8
Week Two Record:  10-4-1
Week One Record:  4-7-2

Let's do this.

WEEK ELEVEN ~ The Big Bagel Roll-Out:
(Friday Line; NYDN)

GIANTS -4 (Eagles)
Team Most Desperate for a Win? ...The Jets played already and lost, otherwise, it's the Giants.  They don't want Philly creeping back into the division race.  The Cowboys are only a game behind the G-Men in the standings and will be playing the woeful Redskins. The Giants are also trying to stave-off another "late season" collapse this season as well.  Michael Vick will not play.  But history says, things like that don't matter when it comes to Giants vs Eagles.  These have been mystifying games all my life.
Blog Post:  Eagles II - Fight or Flight
LOSS - 17-10; Eagles

FALCONS -6 (Titans)
The resurgent Dirty Birds hung around with the Saints last week until New Orleans pulled ahead for the win.  Atlanta will take care of the Titans at home.  Tennessee shouldn't be getting overly confident after beating up on Carolina last week.
PUSH - 23-17; Falcons

Bills +2 1/2 (DOLPHINS)
Does someone in Vegas know something I don't?  Did Miami's win over the Skins impress people that much?  The Bills might be a bit over-rated, but they are still a vastly improved team.  I can't say the same about the Fins.
LOSS - 35-8; Dolphins

Bengals +7 (RAVENS)
Ray Lewis isn't playing?  ....Then the Bengals will have opportunities to score.  And maybe that Bengals defense keeps Flacco from taking over the game.
PUSH - 31-24; Ravens

Jaguars +1 (BROWNS)
Truth is...., who knows!  Welcome to this week's Toilet Bowl.  But my anti-Browns stance has been working for me.
LOSS - 14-10; Browns

Raiders -1 1/2 (VIKINGS)
The Vikes can easily ruin the Raiders' day.  But they're not even getting the obligatory 3 point favorite status at home.  That tells me Vegas sniffs an Oakland victory.  The Raiders can amp things up on a given weekend.  They desperately need to win Sunday.  An early lead can take the Vikes out of the game.
WIN - 27-21; Raiders

LIONS -7 (Panthers)
Another Team Desperate for a Win?  The Detroit Lions.  Don't look now but here come the Bears.  If the Lions want to continue their Cinderella season, they need to start winning again after a setback last week against....Da Bears.  There is no winning their division.  The Packers all but wrapped up the NFC North already.  But if the Lions want to remain a viable Wild Card contender, the Panthers are just the right kind of team to get Detroit back in the win column.
WIN - 49-35; Lions

PACKERS -14 (Bucs)
What's the weather supposed to be like in Green Bay this weekend?  Won't matter.
LOSS - 35-26; Packers

Cowboys -7 (REDSKINS)
The Giants could really use some help here.  I staying vigilant.  I'm banking that Tony Romo takes a Texas sized six-shooter to Dallas' season.  But the Skins are dreadful.  Damn!
LOSS - 27-24; OT; Cowboys

49ERS -10 (Cardinals)
This is cutting it real close.  But I don't think the Niners will turn over the ball like Philly did against the Cards last week.  I'm thinking push.  So here's to hoping the score cooperates with odd numbers.
WIN - 23-7; 49ers

RAMS -2 (Seahawks)
I'm giving Coach Spags a late season vote of confidence.  He's having an effect on that team.  Slow and steady will earn him a win Sunday.
LOSS - 24-7; Seahawks

BEARS -3 1/2 (Chargers)
Call of the wild; the Bears are a surging team.  The Chargers have been short circuiting all season. and Phillip Rivers has been a mess.  He plays better when he's hurt.
WIN - 31-20; Bears

Cowboys -7

That's twelve Bagels; and the SHMEAR makes fifteen Bagels headed into the oven.

Happy Football Sunday everyone!


Week Eleven Record:  4-6-2
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  Loss; 5-6 season.
BAGELS in the BASKET:  -7 = Zero/Flat


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