Sunday, December 04, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Thirteen



SHMEAR of the WEEK:  6-6
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +8

WEEK THIRTEEN ~ Big Bagel Roll Out:

Jets -3 (REDSKINS)
Unfortunately for the Jets, the Skins are actually getting their act together on Defense.  This is going to be a tougher task for the Jets than they anticipated.  It will be close, but I think the Jets cover.  But just so you know, I originally picked the Skins and changed over to the Jets.  I lose every time I do that.
WIN - 34-19; Jets

GIANTS +6 1/2 (Packers)
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If you've been following me and deal in actual BAGELS, I'm going with my heart here.  You have been warned.  I'm hoping for a game I know the Giants have in them.  But can they find it within themselves on Sunday?
WIN - 38-35; Packers

Titans +2 (BILLS)
It may be a case of too much too late by the Titans, but the Bills are fading down the stretch.  Heading in opposite directions, these teams will be waving as they pass each other by.
WIN - 23-17; Titans

BEARS -7 (Chiefs)
The Bears caught a really bad break losing Cutler.  I still think they can handle the Chiefs this week with back-up QB Caleb Hanie.
LOSS - 10-3; Chiefs

Raiders +3 (DOLPHINS)
I don't know what the Dolphins think they're up to lately, but the Raiders need to win this game to solidify their lead in the AFC West.  Although injured, I think Oakland's greater need for a win makes the difference.
LOSS - 34-14; Dolphins

STEELERS -7 (Bengals)
This is one of those games where if you think long, you'll think wrong.  Take the obvious.  The Bengals don't beat the good teams.
WIN - 35-17; Steelers

Ravens -6 1/2 (BROWNS)
If they Ravens don't cover this, they should be ashamed of themselves.
WIN - 24-10; Ravens

Falcons -6 1/2 (TEXANS)
Poor Texans; just when things were starting to look really promising for the playoffs..... QB down.  Falcons should take this.
LOSS - 17-10; Texans

Panthers +3 (BUCS)
What a game...huh?  Just look for the Panthers to outscore the Bucs.  What else can you say about this game?
WIN - 38-19; Panthers

Because the Lions best defensive player is a complete knucklehead, Detroit will pay a big price this week as a result.
WIN - 31-17; Saints

VIKINGS -1 1/2 (Broncos)
I'd really like to jump on Tim Tebow's band wagon for this game.  But that non-sense the Broncos are pulling can't last forever.  A QB who can't throw a football has got to be made to look bad at some point....right?  Gee... I really want to take the Broncos though.
LOSS - 35-32; Broncos

Rams +13 (49ERS)
I fully expect San Francisco to win.  But I don't think they'll be going hog-wild on the Rams.  I'm just looking for St. Louis to cover.
LOSS - 26-0; 49ers

Cowboys -4 1/2 (CARDINALS)
If luck is on the Giants' side, the Cardinals will beat the Cowboys.  But left to themselves, the Cowboys should take care of this game.  I'm still waiting for Tony Romo to blow this season for Dallas.
LOSS - 19-13 O.T.; Cardinals

PATRIOTS -20 (Colts)
When was the last time you saw a spread this large?  If the Patriots win every quarter as well they should, they should be able to amass a +20 point lead.  Yea... I can definitely see this.  Coach Belichick and Tom Brady have no qualms with running up scores.
LOSS - 31-14; Patriots

Ravens -6 1/2

That's fourteen BAGELS, and the SHMEAR makes seventeen BAGELS headed into the oven.

Good Luck everyone.  And have a Happy Football Sunday!


Week Thirteen Record:  7-7
Overall Record:  90-75-7
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  Win; 7-6
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +11


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