Saturday, October 22, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Seven

NFL ~ Football Sunday



WEEK SIX - 5-6-1
WEEK FIVE - 4-8-0
WEEK FOUR - 8-7-0
WEEK THREE - 7-8-0
WEEK TWO - 10-4-1
WEEK ONE - 4-7-2

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  0-5  *I forgot to make a Week Six Pick.

BAGELS in the BASKET:  -21
Weekly Games = One Bagel Each
SHMEARs = Three Bagels Each

What do I know..?!  Let's get on with Week Seven's picks.

All UPDATES will appear in italics.

WEEK SEVEN  ~  Big Bagel Roll Out:

*N.Y. Giants - Bye Week - Big Blue Bye-Week Report

Chargers +2 (JETS)
There is only one match-up that matters to me; Mark Sanchez versus Phillip Rivers.  I think Rivers has a better day and Chargers win.
LOSS - 27-21; Jets

Bears -1 (BUCS)  *in London, England
Truth is, I don't like this game.  These two very similar teams will wind up in a grudge match for field position and put on a punting clinic.
WIN - 24-18; Bears

PANTHERS -3 (Redskins)
No Rex Grossman means no win for the Redskins.  It's time for the Skins to fade away.
WIN - 33-20; Panthers

BROWNS -3 (Seahawks)
Welcome to the Week Seven Toilet Bowl.  Who cares.  Of course the Browns get the three points at home.
PUSH - 6-3; Browns

Texans +3 (TITANS)
I smell a push.  The Texans have been floundering a bit lately, but I still think they're a smidge better that the Titans.
WIN - 41-7; Texans

Broncos +1 (DOLPHINS)
Welcome to the Toilet Bowl II.  Miami is one of three remaining teams without a win.  They'll stay that way.
WIN - 18-15; Broncos 

Falcons +3 1/2 (LIONS)
I know I said I would be riding the Lions like a mule this season, but I'm still caught up with waiting for the Falcons to show up this season.
WIN - 23-16; Falcons

RAIDERS -4 1/2 (Chiefs)
Newly acquired Carson Palmer will not start against the Chiefs.  That doesn't mean he won't play.  His arm is ready.  It's just a matter of learning some plays.  I think he'll make his way into the game and actually factor into it.
LOSS - 28-0; Chiefs

Steelers -4 (CARDINALS)
The Steelers are playing like a bunch of sloppy drunks.  If they feel like it, they should beat the Cardinals handily.
WIN - 32-20; Steelers

Rams +13 (COWBOYS)
Jerry Jones wants the Boys to be more aggressive.  Therefore, I'm confident Tony Romo will be turning the ball over time and again against Coach Spag's defense.  Coach Spags knows them too well from his days with the Giants.
LOSS - 34-7; Cowboys

Packers -9 (VIKINGS)
The Vikings have told Donovan McNabb to have a seat.  The Packers will make the Vikings wish they had stayed in bed.
LOSS - 33-27; Packers

SAINTS -14 (Colts)
Who Dat gonna bet against the Saints at home?  The Saints have scored a lot while giving up a ton.  But the Colts won't get much.
WIN - 62-7; Saints

Steelers -4
Broncos +1 make up for Week Six.
Two Wins

Post Game:
Week Seven Record:  7-4-1
Overall Record:  45-44-5
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  2-5   Finally!  My first two wins of the season.

NEW BAGEL COUNT:    -13 eight Bagel improvement.

I have 18 Bagels headed into the oven this week.  This can week can either go horribly for me, or get me headed towards the break even point.  These damn SHMEARS are killing me.

Happy Football Sunday everyone!


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