Friday, October 07, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Five


Overall Record:  29-26-3



* Oh, if the Eagles can just lose again...please!  Gimmie  Gimmie  gimmie.
* Coach Who Needs a Win Most - Coach Reid; Philly.
* Team In Most Desperate Need of Win - Steelers.
* Who Will Be 0-3 on the Road After Week Five?  The J-E-T-S.
* Team That Will Straighten Themselves Out After Week Five?  The J-E-T-S.
* This Week's Toilet Bowl - Colts @ CHIEFS.

WEEK FIVE ~ The Big Bagel Roll Out:
(Friday Line; NYDN)

GIANTS -10 (Seahawks)
No really...Can you give me a reason why the Giants shouldn't be winning this game by more than ten?   My WEEK FIVE Giants Preview
LOSS - 36-25; Seahawks

Jets +9 1/2 (PATRIOTS)
I'm just looking for the Jets to cover this game.  The Jets still have one more week of piling adversity to deal with before better times.  The bigger hole they dig for themselves, the more they'll rally 'round Rex and each other later.  The Pats won't give Marc Sanchez nearly the beating Oakland and Baltimore game him.  But Brady will surely outscore him.  The Patriots give up points; too many you would think for a Belichick team.  So Sanchez will have chances to keep the game reasonable.  But Rex's defense will give up more.
WIN - 30-21; Patriots

Colts -2 1/2 (CHIEFS)
Peyton didn't make the Colts good all by himself.  With this spread, there should be enough there to beat the Chiefs who own the League's worst defense.
LOSS - 28-24; Chiefs

Cardinals +3 (VIKINGS)
...Because I watched the Cardinals score 27 points on the Giants last week and I think very little of the Vikings.  That's why.
LOSS - 34-10; Vikings

Eagles -2 1/2 (BILLS)
Tough call.  Coach Reid and the Eagles are staring a melt down in the face.  And Buffalo has been so damn spunky this season.  The Bills are the last opponent the Eagles need right now.  Not that I care.  Even if they fumble and stumble, I think Philly can pull it out with a field goal.
LOSS - 31-24; Bills

TEXANS -6 (Raiders)
I like the Texans in a blowout at home.  Unlike the game against the Jets, this is a game when Oakland shows how bad they can be.
LOSS - 25-20; Raiders

PANTHERS +6 1/2 (Saints)
I'm looking for the Panthers to cover this game.  The Saints will do enough to win on the road.
WIN - 30-27; Saints

Bengals +2 1/2 (JAGUARS)
Remember what I say; the Bengals ruin everything!  But the Jaguars still haven't proven they can score against anybody.  We know the Bengals can score a few.
WIN - 30-20; Bengals

Titans +3 (STEELERS)
It's not that the Titans are that good.  The Steelers are just stinking up the joint right now.  The Titans are surprising themselves with their start.  The Steelers are surprising themselves with theirs; only the Steelers version is a little more disappointing.  I'd stay away because PITT has to snap out of this sometime.  I don't even like this pick.
LOSS - 38-17; Steelers

Bucs +3 (49ERS)
The Niners stunned everyone last week.  Bu they have been scoring against a reeling Philly team and within their scoring challenged division.  This is a push-game in the making.
LOSS - 48-3; 49ers

BRONCOS +4 (Chargers)
The Chargers have been much less impressive than their record says.  They'll be going from sunny San Diego to thin-air Denver.  I think the Broncos get lucky this week and at least cover.
LOSS - 29-24; Chargers

Packers -6 (FALCONS)
The League's top offense goes against one of the ten worst defenses in the League right now.  You tell me.  And besides, the Falcons still can't get their act together.
WIN - 25-14; Packers

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  (0-4) !
TEXANS -6 (Raiders)

Post Game

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  0-5 !!!
BAGELS in the BASKET:  -19


Have a Happy Football Sunday everyone!


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