Saturday, December 10, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Fourteen



SHMEAR of the WEEK:  7-6
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +1

Weekly Results:

Week Twelve - 9-4-0
Week Eleven - 4-6-2
Week Ten - 8-6-0
Week Nine - 10-3-0
Week Eight - 7-5-0
Week Seven - 7-4-1
Week Six - 5-6-1
Week Five - 4-8-0
Week Four - 8-7-0
Week Three - 7-8-0
Week Two - 10-4-1
Week One - 4-7-2

QUESTION:  Now that Jim Harbaugh's team has clinched the NFC West, how much credit should Mike Singletary be given for the rise of the 49ers?

QUESTION:  What rocket scientist scheduled the Seahawks versus the Rams for a Monday Night Football game?  Over the last two seasons, what about these two teams inspired that epiphany?

WEEK FOURTEEN ~ The Big Bagel Roll-Out:
(Friday Line - NYDN)

Giants +3 (COWBOYS)
This is it!  This is the game I've been counting on for weeks.  No; not necessarily the Giants big chance to save their season.  The time for Tony Romo to ignite another December implosion starts now!
WIN - 37-34; Giants

JETS -10 1/2 (Chiefs)
The Jets' defense should be up to snuff for this one.  And the immediate impact of Rex's guru; Tom Moore; to help out with the offense will swing the door wide open for Schotty's eventual termination; not to mention the opening of many eyes.
WIN - 37-10; Jets

RAVENS -16 (Colts)
Poor Colts; they would have better luck chumming a pool filled with sharks and jumping in wearing Lady Gaga's Meat-Dress.  The Ravens are going to destroy them.
WIN - 24-10; Ravens

Texans +3 (BENGALS)
The Bengals are over due for a colossal disappointment in front of their fans.  They've been a decent story; but one with a horrible ending.  Even without their starting QB, and other injuries, Houston stays strong this week.
WIN - 20-19; Texans

PACKERS -10 (Raiders)
The Raiders have no chance in hell.
WIN - 46-16; Packers

LIONS -10 (Vikings)
All the Lions have to do is just play a decent game against the Vikings and they'll win.  They can't continually shoot themselves in the foot like they've been....can they?  The Vikings are ready for the off-season to begin.
LOSS - 34-28; Lions

Saints -3 1/2 (TITANS)
That's not showing a lot of confidence in the Saints on the road, but it's good enough for me. 
WIN - 22-17; Saints

DOLPHINS -3 (Eagles)
The Eagles have too many knuckle-heads and players untethered to Andy Reid to collectively realize they are all playing for their head coach's job.  When it rains it pours...especially in South Florida.
LOSS - 26-10; Eagles

Patriots -8 (REDSKINS)
See Ravens; - Bill Belichick and Tom Brady smell a tenth win and a strangle hold on the AFC East title.  If anyone knows how to seize the moment, they do.
LOSS - 34-27; Patriots

Falcons -2 1/2 (PANTHERS)
If the Panthers didn't give up so many points, they be interesting.  But the Falcons are playing for their playoff lives.
WIN - 31-23; Falcons

Bucs -2 (JAGUARS)
Welcome to this week's Toilet Bowl.  A two point spread is the only redeeming quality of this game.
LOSS - 41-14; Jaguars

CARDINALS +4 (49ers)
The Cardinals are hot and will catch the 49ers off balance after having cliched the division.
WIN - 21-19; Cardinals

BRONCOS -3 1/2 (Bears)
C'mon..., how do you play against someone when he has god on his side?  And the Bears don't even have a QB to come close.  In the thin air of Denver, the Bears are going to poop themselves out trying to keep up with Tebow.  And the thing is, the few pass attempts he's putting up, are going for big plays.  Ride the wave...Why not?
LOSS - 13-10; Broncos...O.T.

CHARGERS -7 (Bills)
I base this on nothing.  This is more like a battle of the stupid.  Which ever team suffers a moment of clarity first, wins.
WIN - 37-10; Chargers

*SHMEAR of the WEEK:
Patriots -8

 That's fourteen BAGELS, and the SHMEAR makes seventeen BAGELS into the oven.

Have a Happy Football Sunday everyone!  Good Luck.

Week Fourteen Record:  9-5
Overall Record:  99-80-7
SHMEAR of the WEEK:  Loss; 6-8
BAGELS in the BASKET:  +2


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