Saturday, October 15, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Six

NFL ~ Football Sunday


That's right!  My picks have been pigs lately. 

And I haven't picked a SHMEAR of the WEEK right yet.  But hey..., if you kept going the other way, you'd be perfect;  -  Like me.  My Basket-O-Bagels is light!  ....As in starving.  But that's because of the three-Bagel per week SHMEAR.  You'd think I'd let go of a few hang-ups I have with some teams by now?  Nah!  All this Offense-Gone-Wild has made a few games harder to judge than others.  That's all.

But without a doubt, I think Week Six is the hardest week to pick so far.


SHMEAR of the WEEK:  0-5 !!!

BAGELS in the BASKET:  -19

WEEK SIX ~ Big Bagel Roll Out:
(Saturday Line ~ NYDN)

GIANTS -3 (Bills)
I'm terrified.  Game post coming.
PUSH - 27-24; Giants


PACKERS -15 (Rams)
The Rams have only scored 46 points all season; worst in the NFL.  The Packers have scored the most points in the NFL so far this season.  If Aaron Rogers doesn't throw five picks, Green Bay should cover....right?
WIN - 24-3; Packers


STEELERS -12 1/2 (Jaguars)
These cranky, grumpy, old men of Steel City are waking up.  The Jags came within 10 points of the Bengals last week.  IF the Steelers are indeed getting their act together, they'll cover.
LOSS - 17-13; Steelers


Eagles -1 (REDSKINS)
I would love another Philly loss because I don't respect Washington.  And as a Giants Fan, I'll take my chances we beat WASH next time they play.  That's why Philly will win, - Because I was made to suffer.
WIN - 20-13; Eagles

LIONS -4 1/2 (49ers)
I'm still riding the Lions like a mule.  No changes.  I know what S.F. did to the Bucs last week.  I wasn't impressed.  It was the Bucs.
LOSS - 25-19; 49ers


Panthers +4 (FALCONS)
The Falcons are MIA.  What happened to these guys?  I don't even want to pick against them.  But Cam Newton has been insane and apparently, it doesn't matter who he's playing.  Cam Newton is giving all comers fits.
LOSS - 31-17; Falcons


BENGALS -7 (Colts)
Cincy's degree of knuckle-headedness has gone down a bit.  It's temporary.  They almost made the Jags look good last week.
WIN - 27-17; Bengals

RAVENS -7 1/2 (Texans)
The last thing the Texans need is the Ravens right now.  Their bad October is about to get worse.
LOSS - 19-14; Ravens

RAIDERS -7 (Browns)
This is exactly the kind of game I needed to ween myself off the Browns like a filthy habit.
WIN - 24-14; Raiders


PATRIOTS -7 (Cowboys)
What's wrong?  Why isn't this spread larger?
LOSS - 20-16 Patriots


Saints -5 (BUCS)
C'mon...after what the 49ers did to the Bucs last week?  What's not to like about this one?
LOSS - 26-20; Bucs


BEARS -3 (Vikings)
When Bears attack.  I'll take a desperate Chicago team at home.  I just have no respect for the Vikes.  Doesn't this look like a push game?
WIN - 39-10; Bears

**JETS -7 (Dolphins)  Monday Night**
OK Jet Fans, this is the week you start getting better.  This is a slightly different team than last year and needed time to adjust.  You guys caused yourselves a lot of distractions lately.  You were destined to lose that last road trip.  Now it's time to do yourselves a big favor and not look bad against the Fins.  Then you can start talking about more positive things because it's no secret how much everyone loves to talk over there.  The season got worse - now it's time to get better.
WIN - 24-6; Jets



There was no Shmear of the Week:  I forgot.

Happy Football Sunday everyone!


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