Friday, November 25, 2011

PIGSKIN ~ Football Sunday; Week Twelve



SHMEAR of the WEEK:  5-6
BAGELS in the BASKET:  Zero/Flat

WEEK TWELVE ~ The Big Bagel Roll Out:
(Friday Line; NYDN)

Bills +9 (JETS)
I'm actually looking for the Jets to win this game.  I just think Buffalo will cover the nine points.  Buffalo might have gotten exposed and be fading down the stretch, but I think they can still create turnovers against the Jets.  In the Jets case, when it rains, it pours.  Coach Schotty has been getting screamed at from all directions to take the leash of Mark Sanchez.  And if he does, it might prove for a very wacky game.
WIN - 28-24; Jets

Cardinals +3 (RAMS)
Actually, I'm a little miffed by this line.  But I like it.
WIN - 23-20; Cardinals

BENGALS -7 (Browns)
Cleveland is that dreadful and at least the Bengals have been competitive.  They should win this game comfortably...right?
LOSS - 23-20; Bengals

Texans -3 1/2 (JAGUARS)
Even though Matt Schaub is done with an injury, the Texans should be OK versus the Jags with Matt Leinert.  Otherwise, they are in big trouble going forward.  Tough break for Houston.
WIN - 20-13; Texans

Panthers -3 (COLTS)
The Colts are giving up an obscene amount of points.  The Panthers should be at least three points better.  It wouldn't surprise me if the Colts won this game though.  I don't expect them to finish the season without a win.
WIN - 27-19; Panthers

TITANS -3 1/2 (Bucs)
I'd actually stay away from this game.  I am so tempted to change this pick.  The only thing stopping me is the adage - Think Long; Think Wrong.
WIN - 23-17; Titans

FALCONS -9 1/2 (Vikings)
The only thing the Vikings had going for them was Adrian Peterson.  He's out.  Falcons will have their way.
WIN - 24-14; Falcons

Bears +4 (RAIDERS)
Toughest game of the week for me.  For the Bears, losing Jay Cutler is devastating.  They were just starting to get their act together.  But their long time back-up Caleb Hanie is no stranger to the field.  I think the Bears just might be in capable hands.  It's that fourth point that has me torn about this game.  The Raiders get to the QB well and Carson Palmer is an improvement for Oakland.  I thought this might be a three point game.  Thus I'm taking the four with Chicago.
LOSS - 25-20; Raiders

Redskins +4 (SEAHAWKS)
I think both teams are equally bad.  And I don't like the Skins in a cross country trip.  But there's something about that fourth point again that I find alluring.  If the Seahawks were laying the obligatory three as the home team, I might have gone the other way.
WIN - 23-17; Redskins

Patriots -3 1/2 (EAGLES)
Tom Brady will be able to do what Eli Manning almost did to the Eagles last week.  I'm looking for another steady diet of two tight-ends from New England in a high scoring game.
WIN - 38-20; Patriots

CHARGERS -6 (Broncos)
Isn't this the time of season when the Chargers show up just a little too late in order to save their season...again?  And the Tebow-Mania is bound to hit a bump in the road.
LOSS - 16-13 OT; Broncos

STEELERS -10 (Chiefs)
I don't care who the Chiefs picked up on waivers.  It's not helping them.  Steelers in a romp.
LOSS - 13-9; Steelers

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  (5-6)
Cardinals +3

*Monday Night Special*
SAINTS -7 (Giants)
I would love to be wrong.  Defensively the teams are a wash.  Defensively, the Giants have big problems with inexperience at Linebacker and a suddenly MIA pass-rush.  The Saints have scored 313 points to the Giants 228 this season.  We're asking the Giants to go point for point with the Saints and come out with more?  Only if they can control the ball and the clock with the running game.  And we know how that has gone lately.  So I'm letting the math do the talking this week.
WIN - 49-24; Saints

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That's twelve Bagels for Sunday; one for Monday night; and three more for the SHMEAR.  That makes sixteen BAGELS headed into the oven.

Happy Football Sunday everyone!

POST GAME - Sunday Games:

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  Win; 6-6


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