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PIGSKIN 2018: Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen

Week Eleven
Thanksgiving Day
Week Twelve

Week Twelve/Thanksgiving Record:  8-6
Overall Record:  68-83-5
Schmear of the Week:  5-7
Bagels in the Basket:  -28

1st and Ten:
  • Look out Chiefs; Here come the Bolts!  Don't get too excited, though.  See below.
  • Jerry Jones is feasting on Glory Hole after his NFC East leading Dallas Cowboys hogtie Drew Brees and the mighty New Orleans Saints.
  • Leadership?  I believe that was a very calculated tongue lashing issued by Ben Roethlisberger, and it just may work.  Given a second opportunity to play Kansas City, I think Big Ben believes the Steelers would defeat the Chiefs, or the Texans, or Patriots for that matter.
  • Yes, the Patriots, leaders of the perennial AFC Least.  Rex Ryan called wanting to know where all the revisionist historians are hiding.
2nd and Long:
  • I've said it all season: the Chargers are a paper tiger.  Their eight victories have come against teams with a combined 25-51-1 record (BUF, OAK 2x, S.F., CLE, TEN, SEA, ARI); the best of the lot is Seattle, the only team among them presently above par.  Their three losses have come against the Chiefs, Rams and Broncos.  Paper.  Tiger.
  • Richard Sherman returns to Seattle as a member of the Niners.  And ..?
  • Backup quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Chase Daniel suddenly have become two of the most important people in the league.
No Gain:
  • How Marvin Lewis retains his job is beyond me.  He's the head coach and runs the defense.  The Bengals have easily surrendered the most points in the NFL.
  • Kareem Hunt: without knowing the truth as to who knew what, and when, good job by the Chiefs for at least acting with haste.  This situation now indeed becomes a test for the NFL's 31 other members (eh hem! Washington), and their appointed commissioner.  What team dares sign him; we shall see.  Perhaps the precedence is being set as we speak: If an NFL player brings violence upon a woman, expect a permanent league ban.  No more half-stepping for sake of protecting the brand.  It's time for these capitalists to act with absolute conviction and set a clearly defined standard.  Lest we forget being a professional athlete is a privilege, not a right.

Saturday Line ~ NYP

Bears -4 (GIANTS)
I'm sure many Giants fans (including myself) believed entering the season they and the Bears would be on somewhat equal footing.  We see how that worked out.  Although, I find Chicago's opponents during their present five game win streak shy of impressive.  Chicago's Chase Daniel played very effectively on Thanksgiving; didn't think he had it in him.  A pedestrian Giants defense will allow Daniel looking just as good.  Chicago fields the best defense in the NFC.  Despite somewhat better play of late, the Giants offensive line will not stand up against the Bears front seven.  This could get ugly!  #SaveEli
ICYMI: N.Y. Giants: Stop The Madness
Loss; 30-27 Giants

TITANS -8 (Jets)
If the Titans can ever get their helmets out of their posteriors...!  Jets offense = nosedive.  Titans defense should win the day.
Loss; 26-22 Titans

Colts -4 (JAGUARS)
What a waste ...  Jaguars defense is too gassed because the offense can't keep them off the field.  Andrew Luck is gonna eat em up.
Loss; 6-0 Jaguars

Panthers -3 1/2 (BUCS)
The Jekyll and Hyde Panthers ... This game has upset written all over it.  I have little confidence Carolina wins by four on the road.  But I trust the Bucs less.  If they had a clue they'd be dangerous.  In the meantime, they'll find a way to blow this.
Loss; 24-17 Bucs

Ravens +1 1/2 (FALCONS)
Another backup quarterback (Lamar Jackson) doing well for himself ... albeit against bad teams.  But defense travels; edge Baltimore.  Atlanta's defense has been MIA all season.
WIN; 26-16 Ravens

TEXANS -6 (Browns)
Baker Mayfield, meet JJ Watt and Houston's defensive front.  The Texans will win its ninth straight game.  The only question is by how much.
WIN; 29-13 Texans

DOLPHINS -4 (Bills)
Tough call, Buffalo blew the doors off the Jets then defeated a tenderized Jacksonville defense.  But four points tells me Vegas has confidence in Miami, and so do I.  I've been feeding the Sea Mammals all season.  They're a hungry bunch.  They're also 4-1 at Sea World.
PUSH; 21-17 Dolphins

Broncos -5 (BENGALS)
Week to week, the Bengals are easily one of the most difficult teams to gauge.  Now that Jeff Driskell is starting at quarterback, life is much easier.  I was giving up on the Broncos and last week they punished me for it.
WIN; 24-10 Broncos

Rams -10 (LIONS)
With the Saints recent loss, be sure the Rams want to seize home field in the NFC playoffs.
WIN; 30-16 Rams

PACKERS -14 (Cardinals)
I suspect Arizona's ineptness on offense will allow Green Bay to cover this.
Loss; 20-17 Cardinals

Chiefs -14 1/2 (RAIDERS)
No Kareem Hunt ... no problem.  A guy like Andy Reid may want to demonstrate the Chiefs are unified in opposition to their former team mate's actions.  Considering the circumstances, however, the Black Hole may prove to be a dangerous place for Chiefs fans.
Loss; 40-33 Chiefs

PATRIOTS -5 (Vikings)
The Patriots are the Patriots until proven otherwise.  They're 5-0 at home.
WIN; 24-10 Patriots

STEELERS -3 1/2 (Chargers)
I know what I said about the Ravens, that defense travels.  Just to be clear, I meant Baltimore's defense travels.  Following the Chargers lopsided win over the Cardinals is an ideal time for a let down.  I'm not inclined the least bit to pick against the Steelers.  Big Ben ripped into his team, and they liked it.  That makes em a dangerous foe.
Loss; 33-30 Chargers

SEAHAWKS -10 (49ers)
Seahawks are averaging 29.3 points over their last three games against some very good opponents.  They also just happen to be one of the league's best teams against the spread.  With Seattle's Twelfth Man in hot pursuit of Wild Card, the 49ers will be outnumbered.
WIN; 43-16 Seahawks

Schmear of the Week:
Broncos -5

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone!

Post Game:
Week Thirteen Record:  6-7-1
Overall Record:  74-90-6
Schmear of the Week:  6-7
Bagels in the Basket:  -27

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