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PIGSKIN 2018: Week Six

Week Six

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Week Five Record:  2-10-1
Overall Record:  24-39-3
Schmear of the Week:  3-2
Bagels in the Basket:  -17

1st and Ten:
  • The Rams and Chief enter Week Six as the lone remaining undefeated teams.
  • Nine wins may be all it takes to win the NFC East.
2nd and Long:
  • Offensive lineman Ereck Flowers, released by the Giants, is picked up by the Jaguars.  Good luck with that.
No Gain:
  • Odell Beckham's entire career with the Giants.
  • The Giants, period.
  • Aaron Rogers' knee still hurts.
  • You are what you're record says you are.  The Giants - whose new brain-trust believed they had one more playoff run in them - drop to 1-5 this season, and are now 4-18 over the last two seasons.
  • Was Geno Smith trolling Eli Manning on Twitter?
  • Going 2-10-1 last week with my picks.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Colts +2 1/2 (JETS)
The Jets actually have more sacks than people realize, and now Todd Bowles is calling defensive shots again.  That could spell trouble for an ill-protected Andrew Luck.  But don't get too excited.
Gang Green last week beat a Denver Broncos team that isn't playing very well against out-of-division opponents.  And now their secondary is suddenly banged up, and Mr. Butt Wipe is questionable.  Sam Darnold last week completes just ten passes, and three go for touchdowns.  Don't expect that sort of Midas touch two weeks in a row.  The Colts front can get after the quarterback.  The Jets also tend to flop after big wins.  Andrew Luck is still the best quarterback the Jets defense will have faced this season, to date.  My Spidey sense tells me he's gonna carve em up like a pumpkin.
Loss;  42-34 Jets

Cardinals +10 1/2 (VIKINGS)
Although they're clearly heading in the wrong direction, people also forget how good the Cardinals defense can be.  They're feeling better about themselves after finally winning their first game of the season.  I have no doubt Minnesota will win, but I hear the naysayers questioning their ability to protect home field.
WIN; 27-17 Vikings

BROWNS +1 (Chargers)
The mere fact Cleveland beat Baltimore is good enough for me.  Chargers do not impress me.  With no running game, the Chargers are very predictable.  Philip Rivers is forced to do everything, which in turn plays right into the hands of a young gamely Browns defense.  This spread is dead on.  Pick-six?  Brownies by four!
Loss; 38-14 Chargers

Bears -3 (DOLPHINS)
Hurricane Michael didn't threaten the Miami area, but the Chicago Bears will.  Da Bears are second in the league in sacks, while the Sea Mammals are only averaging 288 yards per game.  Ryan Tannehill is playing with a sore shoulder.  Khalil Mack on the other hand is very healthy.
Loss; 31-28 Dolphins

Panthers +1 (D.C. HOGS)
The Panthers shouldn't brag about wins over the Cowboys, Bengals, and Giants.  But the Hogs season has been such a roller coaster ride.  I'll take Carolina's stability, predictability, and the point.
Loss; 23-17 Hogs

BENGALS -2 1/2 (Steelers)
Whatever, man.  I've been over-thinking the Steelers all season.  I also shortchange Cincinnati every chance I get.  Still not comfortable with this pick.  Bengals are running the ball well, which could infringe upon Big Ben's on-field playing time.  Pittsburgh's defense might have something to say about that.  But that's when Dalton beats them over the top, right?  Vegas is practically gifting a field goal.  Lay the points.
Loss; 28-21 Steelers

Bucs +3 1/2 (FALCONS)
I'd like to pick Matt Ryan and the Falcons, but Devonta Freeman is listed as out, and injuries to the defensive line further compromise Atlanta's already terrible defense.  However, Tampa's defense is no better, and arguably worse.  Ryan Fitzpatrick had his fun.  Now Jameis Winston is back in the fold.  He brings a fresh variable to Tampa's game.  Did I already mention how terribly Atlanta's defense is playing?
Loss; 34-29 Falcons

Seahawks -3 (Raiders) *London
I live in Brooklyn, where we have more choices of places to eat and drink - sometimes both at the same time - than actual blades of grass growing in our backyards.  What I can not do here - or anywhere else in New York City for that matter - is sit for a good meal, order a cold draft or glass of wine, AND place a legal sports wager.  I love my city to death, and wear Brooklyn like a red badge of courage, but give credit where it's due.  Those Londoners got it right - fish and chips, ale, and sports wagering, all from your favorite local tavern.  Imagine that.  Marshawn Lynch facing his former team ... doesn't matter.
WIN; 27-3 Seahawks

TEXANS -8 1/2 (Bills)
After a miserable start, the Texans have won two in a row.  Still trying to figure how Bills beat the Vikings and Titans.
Loss; 20-13 Texans

Rams -7 (BRONCOS)
Until the Rams and Broncos prove otherwise.  Rams are 3-1-1 ATS; Broncos are 0-4-1 ATS.
Loss; 23-20 Rams

Jaguars -3 (COWBOYS)
With no receivers to speak of, Cowboys are very predictable.  Jags defense will have their way.  Jacksonville's offense generates on average 100-yards more than Dallas, and sport a +16 DIFF; the Cowboys -13 DIFF.
Loss; 40-7 Cowboys

TITANS +3 (Ravens)
Both teams are 3-2, and coming off losses.  Ravens are playing their fourth road game in six weeks.  That matters.  In what I believe will be a defensive battle, I'm throwing Mariota a bone and siding with the home dog.
Loss; 21-0 Ravens

PATRIOTS -3 1/2 (Chiefs)
The Chiefs last week scored 30-points against Jacksonville's defense.  That's certainly worthy of a mention.  But we all know what happens when Simon Bar Sinister has extra days with which to prepare.  He won't blitz much, not because Pat Mahomes runs well, but more so in an effort to clog up Kareem Hunt.  He's also likely to apply cover-two against Tyreek Hill and force him into playing outside the numbers.  Edelman is back.  Early season allergies previously affecting the Patriots now appear cured.
Loss; 43-40 Patriots

Schmear of the Week:  (3-2)
Bears -3

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday!

Week Six Record:  2-11
Overall Record:  26-50-3
Schmear of the Week:  3-3
Bagels in the Basket:  -29

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