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PIGSKIN 2018: Week Eleven

Week Eleven

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Week Ten Record:  6-6-1
Overall Record:  54-69-5
Schmear of the Week:  5-5
Bagels in the Basket:  -22

1st and Ten:
  • AFC: Patriots; Texans; Steelers; Chiefs.  #1 Wild Card: Chargers
  • NFC: D.C. Hogs; Saints; Bears; Rams.  #1 Wild Card:  Panthers
  • The Oakland Raiders quest to secure the number one overall pick of next year's draft is in high gear; other #1 picks contenders are the Giants, Cardinals, and 49ers.
  • Halle Berry!  Halle Berry!  hut..Hut...HUT!!
  • Can't wait for Thanksgiving Day!

2nd and Long:
  • Second-hand store: Steelers players raid Le'Veon Bell's locker.
  • Second place teams with losing records: Cowboys and Seahawks.
  • Raiders canceled two practices due to continuing California wildfires/quality of air conditions.  My cousin lives within the affected areas; my concern goes out to all.

No Gain:
  • The Jets need this bye-week to lick their wounds.  Last week's 41-10 embarrassment against the Bills will likely get Todd Bowles fired ... eventually.  I've tried defending him over the past two seasons, although even I can admit much of which transpired last week (especially at home) can be directly attributable to the head coach himself.  However, I would look to upgrade both coordinators first (namely Jeremy Bates) and bring in a reputed quarterback coach for sake of developing Sam Darnold in a manner unlike Todd Bowles can.  Despite Darnold's own foot injury, he seems to be falling victim more so to other injuries occurring around him.  Therefore, not until general manager Mike Maccagnan empties out his war chest and spends money on some premium players should Todd Bowles be held largely responsible for the Jets overwhelming failures.  Give him back some talent.  It was the front office whom stripped down an 11-5 team after the 2015 season, not Todd Bowles.
  • Is it coincidence that the Giants, Packers, (and Ravens), have absurd amounts of their respective salary caps devoted to quarterbacks, meanwhile everything else is collapsing around them (if it hasn't already)?  The Falcons are arguably making the same mistake, as well.  And isn't this precisely what the Steelers are trying to avoid where it concerns Le'Veon Bell?  Young QB's come cheaply.  In turn, that money gets spent elsewhere.  Tom Brady has always worked out deals with the Patriots for sake of greater quality cast turnover.  How has that worked out for them?

  • Le'Veon Bell's 2018 season.  I respect his reasoning.  He's quite literally putting his money where his mouth is.
  • Do I hear Cheese-Heads calling for Mike McCarthy's job?
  • !Ay Caramba! A recent Shakira concert held at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City rendered the playing field unfit for Monday Night's scheduled Chiefs/Rams showdown - since moved back to Los Angeles.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

GIANTS -2 (Bucs)
The Giants have more problems than a math book.  And, yes, Eli Manning absolutely deserves his fair share of criticism.  But I still trust him.  You get sacked 32 times in just nine games then tell me how you feel about life.  The Niners only sacked Eli once last week.  Perhaps being able to stay on his feet last week in part allows him to throw three TD passes.  That said, the Niners defense is really bad.  Outside from JPP trying to psych himself up for Sunday's game against his former team, the Buccaneers defense is even worse than Frisco's.  Although Giants victories at this point are self-defeating, Big Blue wins their second straight.
WIN; 38-35 Giants

Panthers -2 1/2 (LIONS)
The Panthers no doubt are looking to bounce from last week's drubbing against the Steelers.  I've been saying all season how they're such a Jekyll and Hyde team, yet they remain in firm control of the Wild Card standings.  They should be trying their darnedest to keep it that way as there may be no catching up with the Saints in the NFC South.  There's a reason the Lions are in last place, and being forced to practice in the snow may be one of them.  Players are looking at Mat Patricia like WTF?  Detroit's fourth straight loss is most certainly on the docket.
Loss; 20-19 Lions

Cowboys +3 (FALCONS)
I suspected a Cowboys win over the Eagles last week, yet still picked against them.  Shame on me.  Look for Dallas to carry their momentum into this clash against the unforeseen hapless Falcons.  Atlanta is still reeling over last week's collapse against the Browns as their defense this season has fallen apart like wet toilet paper.  If they haven't gotten things figured out by now, there's no reason to believe matters will change by Sunday.  Dallas can run, eat clock, and keep Matt Ryan off the field.
WIN; 22-19 Cowboys

Bengals +4 1/2 (RAVENS)
The Ravens defense remains stout, but the team is fading fast.  After starting strong, the Ravens have lost four of their last five games partly because Joe Flacco is playing on a compromised leg, and partly due to a malfunctioning offensive line.  Flacco's availability is presently in question, maybe even in doubt.  The Ravens still rush well, but won't be able to ride the run game all day.  These are prime conditions for a big Bengals win.
WIN; 24-21 Ravens

BEARS -2 1/2 (Vikings)
See Giants: I'll take a home team laying less than three points almost every time.  Vikings can make this as close as they want just as long as they lose by a field goal.  A potential statement game for the Bears.  If there's a killer instinct within them, they can effectively plant their flag atop the NFC North this week.
WIN; 25-20 Bears

Eagles +9 (SAINTS)
Drew Brees and the Saints have put up nearly 100-points over the last two weeks.  I'm just hoping the defending Super Bowl champions play with some pride and cover the spread; nothing more.
Loss; 48-7 Saints

Titans +2 (COLTS)
Knee-jerk opinion alert:  Don't look now, but here comes Tennessee's late season display of promise and competence.  When I shun them, the burn me.  When I show them love, they still burn me.  Thus I'm getting a little tired of their crap.  However, last week's dismantling of the Patriots speaks to me.  Their defense is playing well, just ask Tom Brady.  Andrew Luck's turn to see them close up.
Loss; 38-10 Colts

Texans -2 1/2 (D.C. HOGS)
Houston is undefeated over their last six games, albeit against suspect competition.  Despite their 6-3 mark this season against the spread, my unwavering belief in Washington's inevitable collapse trumps all.  For a first place team, the Hogs only possess a plus-one point differential.  Adrian Peterson means nothing to me.  If the Hogs have problems this week at left tackle as is being reported, expect a bad day getting worse.
Loss; 23-21 Texans

CHARGERS -7 (Broncos)
Seven points is a stretch, but Denver does not match up well.  Chargers are getting it done with defense and a red-hot Philip Rivers.
Loss; 23-22 Chargers

CARDINALS -5 (Raiders)
Raiders players might as well form a picket line and strike.  They've already tuned out John Gruden and effectively shut down on-field operations.  Why go all out and risk potential injury under these conditions?
Loss; 23-21 Raiders

Steelers -5 (JAGUARS)
Highlighted by a woefully inadequate offense, the Jags have lost five in a row.  It's gotten so bad, that Ereck Flowers (HAH!) is scheduled to start at left tackle this week for Jacksonville.  Their defense in turn has been spending way too much time on the field.  Meanwhile, the Steelers are presently in the midst of a five game win streak in which they've averaged 35.4 points per game.  Overall, they've scored the sixth most points in the NFL.
Loss; 20-16 Steelers

Schmear of the Week: (5-5)
Texans -2 1/2

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone!

Post Game
Week Eleven Record:  4-7
Overall Record:  58-76-5
Schmear of the Week:  5-6
Bagels in the Basket:  -28

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