Saturday, September 15, 2018

PIGSKIN 2018: Week Two

Week Two

Week One

Week One Record:  6-6-1
Schmear of the Week:  1-0
Bagels in the Basket:  +2

1st and Ten:
  • What Aaron Rogers did to the Bears last week was just stupid!
  • Sam Darnold on his first ever NFL pass attempt throws a pick-six against the Lions, but then proceeds to throw two TD passes in defeating the Lions by a 31-point margin of victory.
  • Saquon Barkley rushes for 106 yards and a TD in his NFL debut.
  • Bengals Swawn Williams first player ejected this season for illegal hit to the head (on Andrew Luck).
2nd and Long:
  • Aaron Rogers a long-shot to play Week Two.
  • Marcus Mariota enters Week Two dealing with a funky elbow.
No Gain:
  • Chicago Khalil Mack acquisition.
  • John Gruden's first game back.
  • Jerry Jones' continuing futility as GM of the Cowboys.
  • Carolina Panthers owner essentially tells rest of NFL owners to stick-it with their stupid anthem policy, telling them protesting does not make them unpatriotic.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Giants +3 (COWBOYS)
Eli was somewhat off target last week.  I expect him and the offensive cohesiveness to be better.  The Giants are still playing minus Olivier Vernon.  But limiting the Jaguars to 13 offensive points last week is something the Giants defense can build on.  I envision them stuffing the box against Ezekiel Elliot, thus daring Dak Prescott and his pedestrian receivers to beat them.  The Cowboys only scored eight points last week against the Panthers.
Loss; 20-13 Cowboys
Dolphins +3 (JETS)
After last week's high, I expect a Week Two low.  I'm not saying the Dolphins are much better, but the Fish won't play as badly as did the Lions.  The Fish are still on a Week One high as well.  I just sense one of those inexplicable Jets let downs.
Win; 20-12 Dolphins

D.C. HOGS -6 (Colts)
I picked the Bengals last week over the Colts, but lost my Arizona pick over the Hogs.  The Colts offensive line is pathetic.  Andrew Luck sustained big hits in Week One.  I like the Hogs laying points at home.
Loss; 21-9 Colts

Panthers +6 (FALCONS)
Game plan be damned ... with Atlanta playing minus Devonta Freeman, and Carolina's offensive line essentially crippled after Week One, this will devolve into a shoot-out between Ryan and Newton.  In that scenario, I'll take the points.
Loss; 31-24 Falcons

Vikings +2 1/2 (PACKERS)
It's a trap!  Vikings win by nine.
Win; 29-29 TIE

Chargers -7 (BILLS)
West coast; long flight; jet lag; who cares.  It's not snowing in Buffalo yet.  Philip Rivers picks apart the Bills like a Thanksgiving turkey.
Win; 31-20 Chargers

Texans -2 1/2 (TITANS)
While the Titans continue pondering what went wrong last week, the Texans will cruise to easy victory.
Loss; 20-17 Titans

STEELERS -4 (Chiefs)
The Steelers tie the Browns; the Chiefs are better than the Browns; the Chiefs beat the Steelers.  That makes for nice football haiku, but the Steelers win at home out of pure desperation.  Missing Le'Veon Bell wasn't necessarily the reason why PITT came up short last week.  I think Big Ben's elbow (questionable) will be fine.  I'm uncomfortable laying four; one point more and I would have gone the other way.
UPDATE:  Big Ben may not be so fine after all, and may miss Sunday's game.  That changes everything, doesn't it ...  Since I'm my own commissioner, I'll decide what I do about this later.
Loss; 42-37 Chiefs

Eagles -3 (BUCS)
I defy Ryan Fitzpatrick to do that again!  Not against the Eagles defense, he wont.  Not happening, folks.
Loss; 27-21 Bucs

SAINTS -8 (Browns)
Speaking of which, Ryan Fitzpatrick ripped through the Saints defense like wet toilet paper.  They better clean that up fast.  These aren't last year's Browns.  In truth, I'm uncomfortable laying eight points.  Placing my hopes with Drew Brees in the Dome.
Loss; 21-18 Saints

RAMS -12 1/2 (Cardinals)
The Rams are good, but are the Cardinals that bad?  We're going to find out.
Win; 34-0 Rams

49ERS -6 (Lions)
After being tripped-up in Week One, Jimmy G will lead the Niners to their first victory over a hapless Lions team now reportedly dealing with internal turmoil.
Loss; 30-27 Niners

Patriots -1 (Jaguars)
It's just a point ...  I'll take that chance.
Loss; 31-20 Jaguars

Raiders +6 (BRONCOS)
So much for the obligatory home team laying three.  I'll gladly take six.  But will the real Raiders team please stand up.  I know the Raiders caved in the second half of Week One.  But they looked very good in the first half.  I know the Broncos defeated the Seahawks last week ... but I'm a big believer in parity.
Win; 20-19 Broncos

SCHMEAR of the WEEK:  1-0
Vikings +2 1/2

Good luck and have a great Football Sunday, everyone!

Post Game:
Week Two Record:  5-9
Overall Record:  11-14-1
Schmear of the Week:  2-0
Bagels in the Basket:  +1

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