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PIGSKIN 2018: Week Ten

Week Ten

Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight
Week Nine

Week Nine Record:  8-3
Overall Record:  48-63-4
Schmear of the Week:  5-4 
Bagels in the Basket:  -18

1st and Ten:
  • ... and the Rams suffer their first loss of the season.
  • ... and Sam Darnold sustains his first NFL injury.
  • After 0-3 start, Texans are winners of six in a row.
  • Most precarious first place lead: Chicago Bears.
  • Worst first place team: the fading D.C. Hogs. 
  • AFC clearly the better conference, with five teams with six wins or better; NFC have three teams with at at least six wins.
2nd and Long:
  • Defending Super Bowl champs are in second place with a 4-4 record; Miami Dolphins are in second place with a 5-4 record.
  • The Paper Tigers: With six wins, the second place Chargers are begging for attention.  Meanwhile, did you see what the Steelers did to the second place Carolina Panthers?  Yikes!
  • On the Giants having a better second half, Odell Beckham says anything is possible.  Thanks, man.
  • Cornerback Eric Reid, unfairly being targeted by stripes?  Panthers want NFL taking a second look.
No Gain:
  • The Tennessee Titans season.
  • What's happening to the Ravens?
  • Steelers: Le'Veon Bell who?
  • Poor Todd Bowles ...
  • Former Patriot Malcolm Butler faces off against Bill Belichick.  Everyone is till wondering what happened.
  • Next time just send a text: That phone call placed by Saints Michael Thomas cost him $30G.
  • Dez Bryant's game availability: NONE.  Can't blame the Saints for trying, though.
  • Fans are calling for Jason Garrett's dismissal.  But what will it take for Jerry Jones to fire that damn general manager of his?
  • Giants offensive line carnage continues: Right guard Patrick Omameh, cut.
  • Remaining Oakland Raiders players bailing out on John Gruden, and the season.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Bills +7 (JETS)
  ICYMI: Players Owe Coach Bowles This Victory Over Buffalo
It really does get worse before it gets better.  Sam Darnold is out, but Josh McCown has been in this position before.  Not that he'll fair any better.  But what about Buffalo's QB of the day, Matt Barkley?  He's a fresh face but will he pose a new problem?  Jets defense needs to answer that.  Some players have vented their frustrations throughout the week.  This is a show-me game for them.  They owe Todd Bowles better, but I still say the Bills cover.  Both teams are 3-6 against the spread.
WIN; 41-10 Bills

Falcons -4 (BROWNS)
My Spidey sense tells me this will be a blowout.
Loss; 28-16 Browns

Saints -5 1/2 (BENGALS)
Bengals are on pace to surrender the most yards from scrimmage ever(!), and their best receiver is out.  Saints pick up where they left off last week.
WIN; 51-14 Saints

BUCS -3 (D.C. Hogs)
Tampa is prepping for Washington's pass rush.  In the meantime, the Hogs entire offensive line is decimated by injury.  If their offense can not maintain possession, watch for Ryan FITZMagic to pop back out of his hat.
Loss; 16-3 Hogs

Patriots -6 1/2 (TITANS)
Gronk will most likely miss this game, but that does little to sway my opinion of the Titans.
Loss; 34-10 Titans

PACKERS -10 (Dolphins)
I do not lay these points with the greatest of ease.  The Sea Mammals can smell it ... contention, that is.  They enter the week with a 5-4 record, but find themselves this week outside their element at Green Bay.  The Packers are by far the more desperate team.  Aaron Rogers will be on the field; Ryan Tannehill will not.
WIN; 31-12 Packers

COLTS -3 (Jaguars)
Hate this game ... Jags waiting long time for return of Leonard Fournette.  He is still too "iffy" for me.  Jags need him to carry a heavy load otherwise the game is placed right back in the hands of Blake Bortles.  Only three AFC teams have put up more points than the Colts.  Indy averages ten more points per game than the Jags.
PUSH; 29-26 Colts

Lions +6 1/2 (BEARS)
For what ever reason, the Lions play well against the Bears.  Sometimes Matthew Stafford goes a little under spoken (because the Lions are generally a mess).  A victory puts them right back into the NFC North mix.
Loss; 34-22 Bears

Cardinals +16 1/2 (CHIEFS)
There's a lot of guys left on that Cardinals defense who I'm sure feel disrespected.  Go Josh Rosen! Go!
WIN; 26-14 Chiefs

Chargers -10 (RAIDERS)
The Raiders are unplugged.  Take Philip Rivers in your fantasy league.
WIN; 20-6 Chargers

Seahawks +10 (RAMS)
Can't figure out the Seahawks, but I'll certainly take my chances with Russell Wilson and double-digit points.  Rams are only 4-4-1 against the spread.
WIN; 36-31 Rams

EAGLES -7 (Cowboys)
Stay away ... that's what I say.  Both teams can, and will (eventually) overtake the Redskins.  Cowboys can still have that one day when everything goes right.  Seven points is very inviting.  By taking the Eagles, eight points is needed to cover.  Defensively, they might be a wash.  Offensively, Philly appears better.  This game has PUSH stamped all over it.  This is a home team pick all the way.
Loss; 27-20 Cowboys

Schmear of the Week:
Falcons -4

NINERS -3 (Giants) *Monday Night
No comment ... (I'm a NYG fan).  I'll have something up by tomorrow.
Loss; 27-24 Giants

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone!

Week Ten Record:  6-6-1
Overall Record:  54-69-5
Schmear of the Week:  5-5
Bagels in the Basket:  -22

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