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PIGSKIN 2018: Week Fifteen

Week Fifteen

Week Eleven
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Week Thirteen
Week Fourteen

Week Fourteen Record:  6-8
Overall Record:  80-99-7
Schmear of the Week:  6-8
Bagels in the Basket:  -34

1st and Ten:
  • I LOVE L.A. ... We Love It!  City of Angels goes from having no team, to gaining two playoff teams.  An all Los Angeles Super Bowl?
  • Philip Rivers and the Bolts win by a 29-28 final score, what a game!  The Kansas City Chiefs and L.A. Chargers are now tied for the AFC West lead!  Admit it ... Andy Reid worries you, doesn't he?
  • That Bears win over Rams was HUGE.
  • Uh oh, the Steelers are bending.
  • The Cowboys have won five in a row.
2nd and Long:
  • AFC Wild Card chase is gonna be insane.
  • Look what the Dolphins did to Bill Belichick and the Patriots!?
  • Baltimore Ravens picked a fine time for a quarterback controversy.
  • After Seattle Seahawks, NFC Wild Card race is the definition of parity.
No Gain:
  • St. Louis and San Diego football fans.
  • Stuck in the Mud:  Panthers; Vikings; Titans.
  • Bagel Deficit: either I can't pick against the spread, or this league sucks.  But if you're going against me, then you're doing well.  Happy Holidays.
  • Ray Rice speaking on Kareem Hunt ... please don't.
  • Banned, Again!  What the hell did (OAK) Martavis Bryant do now?
  • Last week's Cowboys win over the Eagles cost Ezekiel Elliott $36, 765 in fines.  That's using your head.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Titans +2 1/2 (GIANTS)
Two suddenly surging teams, one still has something to play for while the other still has much to prove.  Titans field a respectable defense, Giants not so much; not anymore.  I'm shaking my pom-poms for a Big Blue loss, for sake of lowering fan and front office expectations.  Last thing I need is for Giants to start thinking they're actually good.  Strong finishes be damned.
WIN; 17-0 Titans

Dolphins +7 (VIKINGS)
If you've been following me, you know I've been lubing the Sea Mammals with lotion all season.  They're a gamely bunch, and certainly pulled a fast one over the Patriots.  More importantly, they hung in all game and put themselves into position to win, which makes these seven points very appealing.  The game is indoors, so I'll let momentum rule the day.  Losers of two straight, the Vikings continue sacking themselves.
Loss; 41-17 Vikings

Raiders +2 1/2 (BENGALS)
If the Steelers are in the midst of unraveling, then what do we make of the Bengals?  Derek Carr is using these last few weeks to showcase himself.  Like last week, he'll be the most motivated player on the field.
Loss; 30-16 Bengals

RAVENS -8 (Bucs)
D - Fence...!
PUSH; 20-12 Ravens

Cowboys +3 (COLTS)
Cowboys are suddenly playing smash mouth football; rushing the ball; controlling the clock; keeping opposing QB's off the field.  When on defense, they've been getting to the QB in waves.  The Boys neutralized Drew Brees; they can do it again with some "Luck"
Loss; 23-0 Colts

Lions +2 1/2 (BILLS)
This is the least appealing game of the day.  Bills are only 2-4 at home, so what the hell.
Loss; 13-13 Bills

BEARS -6 (Packers)
It's Mike McCarthy's turn to laugh it up from the comforts of home as he watches Aaron Rogers have a most miserable day.
WIN; 24-17 Bears

JAGUARS -7 1/2 (D.C. Hogs)
Look!  That piano falling out of the sky has a racially insensitive logo on it!  Daniel Snyder's inept organization are losers of four in a row.
Loss; 16-13 Hogs

FALCONS -9 (Cardinals)
That Atlanta defense has more problems than a math book.  They catch a break against an Arizona offense that averages just 13.6 points per game.  The Falcons offense is not in question.
WIN; 40-14 Falcons

Seahawks -4 (49ERS)
The Seahawks have won 6 of their last 8 games, and are 9-3-1 against the spread.  Niners win over the Broncos was somewhat surprising, but does nothing towards swaying my opinion.
Loss; 26-23 Niners

Patriots -2 1/2 (STEELERS)
I'd like to think the Steelers can pull themselves together, but it's more and more unlikely.  I was going to feel sorry for any team facing the Patriots after the way they lost against the Dolphins.
Loss; 17-10 Steelers

RAMS -11 (Eagles)
Philly is a mess at quarterback, again.  No magic this time around.
Loss; 30-23 Rams

Schmear of the Week
Bears -6

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone.

Post Game:
Week Fifteen Record:  3-8-1
Overall Record:  83-107-8
Schmear of the Week:  7-8
Bagels in the Basket:  -40

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