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PIGSKIN 2018: Week Five

Week Five

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Week Four Record ATS: 6-6-1
Overall Record:  22-29-2
Schmear of the Week:  3-1
Bagels in the Basket:  -5

1st and Ten:
  • The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are the lone remaining undefeated teams.
  • Tom Brady becomes third quarterback in NFL history with 500 touchdowns.  Oh, and Julian Edlman is back from suspension.
  • Da Bears.
2nd and Long:
  • Refs admit they screwed the Browns last week against Oakland.
  • Miami better enjoy this little taste of first place while they can.  Second place here they come.
No Gain:
  • Dez Bryant wants to come back to the Cowboys?
  • ... Le'Veon Bell.
  • Four weeks into the season, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham have yet to connect for a touchdown.  Beckham questions heart of the team during interview with ESPN.
  • I call this Road Kill Week - every season has one - when all the road underdogs wreak havoc on the home favorites.
  • Lester Hayse called ... he says Richard Sherman should quit his whining.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

PANTHERS -7 (Giants)
The Giants defense clearly tired last week against the Saints.  The offense at the present time is incapable of giving them meaningful rest.  Injuries to Olivier Vernon and Eli Apple will also begin taking a greater toll.  I'm also fretting the health of Snacks Harrison.  He's getting pretty banged up.  Cam Newton is going to rip this defense to shreds.
Loss; 33-31 Panthers

Broncos +1 (JETS)
At 2-2, the Broncos have something good going.  The Jets, not so much.  I anticipate another rough day for the Jets rookie quarterback.  Sam Darnold will have his moments, but Vegas won't even lay the obligatory three.  I smell a last second field goal.
Loss; 34-16 Jets

Ravens -3 (BROWNS)
The Irony Bowl ... Enjoy what will be an entertaining game.  Sticking with the old pro, Joe Flacco, and Baltimore's defense.
Loss; 12-9 Browns

Jaguars +3 (CHIEFS)
Jacksonville's pedestrian offense and defensive stinginess versus the AFC's top scoring team and Kansas City's defensive generosity.  Leonard Fournette is out for the Jags, but Patrick Mahomes hasn't faced a defense like this yet.
Loss; 30-14 Chiefs

Titans -3 1/2 (BILLS)
I'm still ticked at the Bills for upsetting the Vikings ... Titans offense is trending unreliable.  Can't be too impressed based on what they did against the Eagles.  But they're playing crack defense!  There's something to be said for momentum.  Lets see how the Titans follow up.
Loss; 13-12 Bills

Falcons +3 (STEELERS)
Whole lotta drama going on in Pittsburgh.  If Joe Flacco exploited their defense, why can't Matt Ryan?  Julio Jones has yet to impact the Falcons offense.  This may be his week to shine.
Loss; 41-17 Steelers

Packers -1 (LIONS)
I actually don't know what to make of the Lions.  Packers need this game just because the Bears are off to such a good start.  Cobb is ruled out, but Aaron Rogers plays big in an important division game.
Loss; 31-23 Lions

Dolphins +6 1/2 (BENGALS)
Losing games following uplifting victories is what the Bengals do best.  The Sea Mammals blew a golden opportunity to put one over the Patriots last week.  Now they must do things the hard way.  Looking for a bounce-back performance.
Loss; 27-17 Bengals

Raiders +5 (CHARGERS)
Dare I say this can easily turn into the game of the week.  Three points, I'm thinking twice.  Five, I'll take em!  Raiders and Derek Carr have actually been putting up gaudy numbers.  They haven't played their best game yet.  But it's coming.
Loss; 26-10 Chargers

Cardinals +5 1/2 (49ERS)
Another very inviting spread.  Parity dictates it is time the Cardinals post their first win.
WIN; 28-18 Cardinals

Vikings +3 (EAGLES)
I have no idea ... really.  Both teams are woefully under-performing, and are additionally banged up at key positions.
WIN; 23-21 Vikings

Rams -7 (SEAHAWKS)
Again, it's not how many points you score.  It's how many can you prevent.  That said, the Rams score plenty.  Ndamukong Su is quietly having a solid season with the Rams.
Loss; 33-31 Rams

TEXANS -3 (Cowboys)
I'm not impressed with last week's Cowboys victory over the Lions.  They've taken the smash mouth approach via Ezekiel Elliott these last two weeks.  But Houston can answer that.
PUSH; 19-16 Texans

Schmear of the Week: (3-1)
Titans -3 1/2

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone.

Week Five Record:  2-10-1
Overall Record:  24-39-3
Schmear of the Week:  3-2
Bagels in the Basket:  -17

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