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N.Y. Jets: Todd Bowles Sacked by Gang Green

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Todd Bowles
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New York Jets: Todd Bowles Latest Head Coach Infected With Gang Green Disease.

I still say Todd Bowles deserved better support from his general manager.  Mike Maccagnan never sufficiently replenished the talent he himself purged after Todd Bowles' first season as head coach. Nor will Bowles benefit from Maccagnan's substantial, and as yet untapped, salary cap war chest.  It's almost as if cap savings were intentionally designed to come at his head coach's expense.  After all, Bowles was not Maccagnan's hire, something that I previously suggested eerily wreaks of what John Idzik perpetrated against Rex Ryan.

In both instances, I blame the Brothers Johnson.  More on them in a bit ...

In reviewing the Jets roster, an argument can be made that at least 18 of 22-plus starting positions need serious redress.  That's on the general manager whom has been on the job just as long as Bowles.  So, who failed who?  Very simply, a head coach is responsible for the players provided by the general manager.  If said general manager provides pedestrian undisciplined players, then expect any head coach to produce a mediocre penalty riddled season.  I recently heard an NFL analyst/former player say that penalties happen those individuals getting seriously outplayed and physically beaten.  Insofar as the Jets are concerned, this could not ring more true.  I do not disagree with the decision to move on from Todd Bowles.  I'm merely saying the front office did him no favors.

However, Todd Bowles is not free of blame.  Considering he's a former defensive coordinator, the Jets allowed over 400-points this season, which is on par with the NFL's other last place teams.  One  can cycle that back around as being Maccagnan's fault, but one must still agree Bowles in-game management skills left a lot to be desired.  Moreover, an overall failure to clean up habitually maddening mistakes are on him.  Far too often the Jets did more to beat themselves than did the competition which invariably points back to Bowles.

Above all else, the organization must now do right by Sam Darnold.  With a potential franchise quarterback in their possession, they must ensure he receives the utmost support.  That being said, Bowles and offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates proved quite the un-dynamic duo.  Aside from surrounding him with much needed complimentary talent, the mentoring and developing of Sam Darnold is where the Jets most need improvement.  If Todd Bowles is gone, Jeremy Bates should be following very close behind.

One of the local radio shows also recently mentioned the last person with previous head coaching experience hired by the Jets was Bill Parcells.  That's something this front office should consider as well.

It is now incumbent upon (not so innocent...) Mike Maccagnan to finally spend some money on quality talent, and do a vastly better job in the draft.  A change in structure is needed as well.  He must be given autonomy in searching out a new head coach; his own head coach; a head coach who will not report directly to Christopher Johnson.  That must stop.  I believe it's in Mr. Johnson's best interest to implement a chain of command, then get the hell out of the way.  The general manager and next head coach become a package deal.  If and when Mr. Johnson decides they're not doing a good job, he can fire them both.  Point being, the system whereby the general manager and head coach share equal footing on the owner's rug doesn't jive, particularly when one doesn't necessarily agree with the other.  Because truth be told, Bowles and Maccagnan have never been on the same page.

Yet, Todd Bowles was fired by Christopher Johnson, not Mike Maccagnan.  I therefore blame much of this mess on the Brothers Johnson, whom have continually put their coaches and general managers in positions to fail.  Thus making Todd Bowles only the latest coach infected by Gang Green disease.

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