Monday, December 24, 2018

No Parking II

In having to scan for drivers ed students; cavernous potholes; ear-plugged pedestrians with face buried in phone; entitled cyclists; idiots swinging open car doors; bouncing balls followed by the kid undoubtedly chasing it; the confusing menagerie of traffic signs; and just plain old random acts of recklessness; negotiating a vehicle through the streets of Brooklyn requires the visual sense of a spider.

For the most part, people do a fairly decent job of processing the overwhelming stimuli offered by our streets ... some not so much.  I'd rather not bother with those who move out to New Jersey and Pennsylvania that upon returning to Brooklyn forget how to slow down and break-out in a rash at every stop sign and red light.

In any event, all road trips must come to an end.  That's when the next adventure begins.  Parking spaces are akin to urban gold, and sometimes prospecting poses great potential danger.  The battle for space is fierce, and sometimes boundaries aren't so clearly defined.  But make no mistake: one surely exists and will be defended in Civil War-like manner.  It matters not from what corner of the planet you come, or what language you speak.  Throughout Brooklyn, the message is clear.  However, some convey it better than others.

This Means You!

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