Sunday, December 18, 2011

N.Y. Giants ~ Wanted; A Dominant Statement Game

From the desk of:   DO IT FOR THE DUKE

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  The Cowboys Dominated the Bucs Saturday.  Big Blue Must Seize the Moment and Do the Same Today.

Do not fail.  Do not fail to the Redskins.  Do not fail to the Redskins at home.  For should the Giants fall Sunday afternoon, all bets are off.  Even if the Giants still make the playoffs via a Dallas collapse, a loss to the Redskins would surely cement doubt into every Fan's mind as to whether Big Blue can realistically make a run for February.  Scratch that; ....they'll even make us rethink next week's game against the Jets.

Despite coming off a stretch versus the 49ers, Eagles, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rogers, in which they were battered, bruised, and much maligned, they still somehow managed to keep destiny in their own hands; albeit more precariously as the weeks went by.  Somehow, they managed to get a last second hand up in deciding where their season goes from here after blocking a Dallas field goal attempt.  In doing so, they salvaged a great many things regarding their Giants' season in addition to our sanity.

This is a playoff game as much as any the Giants may potentially play this season because they are in a "can't loose" situation.  The Cowboys destroyed the Bucs on Saturday night.  And so the Giants must use home field to their advantage and do the same to Washington.  There is no Fail to the Redskins.  There's only one way to prove the Giants belong in the class of January players, and that's to Hail Victory.

Let's be honest with ourselves; this is a Trap Game.  The Redskins are not a formidable team.  The Redskins aren't even a good team.  They're a 4-9 last place club in the NFC East looking up at the Cowboys and us; the New York Giants.  And that's exactly where the Giants need to keep them.  Requiring another dramatic 4th quarter comeback by Eli Manning is strictly out of the question today.   - Not against the Redskins.  For starters, Rex Grossman can not be made to look as good as we made him to look in Week One.  That falls squarely on the shoulders of Giants' Defensive Coordinator; Perry Fewell; who is officially on the hot seat.  Secondly, Eli is a far cry from the QB who played for Big Blue in these team's first encounter, and lost in Washington to start the season.

For any given team, Game One of a season can always be chalked up to being a fluke.  And maybe the Giants' loss to Washington in Week One was just that, a fluke.  But this is Week Fifteen of the NFL season.  On December 18th, a loss or even a horrendous looking win is invariably a statement as to who the Giants are are as a team.  We Giant Fans have our suspicions.  But this afternoon, we want some confirmation.  And one way or another, we Giant Fans are going to get it.  And so, it's time for the Big Blue to put their money where their mouth is, and for a week at least, simmer some doubts as to whether the Giants can be a Super Bowl contender or not.

Let's go Giants!  Get it done!


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