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NBA ~ NETS, KNICKS; Finally Got My Attention

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BROOKLYN NETS ~ Sudden Surge In Nets' News Snaps Me Out of My Apathy.

Why bother I thought.  I didn't care about the NBA yet and said to myself, there's time to deal with them later.  Then at some point today it occurred to me; it's already December.  When Commissioner Stern announced the National Bank Account Basketball Association would be kicking-off in the form of a Christmas stocking stuffer, I automatically became jaded.  I thought, how scripted is that?  And after spending the night before in the dentist chair discussing my bill, listening to bad jokes in between drillings, and an endless stream of Christmas songs over his office radio in November, I couldn't help but feel like Charlie Brown when he asked, "Doesn't anyone know what Christmas is all about?"  And well, I guess the NBA has their own idea.


Chalk one up for the Rumor Mill for snapping me out of my post-NBA Lock-Out apathy.  Wednesday, the hottest rumor was the Nets trading Brook Lopez and two number one draft picks for Orlando's center Dwight Howard.  What a coup that would be.

But that possibility was tempered by today's reporting that the agent for Nets' guard Deron Williams will opt-out when his contract expires after this season.  But the agent for Williams didn't slam the door shut on the Nets saying this doesn't necessarily mean he can't be resigned to stay.  The fact the door was left cracked open could be viewed as a positive omen to future Brooklyn fans who want to see the guard retained.

So say for a second the rumor is true and the Nets pull off a deal for Howard, he can opt out at the end of the season also.  Do you make that trade and risk having both Williams and Howard leave town and the Nets team with nary a star leading up to their Brooklyn debut?  It's an interesting dilemma and a little uncomfortable to ponder.

I've been saying since last season, what the Nets lacked in the win column over the last two season has been more than off-set by the positioning they've gotten themselves into.  They fact remains, Deron Williams is a Net today and are probably on the inside track to retaining him.  They are substantially under the salary cap.  And indeed have a surplus of draft picks to either include in a trade or use themselves.


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NEW YORK KNICKS:  I Wanna Be a Knick!

.....At least that's what's being reported out of Chris Paul's camp.  Apparently Chris Paul's agent told the New Orleans Hornets he won't be re-signing there and chooses to be traded to the Knicks only.

So much for the Owners staging a Lock-Out to protect themselves, their markets, and their fans, against player collusion when all they wanted was more money in their pockets all along.  How telling.

...And can someone explain to me why Isiah Thomas thinks and speaks like this is still his team? 



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