Thursday, December 23, 2010

N.Y. JETS ~ SHOUT!! "Flying High Again"

A Little Bit Louder Now....SHOUT! 
A Little Bit Louder Now....SHOUT!
A Little Bit Louder Now....SHOUT!

"I Gave... My Love.... A Cherry.....,"

**(Coach REX Blutarsky smashes guitar symbolic of last two**

"NOW....Waaaait a Minute!  

Ya been so good to me! 
I said ya been so good to me!

You Just Make Me Wanna...SHOUT!
Throw My Hands Up And...SHOUT!

Say That You Want MeSay That You Need MeSay That You Love Me
C'Mon Now!   Saaaaay You Will!
Because You Make Me Wanna...SHOUT!

*If you don't know what I'm getting at, read my Jets/Steelers preview:

Sure they took their liberties with a few guests....but Man! - That was some Party huh?

Not only are Coach REX Blutarsky and the Green Gang from Delta House not getting expelled for throwing their season long Toga Party, they got away with going to Pittsburgh AND ruining the Home-Coming Parade too!

After Coach HOOVER Schottenheimer assumed his position by the mail-box and everyone was in place, first, the Black Smoke appeared in the distance as a kick-off returned for a touchdown startled the crowd. Then the Red Smoke miffed everybody with a naked-Bootleg.  Finally, the Jets' Defense poured out their 10,000 marbles all over the field and had the Steel City Marching Band tripping over themselves in their own end-zone which resulted in the Jets scoring on a safety.

Coach REX Blutarsky and his Green Gang from DELTA HOUSE drove their Home Coming Float into Pittsburgh and hijacked a game no one thought they had any business winning from the Terrible Steel City Hard Hats.  And they did it with one message in mind for all the naysayers; Eat Me, in pretty red and white flowered script.

C'mon Jet fans, didn't you wanna jump up and yell out, "Oh Boy!  This is Great!" ?

Coach Blutarsky once decreed there's only one way to pledge yourself into REX House, and that it didn't involve standing around in your underwear getting butt-paddled by guys in hoods while having to ask for more.  Coach doesn't like any kind of "Standing around Shitht!"   Instead, all Coach wants to know is if you're following him when he roars and runs out the door on his way to chase down glory.

N.Y.  J - E - T - S  ~  FLYING HIGH AGAIN!

Bill Belichick took aim at REX's formation of Green Bombers and all but shot them out of the sky.  Those Jets remaining with functional wings and an engine or two barely made it back to base.  The remaining ground wreckage was left for REX to collect and haul-back to NYC on a flat-bed.  Back at the Hangar, Rex tried readying his Green Baby to fly again.  But she crash immediately after take-off against Miami.

Coach Rex is many things and one of them is resilient.  Determined (and desperate) to get air-born again, REX re-assembled his now disfigured, Big Ugly Green Flying Contraption, not even Wile E. Coyote would feel safe in, using scotch-tape, Woody's Band-Aids, shoe laces, chewing gum and lots of spray paint.

But with Pittsburgh lacking their most potent anti Air-Sanchez machine; Troy Polamalu, the Jets flew their formation under the cover and concealment of bad weather.  They zeroed in on-target, dropped their payload and stuck their mark; The Playoffs.  Their tenth, and what everyone thought would be an unlikely win, ensured the Jets of their second consecutive post-season birth under Coach Rex.

Coach Rex and his team's vision is still in sight.  It's just been a little harder to spot lately because of all the flack and smoke.  Miraculously, they dodged a lot of bullets but also took a lot of hits.  Their pilot Mark Sanchez is a walking casualty from last game.  He'll be a go for next Sunday, but the question is how badly is he hurting?

If you listen to stories told by our aging great heroes of WWII and the ones told by the Bomber Pilots of the amazing Flying Fortress' in particular, they always say those plains were indestructible.  Sometimes they were dumbfounded how their bird stayed air-born, much less getting them home in the face of such incredibly bad odds, while sustaining disheartening destruction to their craft.

Somehow, Rex continues to absorb all this team's flack.  And now, unfortunately, there is a whole new launch of smart bombs he needs to take evasive maneuvers against with new revelations of "Foot-Gate".  I myself could care less and you're not getting anything out of me.  That's between him and what I can assume is his happily married wife.  Period.  With everything the Jets have been through as far as getting put through the media wringer and embarrassments on the field, I hope something like this doesn't linger around and cloud the fact that no matter what kind of sling or arrow you shoot his way, there's no denying one thing....Someone; many; all fans called for a Gut-Check and the Jets responded.

Coach Rex has the Jets FLYING HIGH AGAIN..!


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