Wednesday, December 01, 2010

N.Y. Giants ~ Brandon Jacobs "Started" This Big Blue Engine

New York Football Giants: 
It's Time To Crank-Up This Big Blue Mack Truck And Let Brandon Jacobs Drive Again!

Brandon Jacobs kept things respecable while the Giants played an embarrassing first half of Football against the Jaguars last Sunday.  He didn't rush all over the place like Jacksonville did to us for 207 yards, but he kept the Jaguars honest until Justin Tuck snapped the team out of their funk and Big Blue caught up to Jacobs' effort.

Fourteen rushes for 87 yards isn't exactly a John Riggins-like type performance that I think Jacobs can give us, but it was exactly what the Giants needed Sunday.  He was chosen to start this game because Ahmad Bradshaw could not hold on to the ball, despite Ahmad rushing ever closer to 1,000 yards on the season.  Brandon was given back the starting job he originally lost to Ahmad Bradshaw.  He returned to the job he earned and won from Tiki Barber back when...   In NFL years, the old vet Brandon Jacobs, then proceeded to give his team the Big Blue effort Sunday his team asked of him.  He didn't chip off any would-be tackler's helmet paint this game, but he did run with power.

Giant fans, I call you out, to recognize.

Except for one bout of frustration early in the season, he has been nothing short of a model citizen and team mate.  No one wants to give him that credit; much; or out loud.  What ever grudges you have for him once holding out and getting a big contract; for supposedly demanding a trade; for the errant helmet toss;.... Let that all go.

If you want to criticize Jacobs on the grounds of diminished talent ~ In 2008 and 2009 there were injuries to contend with.  What role that played in his sudden loss in ability to hit the holes and "run to daylight", we can certainly discuss.  But this year he is healthy and running quite effectively when given a chance.  He's been limited to an average of about 6 to 8 carries a game this season and for the last month running behind a battered Offensive -Line (keep Bradshaw out of this..he's a different animal and more of a self-creator).  I've called, week-in and week-out, for more carries game-planned for Jacobs.  I firmly believe with more touches this year his performance Sunday would have been that much more crisper and gainful.  It's a simple supposition but undeniably true.  If you have issues with Brandon Jacobs this year, Blame Coach Gilbride.

With a little more attention to detail by Coach Gilbride and less unnecessary passing for most of the first 7 games of the season, Brandon Jacobs could have and would have been even better than he was this last Sunday.  I cringed how Gilbride sets up his run game with the pass.  It's been my never ending crusade to get our running game geared up for the December Football run.  That means running with power behind a healthy O-Line.

All the injuries to the Offensive Line aside, maybe Coach Gilbride is doing just that.  There has been a noticeable trend towards the running game these last two games or so.  Is that because Coach Gilbride is transitioning to December Football or are our Receiving Corps are so diminished, and with Eli's alarming interception rate, Coach Gilbride has little choice?  That's debatable also, because Gilbride and Eli are fearless.  Kevin Boss and Manningham will try to make us think not.

The Giants have announced Brandon Jacobs will be the starting back again this Sunday when the Skins come to town.  Can Brandon Jacobs be the Big Blue version of John Riggins?  Are you feeling me on that?  The Giants need to keep Brandon Jacobs as the feature back and for now, revert to an old formula where Jacobs battered defenses and we changed-up with Bradshaw.

Brandon Jacobs made it very easy for Giant fans to "matter-of-fact-ly" sweep Tike Barber under the rug.  If it were not for Jacobs we wouldn't dismiss Tiki as readily as we do.  We'd still do it, we just wouldn't be as derisive about it.  We all heralded his arrival on the scene.  Brandon Jacobs is the one who got this whole Big Blue Mack Truck's engine running with Horse Power.  He had paint chips flying in Green Bay.  He set the tone right from the outset that dark frigid night a few years ago.

Today, Brandon Jacobs is healthy, willing and able.  It's time this team looks to him again to bust through road blocks, and with luck and a healthy offensive line, Big Blue can roll-on through the December Ride. 

I can't think of a better way to get a pounding start than with a game against our old foe, The Washington Redskins at home.

Then, Ahamd can leave 'em in the dust.


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