Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Brooklyn Heights ~ An Afternoon at St. Ann's ~ Art

If you're new to my site, this is a Trolley Ride.  My "Trolley Rides" are all about meeting the people which make Brooklyn an incredible place to live, work and play.  These Trolley Rides are an exploration of our fascinating Borough and the wonders in it.

This oasis of pseudo-urban archeology is right behind
St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church
at Montague Street and Clinton Street.

Around the corner on Pierrepont Street is
Saint Ann's School.
That's where I met with ANGELO BELLFATTO; an Art Instructor there.
My very enlightening conversation with him started when I asked permission to photograph a certain piece he's working on for the purposes of posting the picture here.

This is Titled:  "WORK IN PROGRESS"  ~  clay.

I found this...Fascinating!

Meeting Angelo was like finding a nice cold glass of water in a desert in the sense he helped me quench a thirst.  We talked about my frustrations with being a "closet artist".
What I mean by that is my want of formal training and about what I feel has been my failure to ever really advance myself in that regard.  I'd get laughed off my softball team sharing a long ago dream I had regarding who I wanted to be when I grew up, like the one I shared today with Mr. Bellfatto.  So..., Shhhh.

I never became that person. 
But if you want to know what the Giants have to do in order to win this Sunday
versus the Minnesota Vikings or Lee Mazzilli's batting average in 1979...., I'm your guy.

Someone immediately came to Angelo's mind while we talked;
someone he said who might be very helpful to me.

There's a saying I live by;
Nothing Ventured ~ Nothing Gained.

Mr. Bellfatto, the pleasure meeting you today was all mine.
I hope to hear from you soon and I'm very interested in seeing
"the Finished Piece" one day in the near future.

Thank you and be well.


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