Thursday, December 09, 2010

NYRangers ~ Torts Plays 3-Card Monte with Forward Lines

NEW YORK RANGERS:  Rangers trying To Bounce Back In A Rematch Against Sens While Coach Torts Bounces Team Around.

The Rangers are in the Great White North's capital city tonight for another crack at the Senators.  Better luck this time; Aye? 

After losing to Ottawa 3-1 last time around with pathetic style, Coach Torts decided it was time to rearrange the furniture in the room again after rearranging things just last week.

The "Free Sean Avery Society" is here-by back in session after a very short recess. 

Wasn't it just three games ago Coach Torts was extolling Avery's efforts this season, and there-by rewarded him with a shot on the first line?  Didn't Torts recently snap at Larry Brooks for what Coach perceived was instigating Avery Drama that perhaps Coach didn't believe existed at the time?  And wasn't Avery the one who played a marvelous game with his first line opportunity when he assisted on three goals, played great along the boards and thus rewarded Coach's decision?

That was quick!  Nothing lasts forever, much less four days with Torts.  As a result, Sean Avery has been demoted to the fourth line dungeon again, and will no doubt receive the second least amount of ice time behind Derek Boogaard.  What Avery did, or didn't do to earn this latest slight by Coach is beyond me and I think it's the complete wrong way to go. 

There is absolutely no way Alex Frolov should be receiving even one more second of ice time over Sean Avery.  Alex is just the latest scrub to come through the Rangers' Forwards Waste Treatment Facility.  Since the days Petr Prucha was scared into scoring 20+ goals by Jarimir Jagr and then disappeared, the Rangers have had a revolving Winger policy which has ushered in scrub after scrub after scrub.  Adam Voros and Nick Zherdev were the last two scrubs who needed replacing.  Glen Sather went out and got another fraud in Frolov and here we are again.  Ponderous!

Callahan and Dubinsky will be rejoined by Artem Anisimov on the second line while Marian Gaborik will now play with Ruslan Fedotenko and rookie Derek Stepan.  Stepan actually deserves a shot at this line.  He's played smart hockey.

Eric Christensen, who is most likely the odd-man out when either Chris Drury or Vinny Prospal return, will be on the fourth line with Avery doing crossword puzzles.

Coach Torts can rearrange the furniture in the room all he wants, it's still the same furniture.  How about he sets three lines and let's them play together for two weeks or so.  Let them play and grow into lines.  Coach thinks by continually shaking the box, his pieces will hopefully fall into place and Presto Chango ~ Instant Line.

Keep shakin' Coach, because Glen Sather won't be bringing you any new forwards for Christmas this year.

In another shake-up, Michael Del Zotto will be a very well deserved healthy scratch tonight.  He has his good moments. But he's young and has a lot to learn.  Think about your game while you sit out tonight, Kid.

TONIGHT  7:30pm

Ottawa Senators

Somewhere really cold in Canada.


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