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PIGSKIN ~ WEEK 13 ~ NYG: Hail To December!! Hail Victory!!

Last week I lost my second SHMEAR of the year making me 8-2 this season.  I followed two very strong weeks on the Sunday games with a mediocre 6-6 record in WEEK 12.  A .500 record for the day was salvaged by the last game of the day and S.D.'s win.  On Thanksgiving I went 1-2.

I'm a +19 BAGELS for the season.
Sunday games worth One Bagel: Shmear of the Week pick is worth 3 Bagels.

BAGEL ADVISORY!! I have been wrong about the Cleveland Browns every game this season.  That makes me perfect in a way.  Use the pick at your own discretion.

* Are the K.C. Chiefs for real? The Chiefs and the Chargers can make the Raiders disappear this week.
* Week 13 is a virtual NFC WEST mini-playoff round with two "Battles in Futility".
    The 1st Toilet Bowl features the (5-6) SEAHAWKS vs. (1-10) Panthers.
    The 2nd Toilet Bowl features the (5-6) Rams vs. (3-8) CARDINALS.
* PhilaEAGLES already played and won Thursday night.  The GIANTS must win.
* Jets vs. Patriots might be the biggest game of the week, but Falcons vs. Bucs is the most interesting!
* The Vikings are still wiggling.  They ain't dead yet?

The WEEK 13 Big BAGEL Roll-Out:
(Saturday's NYDN Line)

GIANTS -7 (Redskins)
The Giants must win to keep pace with the Eagles.  Somehow we always play well against the Redskins.  McNabb is a different story.  The Giants will win despite offensive injuries and Donovan McNabb's winning record against us.  I think we're going to get a very complete game and convincing victory from Big Blue; See below.
WIN ~ 31-7 Giants

Bills +6 (VIKINGS)
I just like the number.  Buffalo has been scoring loads of points lately just for fun!  The Bills are the 3rd most porous defense in Football but the Vikings couldn't score even if you put them in a Nordic woman's prison with a few cartons of cigarettes.  Brett the Wrecker sacked this Vikings' village all by himself.
LOSS ~ 38-14 Vikings

DOLPHINS -4 1/2 (Browns)
..not because I can't pick the Browns, but because I think The 'Fins are ready to wreck some seasons and piss teams off.
LOSS ~ 13-10 Browns

TITANS -3 (Jaguars)
..only because the number is low.  I don't have much faith in the Titans' QB situation but I like Jeff Fisher.  TENN should be better and JAX should be worse than their records indicate.
LOSS ~ 17-6 Jaguars

CHIEFS -8 1/2 (Broncos)
The Chiefs are on the War-Path.  Broncos on the road with no thin-air; No chance on the plains of K.C.  The Broncos are ready for the glue factory and the Chiefs are high on AFC West(ern) peyote.
LOSS ~ 10-6 Chiefs

Bears -4 1/2 (LIONS)
I'm respecting the Bears and their defense in a division game.  They are 3-0 with-in their division and know the Packers have a gift game against the 49ers.  There will be no let-down on the road.
LOSS ~ 24-20 Bears

Saints -7 (BENGALS)
This game is only seven?  Is Vegas chewing on the same (western) peyote as the Chiefs?  Saints can gain on the Falcons who have a tough game vs. Tampa Bay.  Are you kidding me?  Saints are going to March ALL Over the Kitties!  This game should have been -11 1/2.  The Bengals can score some, they just won't stop N.O.
LOSS ~ 34-30 Saints

BUCS +3 (Falcons)
The Bucs are so close they can taste it, even though it's fool's gold they taste.  The Falcons being a bad road team is very old news.  It's been like that for years.  The Falcons appear to be the most complete team in the NFC "this week".  This is where parity rears it's ugly head again.  Vegas' three points isn't a great vote of confidence for ATL either.
LOSS ~ 28-24 Falcons

Raiders +13 (CHARGERS)
Thirteen points seems like a lot.  The Chargers have one more hiccup in them before they have a furious finish with a 10-6 record.  But this will be the Raiders last hurrah before they fade away.  I'm going with a sentimental upset but certainly the Raiders cover.
WIN ~ 28-13 Raiders

SEAHAWKS -6 (Panthers)
Jim Zorn can comeback and QB the Seahawks for this one.  I think this number is low.  This game has tremendous implications in the pathetic NFC West.  And the Panthers just don't want to play anymore.  But I've been very wrong about the Panthers this season also.
WIN ~ 31-14 Seahawks

Cowboys +6 (COLTS)
I like the Cowboys to cover, but not much else.  They can afford to play very loose and reckless, if you will.  Nothing has come easy for Peyton Manning this year.  Why should this game be any different?
WIN ~ 38-35 Cowboys  o.t.

Rams -3 1/2 (CARDS)
That 1/2 point is pure evil.  Sink or swim with this game.  No push here.
WIN ~ 19-6 Rams

RAVENS -3 (Steelers)
These teams are almost mirror images of each other.  Vegas issued the standard home team permit.  Big Ben is hobbling on the road which might mean Ravens win by 5.  Roger Goodell is going to collect a lot of fine money after this game.
LOSS ~ 13-10 Steelers

*Bagel SHMEAR OF THE WEEK: (8-2)
Saints -7 (BENGALS) is too tempting.

Happy Football Sunday Everyone!

* I'm a loser!  I am 1-7 in the early games.  I lost The SHMEAR.
* Who cares...The Giants Won!!!
* The Vikings need to stop annoying me.
* Poor Peyton Manning.
* This was an all-around bad day if you were picking favorites.
* At least I went 4-1 in the afternoon games to save a little face.

New York Football GIANTS: Welcome to December!

The weather gets a little raw and games become more desperate matters this time of year. 

Welcome to December Football when cold and weak teams lag behind and perish.  Those teams resourceful enough to generate heat down the stretch survive to play in January.  Now, a BIG BLUE storm-front is needed to make Sunday's game down right inclement and nasty for the visiting Washington Redskins.

I did say the time for this Giants' season to be great has passed; And it did.  But there no reason the Giants can't come out tomorrow and dominate this game.

And that's exactly what I think will happen.  The Eagles already took care of their business winning Thursday night and I don't believe the Giants will disappoint as I think they will keep pace with a Big Blue performance against the 'Skins tomorrow.

We know the Offensive Line is lacking with David Diehl and Shaun O'Hara still out.  But last week the reserve unit had a solid day of run-blocking and protected Eli extremely well while minimizing penalties and eliminating turn-overs.  They had the Giants moving forward consistently last week even during that bad first half they had versus JAX.  But the Offense repeatedly stalled in the red-zone settling for field goals.  With Brandon Jacobs named as the starting back again and the offensive-line establishing a patched-up synchronicity over the last three weeks, I think maintaining continuity as a unit through another week of practice will serve us tremendously tomorrow.  I feel those field goals last week will be touchdowns this time around.

Eli and Coach Gilbride will maximize the passing game as best they can with Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith still out.  Mario Manningham will be the feature receiver again and will find himself open against Washington.  I'm thinking a steady diet of Ahmad Bradshaw catching passes out of the backfield and screen passes along with clever Kevin Boss releases will be enough of a passing game to keep the Skins' average defense honest.

But let's not get far from what should be the mission this week.  The Giants should try and pound the ball right down the Redskins' throats.  Run with power and often.  If there was ever a game on the schedule that screams for the 20-20-20 plan, it's this one.

The 20-20-20 Plan is:
Twenty pounding carries for Brandon Jacobs ~ Twenty thrill carries for Ahmad Bradshaw ~ Twenty pass attempts for Eli Manning.

Where is this confidence against the Redskins coming from?  The Skins never scare me; never have.  There is something about a Giants/Redskins game that I have always felt confident about.  Donovan McNabb on the Skins changes nothing for me.  I expect the Giants' Defense to pounce on him all day long.

I'm expecting Coach Fewell's Defense to dominate all day tomorrow.  From kick-off to the final tick of the clock, I'm expecting the G-Men to be relentless and extremely physical.  And points; I sense the Giants' D will finally score points tomorrow.

Maybe it's the coldness in the air that excites me, but I do believe this is where the Giants are, heading into a game against Washington on December 5th.  This doesn't speak to Week 14 and beyond.  But for this week, I think the Giants are poised to have a statement game against an old division rival.  The match-ups strike me as idealy suited for this very type of a game.

The short version ~ I believe the Giants will play their most complete sixty minutes of the season tomorrow.  Don't bring Special Teams into this.  I don't want to ruin the moment.

"Hail To The Redskins!!  Hail Victory!! "


Washington Redskins  7

Sunday night post:  JETS VERSUS

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