Sunday, December 12, 2010

N.Y. Knicks ~ Gut Check Time, But Not For Team

NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS:  Your team has a tough December test ahead.  But this isn't about them.  This is about YOU!

"Beak-up to Make-up...  That's a game, for fools.."

"Reunited and it feels so good..."


It's nice being a Knicks fan again isn't it? 

If you didn't treat this team with apathy, ignorance, indifference or with disgust during the latter days of the ZEKE Years OR if you weren't perturbed Donnie Walsh told us to give him two years to get this team in a position to sign big money players (i.e. LeBron) only to not get who everyone really really wanted, well then I give you all the credit in the world.  If you stuck it out through all that and didn't give the team much flack about it, congratulations are in order as you enjoy some success this year and the Garden re-emerges from it's moratorium against having Fun.

If you're the type who tempered your expectations coming into this season and find yourself wonderfully surprised by the play of Ray Felton, the leadership brought to town by your new Star Power Forward, the emergence of Landry Fields from parts unknown, the continued improvement of the Italian Stallion, etc. etc.,  no one has been more rewarded by the Knicks' efforts this year than you have.

The cheers, roars, chants and fan adulation have rained-down again this season inside Madison Square Garden upon their new cast of Knickerbockers.  And why not?!  They are above .500 sporting a record worthy of cheers at 15-9, which entering today's game was good enough for second place.

Our new "Big Guy" and our new point guard are establishing peace, love and harmony playing together.  Landry Fields seems to be doing something every game that makes you wonder "wow" out loud.  He's been outstanding and gaining more of Coach D's confidence every day.

Organizational changes and a roster overhaul have made startling differences from where this organization was three years ago.  Very good right?

If you're not one of those "patient" fans; ~ If you were ranting, raving and chugging on Hate-O-Rade the whole time; if you called into Sports Radio with ridicule, derisiveness and raving lunacy; if at times you found them unwatchable and turned off the game or stopped watching all together; if you were one of those who didn't renew your season tickets...., 

...If you were disappointed we signed Amar'e Stoudemire and not King James;  If you think that's a knock on Donnie Walsh and if you're one of the few who thinks Zeke did a good job....

...If you said to yourself at any time over the last 3, 5, 7 or 9 years, "I can't anymore!" ~ I'm talking to you.

This is December's remaining schedule for your New York Knicks:
* Today's game against the Denver Nuggets is underway.
* Dec. 15 ~ Boston, MSG
* Dec. 17 ~ Miami, MSG
* Dec. 18 ~ @ Cavs
* Dec. 22 ~ Oaklahoma City, MSG
* Dec. 25 ~ Chicago, MSG
* Dec. 28 ~ @ Miami
* Dec. 30 ~ @ Orlando

Obviously this portion of the schedule will test this team's mettle and certainly serve as a litmus test determining where this team really stands in comparison to the more quality clubs in the League.  Five of the remaining games this December are at MSG to include Christmas Day versus Chicago.  But all eyes are no doubt zeroed in on the Dec.17th match-up against the Miami Heat for obvious reasons.  That game is the hottest Knick ticket in many, many years.

So let's finally get right down to "IT".  With five home games against the League's better teams on the docket I want to know do you have tickets...Are you going?

Because let's say the Knicks struggle against these teams, including today's game against the Nuggets and we play towards a deflating 3-5 record during the stretch.  Let's say we get blown-out by the Celtics and that leaves everyone a little ticked off for tip-off against the Heat.  And in the course of that game, things go wrong and the game plays out without us ever really having a chance to win.

What are you going to do?  Boo?

Because if that's what you have in mind with a little down-turn on your hands, fugheddaboudit!  I'm going to have my man "Joe" turn you away at the door before you get the chance.

This is a test for "US" fans as much it is a test for "OUR" team.  What'cha gonna do?


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