Sunday, December 26, 2010


Two Weeks Left in 2010 NFL Regular Season

*Whatever I say about the Cleveland Browns...go the other way!  I remain perfect picking the Browns in that I haven't pick a single game of theirs correctly this season.  You've been warned.

SHMEAR Of The WEEK RECORD:  8-5 (lost last 4 in a row).

Once upon a time not too many weeks ago I peeked out and my basket full of BAGELS added up to 24 or so.  Since hitting that peek number, I've been making more wrong predictions than a weatherman.

So without further delay, I present you with this week's suspect prognostications.

WEEK 16 Big BAGEL Roll-Out:
(Saturday NYDN Line)

BEARS -1 (Jets)
The Jets didn't score an offensive TD against PITT (except for Sanchez' boot-leg)..  I think this game will be an exact duplicate of last week for the Jets.  And Mark Sanchez may or may not be hurting.  There's also a chance he may or may not be good this Sunday.  Unlike PITT, this time I think Chicago wins at home by a very slim margin; just like the spread says.
WIN ~ 38-34 Bears

Giants +3 (PACKERS)
I'm not going with my heart here.  I just think the Giants are 3+ points better than the Packers.  A loss by the Giants...and they are toast.
LOSS ~ 45-17 Packers

Lions +3 1/2 (DOLPHINS)
The Lions will win in a battle of punts between two running games going nowhere.
WIN ~ 34-27 Lions

EAGLES -14 1/2 (Vikings)
Why not?!  Maybe Tommy Kramer is available to QB the Vikings.  Daunte Culpepper played in the UFL last season.  He might have a toss or two left in him.  The Giants aren't going to get any kind of help from Minny!
**Postponed till Tuesday/SNOW

JAGUARS -7 (Redskins)
Because I actually like Jack Del Rio as a Coach.  And because Mike Shanahan is one of the most over-rated Coaches...EVER!  No one seems to know what he's doing in WASH except for embarrassing McNabb.
LOSS ~ 20-17 Redskins  O.T.

RAMS -2 1/2 (49ers)
They may not be even mildly skilled but Coach Spags has that team's head in the right place.
WIN ~ 25-17 Rams

BUCS -6 (Seahawks)
Because the BUCS are flat out better than the SeaHags and they are still playing for a shot at the playoffs.
WIN ~ 38-15 Bucs

Patriots -8 (BILLS)
Anything different would be a major surprise.  So why is this shaping up to be a classic trap game for the Pats?
WIN ~ 34-3 Patriots

Ravens -3 1/2 (BROWNS)
* I really don't know what to tell you regarding this game.  I get Browns games wrong; plain and simple.  But c'mon...this is the Ravens.  They should win right?
WIN ~ 20-10 Ravens
Titans +5 (CHIEFS)
TENN's QB situation might be just a little more unsettled that the Chiefs, but these teams are practically identical in so many ways and statistics.  That's why I like getting the points with the Titans.  I thinks it's a high number.
LOSS ~ 34-14 Chiefs

Colts -3 (RAIDERS)
Trust me....I would love to pick the Raiders!  I'd love to be able to watch this one.
WIN ~ 31-16 Colts

Texans -2 1/2 (BRONCOS)
The Texans are really close to being a very good team.  The Broncos are suffering through a horrid Rocky Mountain Low.
LOSS ~ 24-23 Broncos

Chargers -7 1/2 (BENGALS)
Because the Chargers aren't going to lose any more games this season.  Remember?  And besides...No T.O. for Cincy.
LOSS ~ 34-20 Bengals

That's 13 BAGELS into the oven.

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  (8-5)
Ravens -3 1/2 (BROWNS)  ...because something has to give!



7-5 for the Sunday games.  Hit the Shmear.

Season Bagel Count is now +13
Shmear of the Week Record,  9-5.



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