Sunday, December 12, 2010

N.Y. Giants ~ BIG BLUE White-OUT


Big Blue will battle the Vikings and the elements anytime and anywhere!

Holy Snow Flake Batman!  What a developement.

First, A Snow Storm Diverted then Stranded the G-Men In Kansas City While On Their Way To Minnesota.    ESPN Article by Ohm Youngmisuk @
LINK/Corresponding Video:

Then, Of All Things, The Roof Of The Metro-Dome Collapsed Under The Weight Of The Snow.
Article ~  by Leif Knutson/FOX9News
Link: heard.  On to Detroit.

BIG BLUE:  Monday Night Snow Ball Fight.
If this delay benefits Brett Favre as he finds himself with another day to heal, fine!  All the hurt and regret for not retiring sooner will be back after the first time the Giants hit him.  That moment will come early for the G-Men.  And for Brett Favre's career, this "Giant" message warning him about a Big Blue package will arrive too late to save him from the pain.  Rest up Brett.

If the Detroit situation favors a team, it would favor the Vikings as they play there twice a year and it's still indoors.  The Vikings are by far, less inconvenienced travel wise than the Giants are.  The Giants must board their second flight within days of each-other.  If you didn't know, flights exceeding three hours are physically dehydrating.  The Giants must stay hydrated throughout all this travel and downtime.  The worse case scenario is the Giants play flat and look lethargic.

I'm just going to play off experience with comradery.  I'm going to take a guess and say this snow storm/travelling ordeal is "Cum-bah-Ya" time for them.  It's a time when everyone is dealing with each other in an ears down, calm, cerebral, brotherly manner; coach and player alike.

I can smell the smoke coming from Coach Gilbride's and Coach Fewell's brains, whether in an airport or hotel room, having an extra day to fine-tune their preparations for incurring Doom upon the Vikings.

The collapse of the Metro Dome's roof if symbolic of the overall crumbling of Purple Nation.  The roof, the Vikings, their season, Brett Favre's career are all synchronizing together for the ultimate implosion of a Football Team, a stadium, a Legend and a long era of Purpleness.  Better it doesn't happen in front of the home town Minnesota fans.  They have enough to deal with right now.

C'mon.....who doesn't like to have fun in the snow?

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