Monday, December 13, 2010

N.Y. Jets ~ Falling Like A Led Zeppelin

NEW YORK JETS:  The J-E-T-S are falling out of the sky like a Led Zeppelin!

That's right!  I said it.

May-Day!  May-Day! 

The Jets learned there is no wind beneath their wings.  She's going down. 

After the Big Green Fighter Bomber got their tails and rudders shot off over the skies of New England, a humbled and patched-up Green Prop lost control again shortly after take-off Sunday afternoon, and SPLASHED into the Swamp of the Meadowlands. 

After their futile and embarrassing attempt to wash the stench of last week's debacle off, they now have to re-assemble what's left of the wreckage from this game, and fly it broken and all, to Pittsburgh smelling like FISH.  Like the Jets over the last two weeks, That Stinks!  And you guessed it, the Jets have never won in the Steel City before.  That Sucks!

It's not only losing three of four engines over Foxborough and barely making it back home.  And it's not just that they never had control of this game against the FISH; letting it slip out of their hands like a Hudson River Striped Bass.  No!

The Jets' season is falling out of the sky like a Led Zeppelin threatening to crash and burn in the swamplands of East Rutherford, New Jersey, just like another late-great Hot-Air Balloon which tragically fell to earth and burst into flames many years ago, not too far away.

And this Sunday, you were there!  But this story didn't blow up due to a little electrical spark igniting helium atoms in a balloon. Hah!  All the bravado, posturing, self-aggrandizement and hot, blustery talk by their Coach has finally blown this Jet plane off course, and because of Coach Rex's own smoke screen, caused it to blindly crash-land somewhere off the Jersey Turnpike.

The perceptions of a 9-4 team have more to do with the hype laid upon them by their Coach than the two losses themselves or currently being the 5th playoff seed should warrant.  No.  In this town, You live by the Hype and You die by the Hype.

Rex Ryan must be held to bear the brunt of criticism and responsibility for all the yellow "Do Not Cross Crime Scene" barrier tape currently enveloping New Meadowlands Stadium.  That's the calculated risk REX took when he decided he'd try and baffle us into believing this was a Super Bowl team.

The Jets repeatedly dropped passes like Mark Sanchez was throwing an ACME bomb at them that was about to go !BOOM!  Coach REX even admitted at one point he considered "yanking" Sanchez from the game.

But try this one on for size Coach.  When I was a kid, I learned the first play from scrimmage after getting a huge turn-over was,  "the Bomb"!  Remember those days (some of you)?  The Oakland Raiders exemplified that best.  Your first five offensive possessions resulted in a Punt; Interception; Fumble; Punt; and Downs...  Then after getting a big turn-over at 4:38 in the 2nd quarter, losing 10-3, the first play you run the ball and go no-where behind an Offensive Line pushing no-one at no-time.  You drew a lot of boo's for that call Coach and deserved it.  That's called seizing the moment and you chose not to.  Of course that criticism should be directed at Coach Brian Schottenheimer, but Head Coaches are the one's who get run over coals by the media.

However, REX didn't draw nearly as many boo's as Santonio Holmes had raining down on him when he dropped an easy 6 points in the end-zone which would have tied the game with the extra point during the same drive.  With the closest defender to him far away in Atlantic County, Holmes dropped an otherwise perfect floater.

WHAW!  WHaw!  whaw!  But that's why Sanchez was allowed to stay in the game.  As Coach Rex would say, it's a collective effort.

But when your Special Teams unit has 9 players on the field, when just last week they were guilty of having only 10 players on the field for a play..., That's on the Coaching.

When your Quarterback is spiking the ball on first down and you try gimmicks like the Wild Cat..., That's on the Coaching.

Why so much of an ineffective LT and so little of Shonn Greene?  Eight carries for Greene?  That's on the Coaching.  But they could run no-where anyway.

After last week's disaster, the Jets responded with just the type of low point, paper tiger, misleading defensive effort they've earned this year's fearsome reputation with, against a too ordinary, unspectacular Miami offense which gives credence to the notion the Jets haven't beaten anybody good.

But his time there was no last second, come-back opportunity facilitated by opposing Coach ineptitude. And thus no last chance heroics like weeks prior to New England.  What was supposed to be a day when Mark Sanchez put last week safely behind him, instead turned out to be a recurring nightmare that haunted him into having an even worse game.

After New England and four fumbles later, Pittsburgh looms.

There's a SABOTEUR On Board the J-E-T:

And now to add more flammable material to the Green Wreckage and make things so much more worse than things need to be, The NEW YORK JETS have a Saboteur in their midst!!

A member of the Jets' sideline non-player personnel; the Strength and Conditioning Coach!, as it stands right now, is accused of tripping a Dolphins' player as a live play ended out of bounds.  Of course, further comment should be with-held until the NFL gets their hands on this..., or until tomorrow when everyone else starts talking about it!

But if everything is, as it appeared, what a disgraceful act of ponderous absurdity!   It's unbelievable and at the same time, believable; very believable.  For in ANIMAL HOUSE, tripping dudes is funny!  The gentleman who "tripped-out" has been identified as Sal A. (why the link).  Article by Will Brinson:

And Sal's apology.
ProFootballTalk.nbcsports   Article by Gregg Rosenthal

Right now, The long roads of "HARD KNOCKS" Boulevard and "Ground and Pound" Avenue , at second glance, look like dead ends streets.

If this seemed rough it's because that's the way Rex likes it.  It's a HARD KNOCKS Life Baby! 

But the next time you look up into the sky, you may not see a bird or a Jet plane.  That next thing may be a piano falling out of the sky signalling the Jets playoff hopes are smashed and finished.


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