Sunday, December 19, 2010

N.Y.GIANTS ~ NFC EAST Showdown...If Eagles Dare

Week 15

Philadelphia Eagles

I've largely given Eli a pass this season regarding his high number of interceptions based solely in my opinion that he'll do more to win me a game, than lose one.  He's my guy and I'm a loyalist that way.  But there's no escaping many of his high passes have resulted in tipped balls this season, which in turn resulted many times in an interception.  Another select group of interceptions I have blamed Coach Gilbride and poor, unnecessary play selection, like that one against the Redskins in the end-zone.

But last week, Eli, buddy, those two picks were disgusting and all on you dude.  We can not afford to turn over the ball like we did the last time we played the Eagles in Philly.  The turn-overs in that game had more to do with Ahmad Bradshaw's fumbles, but that seems to have been corrected for the moment.  Eli's picks however, continue to pile-up and it's something Eli has to control this Sunday.  Turn-overs were the single biggest reason for that loss to Philly in Week 11.

But if we've learned anything as Giant fans about Eli and Coach Gilbride and how they work together, we know they are fearless passers and won't let anything like an INT stop them from throwing.  So, against the Eagles Sunday, we should be expecting the customary 35 pass-attempts.  Let's just hope they keep finding Big Blue Hands.  We should have Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham available for duty.  Kevin Boss makes three reliable receivers Eli will have to work with in the face of crippling injuries to our receivers which includes losing Steve Smith for the season.

But ever since Eli Manning connected with Kevin Boss for a touchdown against the Jaguars to seal that game, Eli hasn't had to be the onus in the Offensive game-plan.  Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw have alleviated much of that responsibility from Eli recently.  While that's meant to be very complimentary towards the running game, that is in no way a slight against Eli.  He's only been tasked lately with managing things but his time is coming very soon when we'll look for him to be a hero for us.  And when that time comes, my dude with 24 TD passes good for 5th best in the NFL, will get it done because he's DONE it before.

In the mean time, the running game is devouring yardage with fury.  Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw have been a Big Blue Running of the Bulls stampeding and trampling over defenses.

The Eagles Defense has given up as many points as the woeful Redskins have.  They will not be able to stop our running game because Eli will keep them honest.  If they dare Eli to beat them, my Dude will make them pay...then..Jacobs and Bradshaw will make them suffer.

Eli, Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw will be fronted by the reunited, and still great G-Men of the Offensive Line.  Shaun O'Hara, the Center, will return after a long nagging foot injury.  David Diehl will have another week and a game under his belt with no set-backs.  This formidable Offensive Line is finally back together again (Shawn Andrews should be available for reserve duties also) after many weeks apart.  That's great news for the running holes Jacobs will be running through; great news for the blockers Bradshaw will be following and cutting behind; and great news for Eli's passing lanes and protection.  If you're the Eagles Defense, that's bad news for you.

Outside of the Giants turning the ball over, there will be nothing the Eagles can do to stop us.

The Giants Defense will handle Michael Vick just as they contained him last time around.  If he isn't careful about sliding feet first, he may turn into another Giant Defensive statistic.  Last week, the Giants were denied the opportunity to get their hands on Brett Favre so they pounded Tarvaris Jackson into submission instead.  I believe he was the 6th or so quarterback the Defense has knocked out of commission this season.  Justin Tuck, Cofield, Osi and Jason Paul-Pierre I'm sure will be looking to add another QB to their collection.

This Defense has given up the NFC East's least amount of points.  All the Giants' division foes have given up over 300 points thus far.  The Giants have allowed 250 points.  That's good for first in the division and fifth best in the Conference.  Coach Perry Fewell and his Defense are gaining greater understanding of each other and the results are bearing that out.  The Front Four have been getting sacks without the Giants having to blitz too often as Antrel Rolle and Terrell Thomas have been reaping the rewards in the secondary as a direct result with their roles easier to disguise.

The Linebacker Corps. which have done a more than respectable job this season just took a big hit when we lost Clint Sintim for the rest of the season to yet another Big Blue injury.  But Jerry Reese will address that like he has every other injury situation this year; effectively!

Welcome to the Greatest Days of Fall and being a Giants fan.  I relish days, games, opponents and opportunities like today.  This is where you want to be as a fan at this point in the season..; That is, feeling good about your team and great about your chances as you face-off against your toughest competition and one of your most hated rivals. 

This is December Football.  This is what it's all about. 

My clock just hit 3:42 a.m. as I post these Big Blue Thoughts.  In nine hours and seventeen minutes, the New York Football Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles will square off in an epic battle for the right to sit atop the NFC Eastern Division.  I'll get a few hours of sleep, but the truth is I'm all fired up.

After suffering consecutive and deflating losses to the Cowboys and Eagles in weeks ten and eleven, the New York Football Giants have played their way back into a position to have their 2010 season be considered "great" again.

I relish the opportunity to play Philadelphia for sole rights to occupy the mountain top;

If Eagles Dare.


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